What To Wear To A Christmas Party

A glittery top This is the look to go for if you’re feeling festive and want to wear something a bit more party-worthy. It’s best…


A glittery top

This is the look to go for if you’re feeling festive and want to wear something a bit more party-worthy. It’s best paired with a pencil skirt or black trousers, as it does most of the talking. A glittery top can easily be overkill so try not to overdo it with too much bling. To avoid looking like your seven year old niece has dressed you, pair it with a plain clutch bag and keep accessories and makeup to a minimum. The good thing about this look is that it can be worn with heels or flats depending on how late in the night you plan on staying!

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A satin shirt

Satin shirts are perhaps the most versatile pieces of clothing you could wear to a Christmas party. They can be worn with jeans or trousers and look equally good either way—so whether you’re attending a casual family gathering or a more formal corporate office party, your satin shirt will be appropriate. Because they have a glossier finish and have the appearance of being a bit more expensive than they actually are, they can be worn with blazers to elevate the outfit even further. A satin shirt also comes in handy when it’s time to transition from daywear to nightwear; if you’re going straight from school or work to an evening celebration, don’t bother changing! Your satin shirt will ensure that you look put together while still being appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Jeans and a sparkly top

Another way to dress appropriately for a festive Christmas party is by wearing jeans with a sparkly top. You can wear dark blue jeans with dark heels and a sparkly top to show your fashion sense. You can also choose to wear jeans with boots, but make sure the boots don’t look too casual. Instead, opt for black leather or suede knee-high boots. However, if you want to stay on the safe side and wear heels instead of boots, you should go with black suede or patent leather options instead.

You should also avoid pairing your sparkly top with sequined pants because it will look like overkill and be considered too flashy for the occasion. The same rule applies if you pair it with other clothing items that are heavily embellished as well because then it would appear as if you tried too hard to show off your outfit at a relaxed Christmas Party event that isn’t meant for flaunting ostentatious clothing choices in order not offend guests who dressed more conservatively than yourself which could lead them feeling uncomfortable around you even though they wanted nothing more than having fun without worrying about how fashionable their clothes were!

Metallic trousers

  • Is your Christmas party business casual? Formal? Casual? (These are all distinct categories, as you may or may not know.) If the event is casual, these trousers will automatically be appropriate. If the event is formal, consider adding a dressy blazer. If it’s business casual and you’re a man, wear them with a tucked-in collared shirt and tie; for women, add a turtleneck sweater in a tasteful pattern.
  • Wear them with an outfit that is predominantly black or white. This ensures that your look doesn’t overwhelm anyone’s eye by combining too many colors or metallic shades together in one place—a time-tested recipe for “too much.”
  • Avoid pairing them with shiny silver items of clothing (unless you are attending an especially festive costume party). Gold, bronze and copper tones go well with metallic trousers; other metallic tones do not.

Velvet trousers

Velvet trousers are a great way to add a sophisticated flair to an otherwise simple outfit. Maybe you’re attending a fancy Christmas party, but your budget doesn’t allow for a lot of new clothes. However, there’s no reason why your current wardrobe can’t be accessorized with velvet pants. Whether you’re planning on pairing it with a plain black blouse or looking for ways to elevate the popular jeans and t-shirt look, velvet is the best fabric for showing off your unique style.

Velvet has long been in fashion as a more luxurious fabric than cotton or wool and is easy to find at any department store or thrift shop. If you haven’t already considered adding this material into outfits regularly, now’s the time! It’s the perfect combination of warmth and elegance that will help make any ensemble feel special while still being comfortable enough for everyday wear. You can also choose from different textures depending on what type of look you want: smooth matte finish gives off an airy vibe while ribbed velvet creates more depth in its appearance due to raised patterns all over each piece.

Velvet blazer

If you’re looking to stick out in a classy, stylish way that doesn’t involve wearing antlers or a red nose, a velvet blazer is the way to go. This eye-catching garment can be worn with jeans, dressy pants, or even over a sweater—and they come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Just make sure that whatever material your blazer is made out of is soft to the touch, because everyone will want to run their fingers along it when they see you.

Glamorous dress

You can’t go wrong with a glamorous dress. They’re a great option when you want to make an entrance at your Christmas party. Whether it’s glittery and embellished or minimalist, like the one shown above (but still sparkly), there’s plenty of styles to choose from!

Pair it with:

  • Bold makeup
  • Chunky jewelry
  • Statement shoes or boots

A colorful suit

If you can pull off a suit that’s not a boring shade of grey or black, then do it. Whether you’ve got an office-appropriate windowpane plaid or a deep navy corduroy suit, you’re going to look sharp—and you won’t be blending in with the crowd.

The colors and patterns on your shirt and tie should work well with the colors in your jacket. If your jacket has some red in it, find a shirt with red as one of its primary colors, even if it’s just bright white with red trim. Then pair it with a solid red tie, or perhaps one that has some other color as an accent (e.g., blue). A good rule of thumb is to have at least one color appear in each piece of your outfit: jacket, shirt, tie—and even shoes!

Keeping things simple can make you more glamorous.

It’s easy to think that a little black dress can be boring. However, you can glam it up with a bit of sparkle. Add a sequin cardigan or add some velvet to the look. Finish off the outfit with some matching jewelry and you’re golden.

Gentlemen, not all hope is lost for you either! A nice suit always says “I’m here to party”. Add some glitter or sequins to your tie if you’re really bold!

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