5 Ways to Look Good in the Snow

Before we can get to the solution, it is important that you fully understand snow in winter. Like any other substance, snow has a melting point. That melting point may be higher or lower than what you’re experiencing outdoors right now—but it’s possible that your backyard has reached this stage, which means you may have some work to do on your part before getting in better shape for the big chill.

  • De-ice all outdoor plastic and metal structures such as sheds and patio furniture. The coating on those surfaces is made from petroleum products that are not biodegradable—and they can clog up drainage systems if left untreated. Spray them down with a hose until clean, then cover them in blankets or towels until the next time of year that you need to use them (a few hours each day will keep them safe). If your home is on an incline, remember that snowplows could easily push a pile of snow into your yard.
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts if necessary using shovels and brushes (and plenty of elbow grease). Emptying the gutters and downspouts with heavy machinery is not recommended because cold air will circulate through the house more rapidly when trying to heat up water and sewage left inside homes instead of going through pipes to heaters.
  • Have heating oil tanks checked every season by an independent company so they can ensure they are safe for operation—especially if they’re less than two years old (older tanks might already have leaks).
  • Check underground heating lines for insulation issues (which could lead to frozen pipes), cracks, or corrosion damage in general. A qualified plumber should be able to address these issues for less than $200 at the most expensive end; otherwise, preventative maintenance will suffice until such time as you require professional help addressing these problems (including potentially replacing entire lines altogether).
  • Drive around at least once per week

Moncler coat

If you live in a cold climate, your wardrobe choices are going to be dictated largely by the weather. But if you want to look good while staying warm and cozy, it’s worth considering a Moncler coat.

Moncler coats offer great warmth with little bulk, which means they’ll keep you warm without weighing you down. And they’re stylish enough that they can be worn anywhere from the grocery store to the club—even though they’re designed for skiing and snowboarding, not for clubbing (though I’ve seen them at both). Plus, Moncler offers so many color combinations that there’s sure to be one that fits your personal style.

Wool-and-cashmere beanie

From the moment you leave your house on a cool winter morning, you already have an advantage over everyone else: you have the right hat. All others must suffer with ill-fitting knit hats that either sink into their hair or rise above it in a comical manner.

You don’t need to deal with this. Your Moncler Wool-and-Cashmere beanie is well made and fits perfectly, allowing for maximum coverage of the ears and neck without sacrificing style. It’s also versatile enough to wear under a hood, so there’s no need to worry about looking silly when it doesn’t cover all your hair—you’ll still look great when it comes time to take off your coat at work!

With this beanie in your possession, there’s no excuse for going outside without looking good in the snow.

Cowhide gloves

When it comes to winter fashion, there are two things you want: practicality and style. One of the most stylish yet functional items in your winter wardrobe is leather gloves. Leather gloves are a perfect blend of both style and function that can pull off any look you’re going for. They’re a great addition to your outfit because they give it a polished, put-together feel while also protecting your hands from the elements. Leather has long been used as an effective way to keep warm; its simple design makes it one of the best insulators available, and wearing leather gloves in the snow is like having an entire second layer of skin (a layer made out of bovine skin). It’s no coincidence that cowhide was famously used by Steve McQueen’s character in The Great Escape, or that modern armies use leather gloves with their uniforms.

If you’re looking for fashionable and functional ways to stay warm this winter season, look no further than a pair of leather gloves!

UGG boots

You already know you’re going to look good in those UGG boots. You’ve seen the models on runways, or you have a friend who’s been wearing them for years and always looks on-trend. But even if you’re hard-core enough to wear sheepskin boots while it’s snowing, it’s important to choose the right pair of snow boots. If you end up with a waterlogged pair that get soggy inside, what’s the point?

Never fear, though—with these five tips from an expert, you’ll be well on your way to choosing perfect snowboard boots for men and women.


The anorak, also called a parka or raincoat, is a lightweight jacket in the shape of an upside-down raincoat. With one side made from waterproof or water-resistant fabric and the other from breathable material, it protects you from both wind and precipitation—and can even be worn over thicker clothing like sweaters or sweatshirts. Its versatility is what makes it so useful for people who spend time outdoors in cold weather, like snowboarders on the mountain or hikers on a mountain trail. The anorak is typically used as a midlayer and worn between two heavier coats to provide insulation without feeling too bulky; this way you can adjust your outer layers based on how hot you are rather than being stuck with just one coat. It’s also great at keeping out drafts, which helps extend the life of your jacket while keeping you warm!

If you’re worried that wearing an anorak will make you look silly, don’t be! It’s not just for hipsters; tons of people wear these jackets every winter without making themselves look like they’re wearing their parents’ clothes. Plus, there’s something cool about having a weird name for a style of jacket: “Hey, I’m really into my fashion right now” sounds less cool than “I’ve got me this nice new parka!”

You can stay warm while looking good in the snow.

We had the best of intentions—we were about to go out for a stroll in the crisp, wintery air! But before we could even get our boots on, we noticed that our jacket was too skimpy to ward off the cold. So, to keep warm while looking good in the snow, here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Wear a coat that fits well and looks good. This may seem like an obvious one, but there’s no better way to look like a fashion victim than with a poor fit-dress or bulky coat. This is especially critical if you have a tendency towards body fat and need layers; your clothes should allow you wear on top of them without flapping around wildly and showing skin because they’re too small. If you’re reasonably trim, then this is more of an aesthetic issue than anything else—but it’s still something you have to worry about if you have trouble keeping weight on your body; large men tend to find it hard to hit their ideal hanger size.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for whatever climate you happen to be in at the time (especially important for outdoor activities). Don’t just assume that your jeans will be warm enough when it’s mid-December outside; there are many different kinds of temperatures depending on what season it is (and what kind of clothing you’re wearing). For example, “the Arctic” isn’t really defined by its temperature alone—as opposed to regions farther south where summer temperatures can soar above 20 degrees Celsius or fall below -40 degrees Celsius during certain months of the year—so make sure your clothes are appropriately equipped for whatever weather condition you’ll be experiencing during any given moment of the day (just check local tourist guides before making plans!).
  • Make sure your shoes fit well and don’t feel uncomfortable against any part of your foot. Many people think they can get away with wearing cheap shoes in all kinds of weather because they think their feet won’t hurt. It


Winter weather can be cruel, but it doesn’t need to take your stylish side hostage. No matter how much snow is falling, or how low the temperature drops, you can maintain your elegance while keeping warm and cozy—and here are five ways to get it done.

Snow may be a match for most of us when it comes to beauty and elegance, but we don’t have to give in so easily. It’s true that you’ll likely face some less-than-ideal conditions during the winter months (namely, frigid temperatures and blinding whiteout conditions), but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your iconic look for warmth and comfort.

With a combination of luxurious fabrics and practical clothing choices, you can arrive at any event looking as chic as ever—all while staying warm enough to enjoy yourself. So whether you’re honoring a long-standing family tradition by skating on the pond or getting together with friends for nippy outdoor cocktails, you can look good without feeling like a Popsicle.

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