What To Wear To A Bridal Shower

When you’re invited to a bridal shower, the first thing that typically comes to mind is what outfit you’ll wear. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up in something feminine and sweet.

This article will give some tips on how to put together a great look for any kind of bridal shower, from casual to formal and wintery to spring-like.

Research the bridal shower’s location, theme and time.

While you’re researching, be sure to find out:

  • The time of day. If it’s in the morning, you may opt for something less formal and a bit more casual. Take cues from the invitations: if they are engraved or written on fancy paper, that is one clue. However, if it states that the event will be held at a restaurant during lunch or cocktail hour, that may lead to different expectations as well.
  • The location of the event can also affect your choice of attire. Think about what might be appropriate for an outdoor picnic and then consider what might be suitable for a bridal shower tea at a country club.
  • Keep in mind the season when determining what to wear to a bridal shower. If it’s summertime, think about wearing lighter fabrics and cool colors like mint green or pale yellow instead of darker colors like black or navy blue that can make you feel warmer than necessary when wearing them outside on a hot day (especially if there is no shade). In addition, consider wearing sandals instead of heels if there will be grass at this outdoor party! But remember: even though it’s summertime don’t forget about bug spray! You definitely don’t want any mosquito bites all over your legs after such an elegant outfit choice 😉

To sum up these tips; while planning your outfit just take some time to read through these guidelines again and let us know which ones are most helpful 🙂

If there is a theme, stick with it.

Another way to make things easier is to keep a theme in mind. If the invitation says “garden party,” you can wear a pretty floral dress and call it good. Themes help narrow down your options, so use them! Similarly, if you know that the party will be on a beach or poolside, opt for something fun and summery—maybe a maxi dress or a sundress. Even if the theme is non-existent, there may be clues about where the party will be held. Consider what the season is going to be (fall/winter vs. spring/summer) and whether there are any summertime holidays coming up that might merit some form of celebration (Memorial Day, Fourth of July).

Look at pictures of the venue.

This might seem like an obvious step, but it’s critical to your guest attire. A photo of the venue can tell you a lot about what kind of dress code its management suggests. Look at the venue’s website and its social media accounts, like Facebook or Instagram. See if there are any reviews online that mention the venue’s dress code (or lack thereof). If you’re able, see if you can find photos of past events at this specific location. These will be good indicators of whether or not guests will be expected to adhere to a certain level of formality.

If this is a private residence, do some investigating into the neighborhood as well as the house itself. Is it a casual beachfront home in Hawaii? Or is it in a swanky New York City penthouse? Each venue has its own vibe—and you should prepare appropriately for yours!

Check the weather forecast before filling your closet with short summer dresses.

So you’ve got an invitation to your first outdoor bridal shower. You’re probably excited, but also a little nervous, and maybe even confused about what to wear. Here’s a fun fact: this is exactly how I felt before my first outdoor shower two years ago!

But there’s no need to worry! There are plenty of lightweight summer dresses that will be perfect for the occasion. Some examples include floral prints, pastels, and eyelet lace.

You may want to check the weather forecast before filling your closet with short summer dresses, however.

Get familiar with bridal shower etiquette before you pick out your outfit.

A bridal shower is a happy, intimate celebration of the bride-to-be and her impending wedding. Attire should reflect that. In this guide, we’ll give you some helpful tips to help make sure your outfit is appropriate for the occasion.

When picking out an outfit, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • The overall feel of the event. Is it formal? Semi-formal? Informal? The venue and the time of day will give you clues as to what’s being expected from guests in terms of dress code.
  • Your body type and shape. You want to wear something that you feel comfortable in, but that’s still flattering. If you’re top heavy and looking for something with a bit more coverage, consider wearing a maxi dress or one with elbow length sleeves paired with heels or wedges and a bracelet or two. Every woman has wonderful attributes, so choose an outfit that shows off yours!
  • Avoid anything too revealing like dresses that show cleavage or expose back or thigh areas because this party is about the bride and not about showing skin! It’s not your bachelor/bachelorette party!

There are also other common mistakes people make when choosing their outfits:

It’s important to pay attention to any guidelines given by the bride on what she would prefer that her guests wear so she can be comfortable too! Most times they will let guests know if they prefer them not to wear white, red, black or anything high fashion like if they have a theme going on (i.e., beach). Also (and we say this all the time) if it looks like lingerie…don’t wear it!

Keep in mind who’s throwing the event as you shop for your dress.

It can be helpful to remember that throughout this process, the host of the shower is acting as a representative of the happy couple. As such, they will often try to put their best foot forward by hosting a well-organized and inviting event. In doing so, they are also setting a good example for others who may attempt to throw similar events in the future.

How can you make sure that you fit into this mold as well? One way is to dress reasonably for whatever type of event it is. If the host has opted for a more formal look and feel, then an equally formal outfit on your part would help tie things together nicely. On the other hand, if your host has chosen to take a less formal approach—perhaps opting instead to celebrate in someone’s backyard or at an informal restaurant—then it would be good to follow suit by choosing something more casual.

Find an outfit that works for any activity you might be asked to participate in.

Finding just the right outfit can be tough, because you don’t know what activities you’ll be taking part in at this shower. If there are games that require moving around, it’s probably best to avoid anything flowing or long-sleeved—so that your fellow guests can actually see how well you’re doing in whatever game is being played! Dress for comfort and if the event will have you standing most of the time, we recommend flats or wedges to keep your feet from getting too tired. And of course, if you are wearing a short dress and leggings aren’t your thing, keep in mind that tights also work as a great layering piece beneath shorter dresses!

Dress for comfort and ease of movement because it’s not a runway show.

You’re not a model and the bridal shower is not a runway show: you don’t have to dress to impress or look your best. Dress for comfort and ease of movement instead. If you’re wearing a skirt or dress that’s too short, for example, you’ll be tugging it down all day long. If you’ve chosen something too tight, you’ll feel self-conscious about eating any of the food they serve at the party (which will probably be cute cupcakes).

Choose an outfit that you feel good in — one in which your favorite body parts are highlighted but others are camouflaged. But what if your favorite thing about yourself is your fashion sense? In that case, go ahead and wear something more elaborate, so long as it acheives this balance between highlighting your strengths and obscuring other areas of concern. After all, it’s important to feel like yourself: with the pressure on at an event like this one, everyone needs their confidence boosted!

Keep accessories to a minimum since too much jewelry can distract from a beautiful dress.

A show-stopper necklace is an easy way to dress up a simple dress, but avoid layering on jewelry. Statement necklaces are all the rage right now, but they can also be distracting and look cheap when paired with too many accessories. If you do wear a statement necklace, opt for stud earrings, like these beautiful pearls or these unique gems; you could also choose to go without anything on your ears, to let that gorgeous bib steal the spotlight.

Or maybe you want to focus more on your wrists than your neck. A statement bracelet is definitely a refreshing alternative to another necklace! But if you already have one of these sparkly beauties, stick with studs in your lobes and keep those fingers bare of rings so that this gem gets the attention it deserves.

If you’re feeling bold (and stylish!) enough to go with a pair of statement earrings—go for it! There’s no need for any more accessories; just be sure to keep your hair sleek and pulled away from your face so that everyone can admire those gorgeous jewels dangling from your lobes!

You don’t need to wear white or match the bride unless the bride tells you to . . . but do avoid wearing anything black, red or sheer.

As we all know, it’s rude to wear black or red to a wedding. Black is solemn and funereal, while red is too aggressive. Instead of mourning the loss of your friend’s single life or demanding an encore wedding (as wearing red might suggest), you should consider the fact that your bridal shower outfit doubles as your wedding guest outfit; meaning one dress can serve two purposes instead of one.

Although black isn’t a good color for weddings and showers, you can use it to your advantage by incorporating it into your ensemble in small doses. For example, if you’re wearing a cream colored dress, pair it with black sandals and bring along a black clutch. Red is also a dicey color at weddings and showers—if you want to wear red, make sure that there are pink undertones instead of orange ones (orange shades remind people of Halloween pumpkins).

Shop your own closet instead of going out and buying something new if you’re short on funds or don’t have time to go shopping.

If you’re new to the whole event dressing thing, don’t worry. You know what they say, shopping is a skill and like any other skill it can be learned. Here are some tips to make sure you find something that not only fits your budget, but also makes you feel comfortable and confident:

  • Look through your closet first! Check out what you already have before you go out and buy something new. You might already have something that fits the vibe of the bridal shower (or just part of it).
  • If nothing in your wardrobe feels right, look into borrowing clothes from a friend or family member whose style might be more in line with the bridal shower’s theme.
  • When buying an outfit for this event (or any event), look for things that can easily be dressed up or down depending on how formal/casual it is. This way, if you find a dress or skirt that would be perfect for a bridal shower but maybe too fancy for a casual gathering with friends afterwards, you can add a simple t-shirt underneath it or wear a pair of sneakers instead of heels to tone it down without having to buy two separate outfits.
  • Don’t wear anything uncomfortable! A lot of people are nervous about going to their first bridal shower because they think everybody else will be dressed up in fancy dresses while they’re wearing jeans and sneakers. The truth is no one will care as long as they see us enjoying ourselves 🙂


you can never go wrong with a simple all-white look. If you’re not a fan, however, then keep it classy by sticking to neutral hues, like black or gray. You can throw in pops of color like burgundy and green if you wish. The same rules apply to accessories—be bold or subtle, depending on your style and the theme of the shower. And remember that this is still a daytime event, so don’t overdo it!

As for shoes, heels are always appropriate for formal occasions like this one. But if you want to switch it up, loafers, sneakers and other comfy options will be just fine—as long as they’re paired with an outfit in the right length and cut. Still unsure about what to wear? Check out these bridal shower outfits that are most definitely worth copying!


  • What should you wear to a bridal shower?

As far as outfit options go, you’ll be fine in a nice dress or skirt and top combo. A cute pair of pants can work too! The key is to avoid anything overly casual, like ripped jeans and sweatshirts. You want to look put together and polished but still relaxed. You should also consider the theme, the location, and the season when choosing what to wear.

  • In general, what color dress should you wear to a bridal shower?

If you’re wondering which color is best for this occasion, it’s hard to go wrong with pink or lavender; both are feminine without being too bold or flashy. This said if there’s an official color scheme (or theme), it might make sense to stick with that. For example: If white flowers are all over then anything from navy blue dresses through silver ones would work well as they coordinate nicely against such floral arrangements; whereas if red roses dominate then deep purples or greens would be better choices because so both floral hues blend well together.

  • What color should you not wear to a bridal shower?

There’s no real need for black attire at this kind of event—unless it’s specifically themed around gothic elements—and grey isn’t always flattering on everyone either so try opting for other shades instead! White clothes might also seem like bad luck given how close we’re getting toward marriage day itself; after all, nobody wants their future spouse seeing them wearing something purer than their wedding gown before walking down that aisle themselves! It really depends on your style though since there are lots of ways around these possible problems by mixing up different shades within one outfit eg combining charcoal tops with pale pink bottresses or using cream colored scarves etcetera… Just make sure everything matches well together before deciding whether something looks good enough.”

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