What To Wear To A Funeral For Men

This guide is intended to help you pick an appropriate outfit for a funeral. There are certain rules of etiquette that should be followed when attending the funeral of someone who has passed away. Funerals are a time of sorrow, but they are also a time to celebrate the life of the deceased, so there’s no need to try and blend into the background or look like you’re going to a job interview. You should dress appropriately and respectfully, and this guide will give you some tips on how to do so. By following these simple suggestions, you’ll be able to choose an outfit that looks professional and polished without sacrificing your personal style.

In the case of a funeral, you must wear black.

If you’ve been wondering what to wear to a funeral as a man, there’s one color you should be paying attention to: black. Black is the color of mourning, and it’s the only appropriate hue for men to wear at a funeral. It’s important that you show respect for those who’ve passed by wearing black when attending their funerals; wearing any other color shows that you’re not taking the event seriously.

Though the idea of wearing all-black may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be so bad—in fact, it can easily be made into a stylish statement! If you’re worried about looking good while trying to show respect and mourning, we recommend doing your best to find flattering accessories and nice shoes in order to draw people’s attention away from your suit or pants and towards those pieces instead. That way, even if you don’t own the fanciest black suit in the world or are too nervous or stressed out to make sure your tie knot looks perfect, people will still notice how stylish your tie clip is or how good your new shoes look with whatever outfit you put together.

A suit is the best way to go, but it doesn’t have to be a full on tuxedo.

The best thing you can do when deciding what to wear to a funeral is ask someone who’s actually going if they have any specifics. This might mean asking the person organizing the event, or a member of the family. There are plenty of general rules, but there can be exceptions to them. It’s always best to double-check before you show up in a tank top and jeans (don’t do this).

Most people assume that when they hear “funeral” they should arrive decked out in their fanciest tuxedo or ballgown. While it might not be necessary for every event, it’s definitely appropriate for most higher-profile funerals. Saying goodbye to an influential figure who was known for their style and grace would call for the same kind of respectful wardrobe from mourners, regardless of whether or not you were close with them personally. In such cases, it’s generally okay to assume that a suit is your best bet—but after that, there may be more room for interpretation than you think.

A nice black tie is always a good idea for funerals.

A tie is an easy and elegant way to show your respect at a funeral. It will look good with most colors of suit, but remember that black is the traditional choice for funerals. Black is also the color for mourning in many cultures—you may have noticed that many people wear a black armband as a sign of grief.

If you would like to wear a tie, we suggest you choose either a black or white shirt to go with it. A black suit goes well with both colors (though this combination can be rather too formal for some occasions). If you are wearing a dark gray or navy suit, stick to white shirts.

Be sure to wear socks that are not going to show your legs if you put your hands in your pockets.

This is the easiest way to make sure your socks don’t show when you put your hands in your pockets. You may want to do this when you are greeting people or if you are feeling a bit nervous or awkward. Having a quick way to cover up your legs and ankles can help you feel more confident and relaxed.

You should also try to find dress socks that match the color of your pants, not just the color of your suit. This will help streamline the outfit and prevent the outfit from looking messy once the coat comes off during photographs, for example. That said, if possible, choose darker colored dress socks since they will be less likely to show if a small part of them does happen to pop out at any point during the ceremony. Also avoid white socks since these may seem rather informal for a funeral service.

A belt and dress shoes is of course mandatory for a funeral outfit.

A belt and dress shoes are, of course, mandatory for a funeral outfit. A black belt is the best option here. You can wear a brown belt if you have a brown suit, but never any other colors—especially not white! A white belt will shout to everyone around you that you’re too busy to pay attention to the details; they will conclude that you don’t care about being prepared or respectful enough to attend a funeral. Don’t just throw on any old pair of shoes with your suit—it needs to be black leather dress shoes or loafers. Not only do these match your suit, but they are also classy enough for the occasion, and since funerals can last several hours it’s important that whatever shoes you wear are comfortable as well as stylish.

Black suit jacket & pants

If you’re not sure what to wear to a funeral, start with the basics — a black suit, white collared shirt, black tie, and dress shoes.

A black suit is essential in any professional man’s wardrobe. You can never go wrong with this classic look at a funeral or while paying your respects to the deceased’s family. While there are many sartorial options for men when attending funerals, wearing a suit is never inappropriate — just be sure it’s dark for the occasion (this means no navy blue suits!).

For men who don’t own a black suit, wearing dark grey will suffice. The rule of thumb: if your jacket and pants match perfectly in color (a sign of being part of the same set), then they’re too light for a funeral. Avoid brown suits as well; although they are typically considered acceptable work attire in business settings, brown suits are unsuitable for funerals.

While we’re on the subject of basic formal attire: How do you wear suspenders? Well-dressed men know that suspenders are suitable work accessories if worn correctly — specifically with a tucked-in button-down shirt and under blazers or sport coats. Suspenders shouldn’t be worn with tuxedos or with business casual outfits like polo shirts or crew neck sweaters paired with khakis or cotton trousers

Black dress shoes

Black dress shoes are a must-have for anyone’s wardrobe. Not only do they look great on men of all ages, but they’re also fairly easy to pair with most outfits (we’ll get into more detail in the next section). Let’s now take a look at some of the many types of black dress shoes that you might come across while shopping online or in person:

  • Leather dress shoes—these are made from cowhide and often have a glossy finish. They’re also waterproof, making them ideal to wear during the rainy season.
  • Suede dress shoes—these are constructed using animal skin that has been sanded down and treated so as to be soft and pliable like fabric. The material is not water-resistant, so it should generally be worn in dry climates or inside buildings where there’s no chance for rainwater to get on your feet during transit from point A to point B.
  • Oxford black dress shoes—these are characterized by having laces that go up from the bottom rather than across from side-to-side, which gives them an extra touch of sophistication when compared with other styles like loafers or slip-ons. There are various types including plain leather oxfords; cap toe oxfords with wingtips along the top edge; double monk strap variations where two buckles replace laces; brogue detailing along their sides and backs; low tops without heels (also known as “bluchers”); high tops similar but taller than ankle boots (“chelseas”); tassel loafers which feature decorative fringe at their toes; etcetera…

Black dress socks

What color socks do you wear to a funeral?

You’ll want to stick with black. Black socks are the easiest way to make sure you look respectful and appropriate for the occasion.

Although some people might be tempted by colorful or patterned socks, this isn’t a great choice for a funeral. Usually, bright colors are not appropriate for such an occasion, and it’s best to avoid them.

Instead of colorful or patterned socks, we recommend sticking with classic black dress socks. These will pair well with your suit and shoes while also looking respectful and appropriate at such a solemn event.

Black belt

The last step in an outfit is to consider your belt. A dark, simple leather belt is the perfect accompaniment to a suit, and it also serves a practical function by holding up your pants if they aren’t tailored correctly. For example, men with long legs and short torsos can often find themselves with pants that are too long for their bodies. A belt can be used not just to hold up the pants but also disguise this problem by creating less contrast between the pants and the shoes.

Your belt should be 1-1.25 inches wide, depending on the width of your lapels and tie knot; it should fasten using a metal buckle in either silver or gold. If you choose a belt with detail or metalwork on the buckle, ensure that this doesn’t detract from the elegance of your look overall; keep things simple and classic as much as possible.

White collared shirt

The best option for men attending funerals is a white collared shirt.

If you want to put together the perfect dress outfit, these are the items you’ll need:

  • A black tie
  • A white collared shirt
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black dress socks
  • Black belt
  • Black suit jacket and pants

You plan accordingly, you will never have any issues with what to wear to a funeral or what not to wear to a funeral.

Generally, at a funeral, women wear black skirts and tops while men wear black suits. However, the dress code is flexible if the person who died did not like black clothes or wanted people to dress up in bright colors.

A man should wear a suit that is dark in color and not too loud. As there are different types of occasions, there are many types of suits as well. For example, a business suit is worn in an office environment while a lounge suit is worn to social gatherings such as weddings and funerals. A lounge suit comprises of a blazer with matching trousers made from worsted woolen material. The blazer can be single-breasted or double-breasted with one or two rows of buttons on it. You can choose either type for your funeral attire but make sure you don’t end up wearing something too formal or too casual for the occasion.

You should not wear any accessories that have bright colors on them such as ties, belts or scarves with stripes; this applies to socks as well! Instead try getting shoes that complement your outfit instead so they don’t distract from what matters most: paying respect to those who have passed away by attending their funeral service in style without being too flashy about it!


Confidence is key. Dress in the appropriate attire for a funeral, and you’ll look great. You’ll be a shining example to others. On top of that, you’ll be able to focus on the person who died and offer support to those mourning. At the end of the day, dressing for a funeral isn’t about you; it’s about being respectful and honoring someone else’s memory.

Remember: only use your phone in emergencies, know your audience, and dress appropriately.


The most common and appropriate funeral attire is a dark suit with a white button-up shirt, a simple tie of solid black or blue, and black shoes. You can wear a conservative sweater over the shirt, but avoid anything too casual. You should also abstain from wearing jeans or any athletic shoes.

Once you’ve decided on your suit and dress shoes, it’s time to pick out the rest of your outfit.

The next step in dressing for a funeral is choosing between socks that are black or dark blue to match your suit and tie. There are also dark gray socks which could go with either color suit as well.

An easy way to finish off your outfit is by adding a belt that matches the color of your dress shoes.

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