What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather

What should men wear in 60 degree weather? It’s a controversial topic, and one that I’ve spent years researching. My perspective is unique and backed by data, so please take the time to read this guide. If you’re reading this guide but don’t have time to read it fully, I’ve provided a list of the main points below:

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Pair a blazer with jeans.

  • A short-sleeve shirt. In this instance, you’re basically making a t-shirt look like it’s supposed to fit into a business casual situation. You’re trying to pass off a t-shirt as being fancier than it really is with the help of your blazer, and somehow it works.
  • A hoodie. The hoodie is the king of comfort, and so are jeans. This is the ultimate in casual cool, which means that you could wear this out at night without feeling like you couldn’t possibly get into any bars or clubs (that wouldn’t be true—if you leave your house looking presentable, people generally assume you are).
  • A T-shirt. If a short-sleeve shirt won’t cut it but a long sleeve shirt seems too much (and maybe also too hot) then we can always turn to our trusty friend: the t-shirt. The same philosophy applies here as with the short sleeve shirt example above—you’re just trying to make your t-shirt seem fancier than it actually is with the help of your blazer!
  • A tank top. If all of the other options seem too boring for what you have planned that day or night, then perhaps a tank top will spark your interest! Tanks are super versatile because they work well in warm temperatures and can come in an array of colors and styles depending on your mood or outfit needs at any given moment.

Invest in mid-weight layers.

Do you want to know the secret to dressing for unpredictable weather? Invest in mid-weight layers. They’re light enough that you won’t be sweating after five minutes of walking, but they provide just enough insulation that when the temperature does drop, you won’t be shivering uncontrollably. I can just about guarantee it—the day you forget your mid-weight layers is the day you will find yourself in 60 degree weather and be completely unprepared for it. So take this advice: throw a lightweight cardigan or denim jacket into your bag on even mildly cool days and don’t regret it later.

Swap your winter jacket for a lighter one.

The first order of business is to swap your winter coat for a lighter jacket. Don’t be tempted to toss it across the room, though—you’ll need it again in colder weather.

Instead, opt for lighter pieces like waterproof shells, trench coats and sweater jackets that cut the chill while still allowing you to breathe. If you’re looking to add some edge, try a leather or denim jacket! Just make sure that any jackets you wear can withstand light drizzles and chilly breezes.

Pair colored ankle pants with a statement shoe and thin sweater.

With it still being a bit early for boots, and you probably not wanting to put on tights yet, a nice alternative is the ankle pant. Just make sure you have enough leg showing so that your legs don’t start looking shorter than they really are. To make these 60 degree days more fun, choose a brightly colored pair of pants in red, green or yellow. Or if you are feeling more daring, go with a bold pattern or stripe to add some texture to your outfit.

To top off the look, wear your favorite flats or booties with some personality that will take this outfit from day to night.

Wear a skirt and boots.

A skirt and boots is an easy outfit to wear, and super versatile. You can pair it with a sweater, tshirt, blazer, leather jacket or trench. For the sake of argument and simplicity, we’ll say that you have a short skirt and knee high boots in your wardrobe. If you are on the shorter side it is perfect for you as the boots will give you an extra few inches to elongate your legs. If you are on the taller side this look will work for you too, just make sure the boot comes up past your knee so that it adds length to your leg rather than cutting off at an awkward place.

Slip on some running shoes.

Now it’s time to slip on some running shoes. Put on a pair that are comfortable and durable, but also keep in mind the following things when picking out this key item of your running outfit:

  • Are they designed for running? It’s important that the shoe is made to absorb impact, because you don’t want to risk injury by wearing the wrong kind.
  • Wear high-quality socks. This will help keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Lace up the shoes properly. If your laces are too loose, your feet will move around too much and cause blisters; if they’re too tight, it could cut off blood flow or result in pain or numbness after a run. Make sure you have enough room for your toes—you should be able to wiggle them freely!

Trade in your shirtdress for a sweater dress with tights.

One of your go-to fall and winter outfits is probably a shirtdress. It’s one of the easiest ways to look polished. But have you ever considered adding tights? Tights are warm and add texture, which can be super stylish if done with thoughtfulness. Next time you reach for a shirtdress, consider pairing it with tights instead.

Let’s say you’re going on a first date in 60 degree weather. A sweater dress with tights will show off your legs while keeping them warm and cozy (warm legs = sexy!), so that your date can’t help but notice those gams in all their glory.

You could wear boots with this outfit, because they’ll keep your feet warm as well. And if you want some extra style points, throw on a belt and/or scarf for good measure too! You might also consider a jacket—it’ll provide extra warmth if the weather’s windy, but if not you can just carry it around or tie it around your waist for what will probably feel like a pretty cool look (especially after three drinks).

Add a denim jacket to your T-shirt and jeans outfit.

If you’re looking for an easy, go-to outfit that will work with a wide range of temperatures, look no further than a classic T-shirt and jeans. This combination is great for just about every season and can be transformed from dressy to casual simply by adding or swapping out accessories. For 60-degree weather, we recommend pairing your favorite T-shirt (white, black, striped?) with some flattering jeans (skinny? flared? distressed?). Some might say this combo is too basic … but we’re not them! We think it’s the perfect base for putting together an Instagram-worthy ensemble.

Wear a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans with your sneakers.

Boyfriend jeans are great for this kind of weather. A looser silhouette around the leg keeps you from feeling confined, but they’re tapered at the ankle so you don’t look too sloppy.

They look great with a pair of sneakers, like Converse or Adidas. They’re also a nice contrast to a structured blazer, which helps you keep warm while still looking chic.

You can make the most of 60 degree weather by layering smartly. Polished looks that show off your personality will keep you warm, too!

60 degree weather can be very tricky to dress for. Luckily, with the right layering techniques and products, you can stay comfy while rocking your signature style! A great way to begin is with a sweater, which can go over anything from a simple t-shirt to a button-down shirt (it’s even nice over a tank top). To really layer on the warmth, try adding a jacket!

Sometimes it’s best just to wear the jacket on its own. If you’re heading out in 60 degree weather and want to look like you’ve got your life together, this is the way to go. With so many different styles available at affordable prices, there’s definitely one that’ll suit your taste in clothing and keep you warm!

Another effective method of layering involves wearing two or three items at once—maybe even four pieces will do the trick if that’s what it takes! You could wear a sweater over a button-down shirt or maybe even put on two jackets for extra coziness; either way is sure to make you feel stylish and confident in your ability to deal with cold weather. It doesn’t matter what other people think about your outfit choices when those outfits are keeping you warm. The only thing that does matter? Making sure everyone knows how much better off they’d be if their clothes were as good as yours.


Now that you know the secret to dressing for 60 degree weather, go forth and prosper in the sun. If you’re looking for a boost of confidence, add a bold accessory or color to your outfit—or reach for a more fitted silhouette. Pairing your clothes with the right pair of sunglasses will also help bring out your inner movie star. And finally, don’t forget to take advantage of layering options and be prepared for some moodiness in your footwear—sandals and boots might both be necessary!

Forget spring; this is sizzling-hot 60 degree weather season, after all.


There is often confusion about the specific meanings of these four terms. In order to alleviate this confusion, we have compiled a handy rundown of their differences.

  • A blazer is similar to a suit jacket, but more casual.
  • A skirt is like a dress except it doesn’t cover your torso.
  • A sweater is like a shirt except it’s knitted instead of woven and also it’s warmer.
  • A blouse is like a shirt except that it has buttons all the way down instead of just at the top, or maybe no buttons at all if you’re feeling lazy that day.

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