5 Essential Rap Concert Outfits that Rock

Exposed bra straps

As you are putting together your outfit, you may find yourself wondering about the rules of exposed bra straps. Do they have a place at a rap concert? If not, how can you avoid showing them off if your shirt isn’t completely opaque?

First off, we think that exposed bra straps can be an attractive and fun addition to certain looks. For example, if you’re wearing a tank top with wide armholes or a low-cut top that’s cut low on the sides, then exposed strappy bras are in their element. They look great when paired with other playful accessories like temporary tattoos or colorful jewelry.

If you’re concerned about letting your bra straps show but want to wear a cute tank top or low-cut top to see Drake or Kendrick Lamar live in concert, then it’s important to go braless or wear a strapless bra. However, since most women need some form of support while attending an energetic concert like this one—and because strapless bras tend to rub against the skin uncomfortably when there’s no shirt covering them—we recommend wearing a racer back bra instead. It will stay hidden under nearly all tops and provides good support for active settings like these concerts.

A flannel shirt

You don’t have to be a lumberjack to sport a flannel shirt (though it helps). This means that you can wear it in a number of different ways.

You can wear it over a tank top or tee, which is great if the venue is chilly. You can also just roll up the sleeves and keep them buttoned with the rest of the shirt open. It’s important to consider the weather when dressing for an outdoor show, so make sure you have plenty of options for layering. When choosing colors and patterns, go with what you like — just try not to look too much like every other concertgoer there!

This works great as a cover-up when paired with crop tops or tank tops; just throw on some black jeans and converse sneakers for an easy-to-master hip hop concert outfit. A flannel shirt can also emphasize your figure if worn over a fitted tank top, especially if you have narrow hips. For your pants, opt for black jeans that hug your curves in all the right places. If it’s cold out and spray painted denim isn’t enough to protect you from the elements, throw on some fishnet tights underneath as well as leather boots with heels that run low enough to still allow dancing!

Socks and sandals

A rap concert is all about the attitude. The right outfit, whether you are a man or woman, is essential to completing the look. But what is the best choice? While you may want to follow whatever trends are going on in the industry at that moment, it is better to opt for something a bit more timeless and classic – especially if you’re not sure of your own fashion sense! There are many options out there that won’t break your bank account but will still have people turning their heads when they see you walking down the street.

  • Socks and sandals? No thanks!
  • Don’t wear anything too tight or revealing (unless this is your thing)

A ripped T-shirt

This may be counterintuitive, but a T-shirt with a hole in it is quite alright. So long as you’re careful to avoid cutting the hole yourself, or wearing something that’s been cut by someone else—think of the hole as being just one element of your outfit, not the whole thing. It can be very fashionable to leave small holes in your shirts and dresses (just be sure they are in a naturally occurring spot so people don’t mistake them for tears).

If you want a particular button on your shirt to catch someone’s eye, leaving that button open even when the rest of your shirt’s buttons are closed is another way to add some pop to an otherwise boring outfit. A little bit of personality can go a long way; think about what makes you unique. Putting an artistic spin on this idea might mean leaving some small holes in your shirts just for fun, or choosing an outfit with a texture that makes it look like you’ve had something sewn into it.

Denim overalls

Denim overalls are a tried-and-true rap concert staple. You can keep them casual, or dress them up with heels.

  • What to wear under denim overalls: You can wear a crop top with your overalls, or keep it simple with a t-shirt, or go casual with a tank.
  • What to wear with denim overalls: The possibilities are endless! Chunky sneakers, open-toed sandals, kitten heels—they all work. Try wearing more delicate shoes for an edgy contrast.
  • Where to buy denim overalls: Try Nordstrom and Macy’s for the latest styles from your favorite brands.
  • Which denim overall is the best? Well, that depends on what matters most to you! Do you care about fashion? Comfort? Look for high reviews on whichever one you choose!

A pair of leggings

Leggings may not be pants, but they are definitely a great concert outfit choice. They’re comfortable and easy to wear. Bonus points if you pair them with a stylish crop top, or a tee shirt that’s cool and fashion forward. Rock your booties and moto jacket with your leggings for some concert-going badassery, or keep it more casual with sneakers and a simple hoodie. You can also pair them with heels—although we don’t recommend this combo during the summer months.

Sneakers or work boots

You want to keep it fresh, so you should either rock some sneakers or work boots. While we love the look of a good pair of chukkas (a low-rise lace-up shoe) or desert boots (also a low-rise lace-up shoe), they won’t help you stay comfortable throughout the concert. Opt for a pair of lightweight sneakers that can take some dancing and will help keep your feet from getting tired. That way, you’ll be able to focus on the artist’s lyrics and their beats rather than your throbbing feet. If you’re opting for sneakers, choose a pair that encapsulates your unique style and personality. There are no rules about what kind of sneakers work for rap concerts; as long as you feel great wearing them, go ahead!

A plain white tee

When assembling your essential rap concert outfit, one item that you should always consider is a plain white tee. The plain white tee is a classic item that can be worn with almost anything. This makes it an extremely versatile addition to your wardrobe, as it can be worn for any occasion from the rap concert to the annual company picnic. A plain white tee can also be dressed up or down with accessories. For example, you could wear one under a blazer for a more formal look, or throw on some jeans and sneakers for a casual look. And if the date didn’t go so well afterwards? No problem: just take off all of those fancy accessories and hit the hay wearing nothing but your comfortable, versatile plain white tee shirt pajamas.

A baseball hat or a beanie

BLACK HAT: Don’t be surprised if a black baseball hat is the first thing to come to mind when you think of hip-hop concert fashion. And while it’s true that they can work with pretty much any outfit, consider spicing things up with a patterned version or something with a logo on it. De La Soul sported those for years, and their merch was always cool.

If you’d rather wear your favorite team’s jersey than their hat, no problem. Just exchange the athletic cap for a wool or knit beanie. You’ll look just as cozy and will have more opportunities to express your personality through colors, patterns and brands.

Overalls, denim skirt or shorts

Overalls are great for a hip-hop concert because they’re super versatile. Though they’ll always be associated with grunge and the ’90s, today’s overalls are tighter and more fitted than those of yesteryear. They can be dressed up or down by changing your accessories, shoes and hairstyle. You’ve got options with this one!

Overalls are comfortable, too—they give you that “loose” feeling while still being fitted, so you can move around freely at the hip-hop show. Look for a pair that fits well and is not baggy or too tight around the thighs (otherwise it’ll restrict your movement). And don’t forget to consider color—a solid black pair will work well most of the time but isn’t as inspiring as colored denim like red or powder blue. However, if you opt for a brightly colored pair, consider wearing it with neutral tones to maintain balance in your ensemble. You may also want to choose another accent color: maybe wear bright blue overalls with yellow sneakers or print tights in magenta?

For summer concerts, wear overalls over a tank top with sneakers (or high tops) and a baseball cap; for fall concerts, try them over a long sleeve shirt with boots. Overalls are the perfect outfit for a rap concert. With denim overalls, you can really dress it up or down depending on your personal style and mood. You can also combine different textures and patterns to create an unexpected look, like wearing the overalls with a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt underneath or pairing them with sneakers or boots. And don’t forget to accessorize! A hat will make your entire outfit pop, and is sure to be photographed by various fans and media outlets.

What to wear to a rap concert woman

So you’ve got your tickets and you’re ready to see [insert artist of your choice]. Now you need to figure out what to wear. It’s a tricky balance, but it’s not impossible if you keep the following things in mind:

  • Know your style. If you’re looking for inspiration on the topic of rap concert outfits, don’t turn to people whose style is much different than yours. You’ll end up with a look that isn’t at all authentic to who you are or what makes you feel good about yourself. Instead, consider people whose fashion choices align with your own personal preferences. What kinds of things do they wear? How do they put their outfits together? Take those ideas and make them your own!
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. This seems pretty obvious, but it’s something that can easily get overlooked in an attempt to look “on trend” (whatever that means!). Luckily, there are plenty of ways to incorporate layering into any outfit so that no matter how warm or cold it gets outside, you’ll be able to adjust accordingly while still maintaining your sense of style!

What to wear to a rap concert guys

What to wear to a rap concert, guys? Let’s consider the essentials.

First of all, you definitely need jeans. The more ripped, the better. And it wouldn’t be an outfit without a t-shirt (or two). Make sure you go for a slogan or band tee to really look the part. If there’s any chance it might get cold, we recommend having a sweater as back-up—you can also use this to cover up any embarrassing stains if things get messy (and they will.) You may want another layer on top of that: maybe a hoodie or jacket. A baseball cap is also crucial for keeping your hair neat and frizz-free throughout the night.

Now for footwear: trainers are always ideal for dancing and crowdsurfing but you could also wear boots if you don’t mind them getting scuffed up in a mosh pit.

Lastly, don’t forget your bag–but make sure it’s small enough that it doesn’t throw off your outfit!

What to wear to a rap concert in winter

Winter is here, and we’re getting ready to head out to the nearest rap concert. For those who can’t afford ACL tickets, we want to suggest five essential outfits that would make you look as cool as Jay-Z at a Halloween party:

  • ) This layerable hoodie from Beat Clothing

This repurposed sweatshirt will keep you warm while looking good at the same time by being made from recycled materials. This winter staple is easy to take off when needed and easy to throw on when it gets cold outside. It’s a win-win situation for Earth and your wardrobe.

  • ) These pants from Yellow Pinstripes

Any guy that wears these pants isn’t afraid of wearing his pants with style. They’re slimming without being too skinny, they’re comfortable without being frumpy, and they feature a hidden zipper pocket that will come in handy at some point in your life. Not only are they stylish but they’ll also keep you warm!

  • ) These dope sneakers from American Apparel

Not only do these shoes have awesome designs but they’re also chock full of faux leather uppers for maximum comfort on colder days (or any day). The cotton/rayon blend fabric makes them easy to clean when needed (and if not, who cares?). Lastly, the Nike swoosh logo adds a little bit of hip-hop flavor which totally goes with an all black ensemble! And since this is Austin there’s no need for socks so the added bonus is keeping your feet warmer than usual during this wintery weather!

What to wear to a rap concert plus size

  • If you are plus size, don’t hide it. This outfit is so simple and chic. It can be dressed up with a lace bralette and paired with some fabulous heels or dressed down with a pair of converse shoes.
  • You can never go wrong with a good fitting tee shirt or hoodie. Wear one that matches your look for the night for maximum style points.
  • Pair it with some jeans and a nice pair of comfy sneakers (or flats) and you’ll have an outfit that everyone will envy at the rap concert!
  • Shorts are another great choice to wear when going to see your favorite rapper in concert because they’re so versatile: you can wear them alone as part of an all-over look, or layer them over leggings for extra warmth on those chilly nights out when all those people around you are sweaty from dancing so hard! Go crazy!

What to wear to an outdoor rap concert

First of all, if you are planning to attend a rap concert in the summertime, it’s important to dress for the weather. Outdoor concerts can be unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for any kind of weather change. It’s also important to remember that summer evenings tend to be cool and you might need a jacket after midnight. Dressing in layers is always a good idea so you can remove your outer clothing as the night progresses and it gets warmer.

Secondly, make sure that you wear comfortable shoes because concerts tend to last several hours and there’s a lot of standing around and walking back and forth from the parking lot or public transportation stop until you find your seat. You don’t want sore feet before the show even starts!

Finally, we recommend that women bring a small purse or backpack with them when they go to an outdoor concert because they’ll need somewhere safe place to store their valuables during the event.

Cute outfits to wear to a rap concert

With that being said, here are some cute outfit ideas for rap concert goers.

  • White tee with your favorite pair of jeans.

You can’t go wrong with a classic white tee; the colors are neutral and it’s a staple piece you should have in your wardrobe anyway! You can dress up the look by adding jewelry and/or accessories, or keep it casual with sneakers. Your best bet is to wear black or blue jeans as they’ll always be in style. If you want to make an even bigger statement, try white jeans! They’re bold and will definitely stand out from the crowd (and on your Instagram feed).

  • Graphic tee with a leather jacket.

If you love fashion but also like feeling comfortable while still looking stylish, try this look! A good way to pull off both at once starts by wearing a pair of leggings under some loose fitting pants (like mom jeans) paired with an oversize sweater or hoodie over top-of-the-line sneakers such as Air Force 1s or Huaraches. The finishing touch on this outfit would be either oversized sunglasses for protection against sun rays when outside during summer months — if attending an outdoor event — or beanies/hats in case temperatures drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit so your ears don’t get too cold.”

Know your style and wear what you feel comfortable in.

If you’re feeling brave enough to wear that one concert-going-outfit, consider this: If you’re going to a concert performance by a rapper it’s important not to look like you are trying too hard…

Outfits don’t need to be expensive or fancy. Instead they should reflect your personal style and personality. In order to do this, look down at the bottom of your clothes, where most of the fabric is, and find what flatters your body best when it is stretched across it. . . .

Know Your Style

Your style will play a big role in how you appear when choosing what clothes to wear for concerts. For example, if you have long arms and legs then a tight-fitting tube top might NOT be the best choice for comfort and appearance. Instead opt for something that has some fullness around the bust area as well as in fuller hips (like a bell sleeve). Likewise, if you have a small waist then steer clear of tight fitted clothing like skinny jeans or tight fitting shirts (unless they are distressed denim) because they can make you look bigger than usual (or smaller). Also if your hips are larger than average then avoid wearing tops that pull too tightly across them because they can make them look wider than normal thus detracting from their beauty.

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