The First Thing To Wear To A High School Graduation

Dress up, but don’t look like you’re going to prom.

Although you will be there for a few hours, it’s important to keep in mind that what you wear shouldn’t be super formal. You are about to graduate high school and will be going to many formal events. However, this is not the time for the floor-length gown or a cute jumpsuit.

I have made the mistake of wearing my prom dress to graduation before and it was not worth it because I didn’t feel comfortable at all.

Instead, opt for a nice knee-length dress and some cute heels like these block heel sandals from New York & Company. They’re stylish, inexpensive and appropriate!

Dress for the weather forecast if the graduation will be outside.

After it’s been decided what time and day you’re going to your graduation, check the weather forecast. You’ll need to dress appropriately for the season. If it’s cold, then you’ll need to wear a warm jacket or sweater. If it’s hot, wear sunscreen and bring a hat. It’s a good idea to bring an umbrella in case of rain; if there is no rain in the forecast but it’s cloudy, an umbrella will provide some shade from the sun.

If you’re handicapped or physically challenged, consider the venue and dress for comfort and ease of movement.

If you have a disability or physical challenge, don’t feel pressured by the high school graduation crowd to conform to unwieldy fashion trends. Your goal should be to find comfortable clothes that will still allow you to participate fully in the event; for many people with physical handicaps and challenges, this means wearing clothing that is loose-fitting, does not itch, and does not make them overheat. You won’t see many people doing awkward jumps or flips during graduation ceremonies (or at least, you shouldn’t), so it’s easy to wear a dress or skirt that won’t get in your way while you’re sitting down.

Dress for warm weather by wearing a cotton dress or a suit that breathes well in warmer temperatures.

Keep your outfit comfortable and light by following a couple of guidelines. The first thing to do is choose natural fabrics, such as cotton or silk. These materials are breathable and won’t cause you to sweat when it warms up. If you want to wear a dress or skirt, avoid heavy fabrics like wool or leather. For example, a lightweight silk dress with floral print will be cute while keeping you cool during the ceremony and post-graduation festivities!

Men can wear seersucker suits and white shirts with loafers and no tie.

  • For men, a seersucker suit is an excellent choice. Seersucker is a lightweight fabric perfect for hot, humid weather, and it comes in light colors that won’t make you feel hotter than you already are. Add a white shirt (with or without a tie), and some loafers or other closed-toe shoes, and you’re all set to look sharp but be comfortable.
  • Women can wear seersucker dresses or skirts with a blouse or cotton sweater and dressy sandals. The key here is to have something that looks nice but isn’t too formal—we’re not at prom here. If the weather isn’t cooperating, then consider your pantsuit or outfit of choice instead of a skirt or dress.

Wear supportive flats if it’s an outdoor ceremony or a flat if you’ll be inside all day.

Make sure you’re totally comfortable in your shoes. If the ceremony is outdoors and there’s a lot of walking, it might be smart to wear supportive flats if you’ll be outside all day. If the ceremony will be inside, you can get away with sandals or flats. If heels are your jam, make sure they’re a pair you can walk in comfortably throughout the entire day!

Women should wear a pretty outfit, such as a floral dress, in light colors to match the season.

First things first, you should select an outfit that is both comfortable and stylish. While you’ll likely be sitting for most of the ceremony, your family will probably want to take some pictures after the ceremony. And when you’re standing in your heels for those photos, you don’t want to be worrying about a dress that’s too tight or pants that are too loose.

Look for a pretty floral dress in light colors to match the season. Of course, make sure whatever dress you choose is appropriate for the weather, venue and occasion.

And when it comes to choosing appropriate footwear, comfort is key—especially if it’s going to be a very hot day or if there are a lot of stairs involved. Make sure whatever shoes you wear have good support and aren’t too tight or loose so they don’t rub against your feet!

If you’ll be attending multiple graduation events over the weekend, pack an extra outfit to change into after the ceremony so your clothes stay fresh and unwrinkled.

In most high school auditoriums, there is no air conditioning. They’re simply not designed for large crowds and they’re usually old buildings anyway. That being said, the graduation ceremony itself can be a heat-fest. In addition to dressing comfortably (and in a way that’s appropriate for the event—more on that later!), you’ll want to make sure your feet are happy too. It’s a long day! Dress in something comfortable because you’ll be sitting through ceremony after ceremony and then standing up for pictures afterward. The chairs in the auditorium are uncomfortable; if you have an opportunity to bring a pillow to sit on, do it!

You should also plan ahead when it comes to choosing what you’re going to wear. If you’re going straight from the ceremony into a more formal setting like a restaurant or house party, pack an extra outfit so that you can change out of your sweaty clothes and keep yourself looking fresh all day long!

Wear darker colors if it’s likely to rain in your area.

If rain is in the forecast, and there’s a possibility that you could be standing outside for a long period of time during the ceremony, you may want to opt for darker colors. If it’s sunny, light colors are great, but if it starts raining, they’re likely to get drenched and look like they actually belong at a funeral instead of graduation.

The last thing you want is to be wearing your pristine white dress or shirt and have the weather turn sour on you. Unless you’re prepared to spend your graduation day stuck inside all day long waiting for the weather to clear up so that you can go home and change. Darker colors will camouflage any water spots much better than lighter ones will.

Wear darker colors if it’s likely to rain in your area.

Picking a wardrobe for an outdoor graduation ceremony is tougher than you might think. You’re likely going to be sitting in the sun (or rain) for hours, and that can cause light-colored clothing to fade or get sweat stains.

If you’re looking for outfits that will work well at an outdoor graduation, try to pick darker colors like navy blue or black—they’ll fade less than lighter colors if it rains.

It’s important to dress appropriately because you’ll be surrounded by different age groups so small children, retirees, school staff, as well as other students’ family members will all be there. You want to look nice but not overdressed or underdressed.

It’s important to dress appropriately because you’ll be surrounded by different age groups so small children, retirees, school staff, as well as other students’ family members will all be there. You want to look nice but not overdressed or underserved.

The three basic rules of dressing for an occasion are: Dress Appropriately in the Season and Weather; Dress Comfortably; and Dress Professionally and Appropriately.These three principles are related because the appropriate clothing is the type of attire that is needed for a given occasion. The right clothing will make you feel confident, warm and comfortable while helping you to maintain a professional appearance as it shows that you have done your homework on your event. If you do not dress according to these rules when attending an event then people may question why you were invited in the first place.

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