What To Wear On a Boat: 4 Outfit Tips

Going on a cruise or other boat ride can be a fun, unique way to spend your time. However, you might feel uncomfortable if the weather is less than optimal. To make sure that happens as little as possible and you have a great time, consider these four tips:

  • Travel in layers! Even if it’s hot when you leave port, the temperature can change halfway through the ride. Rain is just about guaranteed at some point during your trip, so make sure to pack extra warm and waterproof clothing! Also don’t forget footwear; you’ll likely get wet feet from splashing about in the water.
  • Dress for comfort! Since you’ll be spending most of your time outside on deck (or below deck), it’s important to dress in clothing that won’t restrain your movement or chafe while you’re active. Choose soft fabrics like cotton and spandex that slide over easily without being too loose or too tight when wet (wet cotton is not comfortable). Make sure any shoes are securely fastened so they don’t get easily blown off by the wind!
  • Be fashionable! Not being able to see doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good—in fact, it’s an opportunity to try out all kinds of funky outfits and accessories while remaining confident they look great despite not being able to see what they actually look like! Don’t worry about looking silly; after all, you’re on a boat—no one will judge your fashion choices more harshly than pirates who haven’t seen fresh shore since 1714 (if even then).
  • Mix matching with accessorizing! When dressing for a boat ride, focus on pairing complementary colors together in every outfit piece rather than trying to match everything perfectly from top to bottom—this way you can mix and match with accessories instead of having them clash with their surroundings. For example, black pants keep their style whether on top of a green shirt or under an orange jacket—while similar colors together might go well

The last thing you want to do when boarding a boat is ask the crew, “What should I wear?” That’s why we’ve already done it for you. Here are four outfit ideas that are great for a boat ride, and will have you looking stylish while keeping your cool in the summer sun.

The wind can be intense on the water, so you may want to wear a stylish hat or your hair in a messy bun.

We’re about to embark on a trip for something like 18 hours. As many of you know first-hand, that’s not a lot of time to make an impression on someone, but we want to make a good one. We also have to wear our bathing suits around other people, so that takes some extra thought.

Here are four outfits we think could be considered “on the boat casual.”

First, let’s start with hats. Hats are important if you want to keep your hair in place while you are moving around at sea, or if you want to protect yourself from the sun by just having your head covered. If you don’t have long hair and don’t care about keeping it out of the way while you move around, then it doesn’t really matter whether or not your hat is “casual” as long as it looks good.

If you do have long hair and/or are concerned with how much wind will hit your head (and especially if you are worried about getting sunburned), then a nice straw hat or floppy brimmed hat will do just fine for keeping the wind off your face and covering up your hair when heading out for a walk—just tie it into place if needed! As for wearing sunscreen on top of protecting yourself from sunburn, this is now something I never leave home without since last summer was so brutal; here is my go-to sunscreen:

The second outfit probably should be worn whenever we are in public together as well as whenever we go ashore alone; here is what we recommend: A fitted white tee shirt with jeans or shorts underneath and stylish sneakers ; maybe some fun jewelry would be fun too! For women: Wear a nice skirt that shows off your legs! For men: Wear pants with shorts again! Notice how I’ve put this second outfit at the bottom because even though both men and women need moisturizer in their air conditioning , it’s more appropriate for females than males because females tend wear less clothing than males

You don’t want to wear the shoes on deck.

Boat shoes:

Boat shoes are the best boat shoe because they’re designed for sailing, but you can wear them on dry land, too. They have a soft rubber sole and plenty of ventilation to keep your feet from overheating, which is important in the summer.

They’re also cool-looking and their thick soles are hard to scuff up. Boat shoes range from just over $100 to just under $200.

What not to wear: Crocs

Crocs are made out of that bendy plastic that feels like it wants to mold itself around your foot as soon as it touches them. Also, there’s no ventilation or arch support, so unless you have flat feet you’ll be in pain after walking any distance (and even then). Flip flops might seem like a good option at first glance (I mean look how comfy they look), but think about how much dirt goes into waters that boats travel on—you don’t want anything dirty getting into your nice sandals! And if they’re cheap enough to come free with some sort of resort vacation package, what else did they skimp on? Probably the strap quality…and maybe also the actual flip-flop part. Boat shoes cost more than crocs and flip flops put together, but if you want something versatile and cheap enough to leave things attached outside overnight then go for boat shoes—but remember not to wear them on deck!

A maxi dress is a great option for women.

Maxi dresses are great for all occasions, but especially for the beach, the poolside and for boating. The term “maxi” refers to the length of a dress which is at least knee-length (or longer). Maxis are usually worn with strappy sandals or wedges. They can be casual or dressy and are available in a wide range of styles from maxi skirts to maxi dresses to maxi pants. If you’re looking for an easy beach outfit, try pairing your favorite pair of shorts with a halter maxi dress. Or create a sun-damaged-army look by combining olive green shorts with a too-small tan t-shirt and tall brown boots!

Maxis can be styled in many ways to fit almost any occasion and style. If you want something more formal, work some black lace into the top half of your outfit – maybe even throw on some black heels! You can also add color by working in a bright tank top underneath your dress or jacket if it’s winter time. And don’t forget about accessories – belts or scarves are an easy way to add that extra something special that really makes your outfit pop!

You should keep your outfit simple.

Once you’ve managed to scrape together the money to take a cruise, and scrape together your courage to go on one in the first place, it’s important to remember that you’re still just going on a vacation. You’ll be spending a lot of time with other people, but this isn’t your prom; you don’t need to dress up like it is. Keeping things simple means that you don’t have to think about what you’re wearing all day long.

Simple clothes are versatile and easy to use

You’ll want something that looks good with everything, can take whatever activities onboard or ashore throw at them (with room for drinks), and will still look relatively decent afterwards. If you pack six different outfits for your trip because each outfit has two different colors, consider how much extra work that adds! It’s better if one item can be worn five times without looking boring—and making sure they match each other makes that even easier. Not only are these pieces versatile when it comes to activities (you can wear them while sightseeing or eating dinner), but they can also easily match up with any other items in your suitcase. Sure, sometimes there will be 24-hour excursions where it might make sense—if nothing else—to bring some really nice clothes…but even then keeping things simple is paramount: just because fancy occasions happen doesn’t mean you have to dress up more than once during the trip! And if anything happens (say, a sudden stop from an unexpected wave) which means the fancy clothes need cleaning before they’re ready for dinner? No problem; just wash ‘em in sea water and hang ‘em off the side of the boat until fully dry. Simple!

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These outfit tips will make sure you look great and stay comfortable no matter where your boat ride takes you.

When you’re going out for the day, it can be difficult to decide what to wear. However, planning a great outfit for your boat ride will keep you as stylish as possible no matter where your journey takes you. Here are four tips to get you started:

#1. Keep it simple

#2. Wear shoes that can get wet

#3. Avoid wearing heels or strappy sandals

#4. Keep your hair in a bun or wear a hat

#5. Wear a maxi dress or pants

#6. Bring a sweater or long-sleeved shirt

Going on a boat trip is a popular activity for many families, but it can be stressful to know exactly what to pack. With so much to consider—are there showers on board? Do I need formal clothes?—it’s easy to make mistakes and fill your bag with unnecessary items. To avoid this potential nightmare, here is a list of items that should help you get ready for a day out on the water:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Waterproof bag or Ziplock bags (for wet or dirty items)
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes and shoes or boots (in case you get wet)


Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of which travel rewards credit cards are best and how to get them, along with some tips for maximizing your points and miles, it’s time to consider where you’re going to go. To help you narrow down your options, here are four outfit suggestions for all sorts of occasions on a boat.

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