What To Wear In Hawaii

As you may know, Hawaii is known for its tropical climate, but it’s also known for being one of the most beautiful places on earth. Hawaii is the “Aloha State,” and of course if you’re going to visit Hawaii, there are a few things you should know before deciding where to stay and how to spend your time there.

This article was written for all those considering visiting Hawaii in the winter. If you’re planning on visiting during any other season, please adjust this information accordingly.

Avoid flip flops

It’s a common misconception that flip flops are the ideal footwear for Hawaii, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. With an insole made of one thin piece of rubber, flip flops offer little-to-no support, and you’ll regret wearing them after a long day of sightseeing: they worsen foot pain, put your spine out of alignment, and even cause plantar fasciitis. Avoiding this type of shoe is crucial if you want to prevent unwanted aches and pains.

Instead, opt for lightweight trainers or sandals for walking around. There’s no need to go overboard with hiking shoes or heavy boots; there are plenty of options that strike a balance between lightness and supportiveness. Don’t let the name fool you—you can get away with sneakers if you’re not too picky about style points. But what I love most are my all-terrain athletic sandals: they have a rugged sole that holds up on slippery rocks or muddy hikes but still feel cool during hot weather hikes due to their mesh upper.

Wear sunglasses

  • Before you decide what to wear in Hawaii, be sure to pick out some sunglasses that will protect you from the sun while still fitting your personal style. There’s nothing worse than being forced to squint when there’s a beautiful waterfall right in front of you, or having to turn away from the beach because the glare off the waves is just too much.
  • When choosing sunglasses for your trip, look for ones with UV protection. This is a must-have for any pair of sunglasses! However, not all glasses are created equal when it comes to this. If you’re interested in learning more about how different styles of lenses compare with each other, check out this article from The Vision Council.
  • Fit is also important; after all, if your glasses don’t fit on your face well or have pieces that dig into your skin or hair (like many cheap pairs do), then they’re going to cause more harm than good and may even end up causing headaches over time instead of preventing them like they should be doing! The right type of fit depends on which parts are most prominent on yours: some people will want frames that sit closer to their eyes while others may find themselves looking better with something wider at the temples. For example someone who has a round face would look great wearing square-shaped frame whereas those who have angular features could choose rectangular frames instead – but all these options can only work if they’re sized appropriately first!

Take a hat

If you want to be comfortable when you travel, remember to pack a hat. A hat is something that you wear on your head, and there are many different kinds. It’s good to bring a hat with you when you’re going on vacation because it will help protect your face from getting burned by the sun. If you don’t have a hat, then it is possible for your skin to get too hot and start hurting or even blistering from the intense heat of the sun’s rays. There are also hats available at stores near beaches where tourists might want them most. These can cost anywhere between $20-$100 depending on what kind they are but usually aren’t anything more than that price range

Wearing hats while traveling around Hawaii will ensure that if anything happens to make your journey uncomfortable (such as rain), then at least one part of your body won’t suffer much in terms of pain due to heat exposure which could have been prevented if only someone had remembered their sunscreen and some kind of cover-up like this type accessory!

Bring a swimsuit cover up- not just a bathing suit

If you’re like me, you’ve probably used a bathing suit as a cover up before. This can be super quick and easy if you are just staying on the beach or by the pool all day. However, I’ve found that it’s more comfortable to wear a swimsuit cover-up when on vacation in Hawaii! It can get really hot and sunny there, so having a bit of extra clothing is nice.

A lot of times people don’t bring cover ups because they think it’s too much work or takes up too much room in your suitcase when packing for vacation. But this isn’t true! I find that bikini tops with lace details or ruffles look great as tops for everyday wear (I’ll show examples below). So not only does this help save space in your bag but also helps dress up any outfit for the evening after spending all day at the beach!

I hope these tips were helpful and encourage people to bring some type of cover-up no matter where they go on vacation next time around 🙂

Pack comfortable shoes/sandals

As soon as you arrive on the shores of Waikiki, taking a look around at all of the people out and about will make it apparent that Hawaii is well known for its warm, sunny beaches. But that doesn’t mean you can walk around in flip-flops or so your feet swell up. This tropical paradise is a great place to learn how to dress for hiking and walking.

A few tips… Hiking in Hawaii simply means wearing shoes with sturdy soles and comfortable midsoles. If you like sandals, make sure they’re durable enough to handle getting wet (think rubber). It also helps if they include some cushioning underfoot—even though most beaches are fairly rocky, walking barefoot through them is not recommended because there are small pieces of coral that could irritate your foot. Shoes with closed toes are generally more comfortable than open-toe ones because the heat isn’t trapped within by the flimsy fabric covering your toes or other parts of your foot (which can get hot).

As far as what to wear while sitting out on the beach… I usually like to bring along a pair of flip-flops so I can change into them when it’s time for dinner on my feet if we’re going somewhere early in preparation for eating outside later. They don’t have to be fancy; just something that has a good sole so it won’t get splintered by rocks or hurt when I sit down without warning. And if it’s too warm for sandals, then go ahead and bring along some comfy sneakers so I’m not constantly changing my footwear as soon as we go indoors afterward. It’s nice knowing every evening will end with my feet feeling refreshed instead of tired from pounding pavement all day long!

You need beach towels

There are a few things you should know about traveling to Hawaii, and beach towels are one of them.

First off, you’ll need a beach towel if you want to lie down at the beach. Even for those of us who have mastered the art of napping on any surface—including sand—a beach towel can come in handy because it’s a much more comfortable alternative than lying directly on sand. Secondly, a beach towel is great for drying off after swimming at the beach (unless you’re trying to catch pneumonia). Finally, if your vacation involves staying in an Airbnb with only an outdoor shower (and let’s be real: most Airbnbs in Hawaii do), it’s important to bring along your own towels so that you don’t get charged extra by your host (because their towels will supposedly be too hard to clean after they’re used outside).

You wont fit in unless you wear the right clothes

If you want to fit in while you’re in Hawaii, there’s a few things you need to wear. First, wear a bathing suit. Second, wear a t-shirt. Third and finally, if it’s cold outside, wear a swimsuit. You’ll stand out like a sore thumb among the other residents if you don’t follow this advice.


By now, you might be thinking that I’ve gone off the deep end. I can assure you, though, that these suggestions are very much on point. If you follow the advice in this article, not only will you be able to blend in with the locals and pass as a true Hawaiian, but you’ll also be able to avoid being singled out as a tourist. You’ll no longer need to suffer through the invasive and incessant questions of nosy onlookers and shopkeepers who won’t take an “I don’t know” for an answer and are desperate for any scrap of information about your identity.

If all of this sounds appealing to you (and it should!), then heed my advice: choose your attire wisely when visiting Hawaii, the most magical island on earth.

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