The Best Fashion Tricks for A September Wedding

Wear a chic, lightweight sweater or jacket to keep you warm on those cool evenings.

And on those cool evenings, be sure to have a chic, lightweight sweater or jacket readily available. A blazer is the most obvious choice for a formal wedding, but if it’s casual consider draping a cardigan over your shoulders instead. If you’re concerned about the temperatures dropping even further, bring along an elegant pashmina that can double as a blanket if need be (and protect your legs from pesky mosquitoes). Wearing layers helps keep you comfortable in any weather and gives you extra styling options.

Pastels are quintessential spring and summer colors, so opt for jewel tones like emerald and burgundy instead.

With the days getting shorter and the air getting crisper, September is the perfect time of year to throw a wedding. While you’ll want to keep your attire on the lighter side, there are plenty of options in terms of color and cut that will allow you to look as fashionable as any summer bride. Here are some tips for dressing for a September wedding.

What colors should I avoid?

Pastels are quintessential spring and summer colors, so opt for jewel tones like emerald and burgundy instead. You can also use these deeper colors in combination with one another—for example, an emerald green skirt would look great paired with a burgundy blouse or sweater. If you’re not sure about brighter or darker hues, go with something neutral like black or taupe—these shades always look sophisticated. However, be sure to pair them with a rich-toned accessory (such as an emerald scarf) to ensure that they don’t wash out your complexion.

Opt for a maxi dress with long sleeves to keep out the draught.

With a September wedding, there’s a good chance you’re going to experience chilly weather. If it’s still quite warm where you are, your friends and family might think they don’t need to wear anything other than their nicest tops and bottoms with some strappy heels. But when the sun goes down, and the wind picks up, everyone will be searching for something to keep them warm—and that could mean a lot of people huddling together for warmth. The best way to avoid this scenario is by choosing an outfit that can keep your entire body warm. While everyone else pulls on cardigans or sweaters over their outfit as the night wears on, you’ll be able to stay comfy from head-to-toe in a long-sleeved maxi dress or skirt and top set.

Go with a knee-length dress to show off your gorgeous shoes and legs while keeping cosy.

When it comes to weddings, September is a month in transition. Most of the time, you’re moving from summer into fall — but sometimes (particularly if you’re on the East Coast), you’re moving from fall into winter. Either way, the potential for weather change can be tricky when it comes to fashion. To get some ideas for how to dress for a September wedding, we spoke with five stylish women about what they usually wear to mid-autumn nuptials.

There are several aspects of a mid-September wedding that make these events easier to shop for than others: You don’t have to worry about getting wrapped up in an uncomfortable maxi dress in an overheated church; full-length gowns probably won’t work; and roomy sundresses aren’t appropriate either. But there are still plenty of options available — even just sticking with dresses that fall below the knee but not below the ankle will keep you looking fresh and elegant without weighing down your outfit with excessive fabric or excess layers.

The trick is finding one that speaks both to your personal style and sense of occasion while still being something you’ll actually want to wear again (and not just stuff away at the back of your closet). That said, here are six dresses that will ensure you look chic enough for any occasion this season and beyond.

If you’re attending a mid-September wedding, go bold with gold accessories to offset the months chillier weather.

If you’re attending a mid-September wedding, go bold with gold accessories to offset the months chillier weather. Gold accessories are a good way to dress up a simple outfit and add a bit of warmth to an otherwise cool outfit, while also adding some elegance to an otherwise casual outfit. No matter what your style is, gold accessories are a great way to dress up an otherwise plain outfit.

If you want to wear a crop top, pair it with a skirt that falls below the knee so your outfit is appropriate for the occasion.

There are tons of great crop top options to choose from, but one key thing you need to make sure is that if you wear a crop top, the skirt must fall below the knee. You should be able to sit and dance in it without showing too much skin. Find one with a high waist for a flattering fit that complies with the dress code no matter how warm it is outside.

Make sure your face matches your outfit, so when you show off your new look on Instagram, people know what event inspired your aesthetic.

Choose skinny jeans in rich shades like forest green or deep navy for an on-trend look.

Are you getting hitched in September? If so, it’s important to curate an outfit that is fun and festive but also suitable for the cooler temperatures of early fall. For a casual ensemble, go with jeans! Don’t be afraid to branch out from blue denim. Try black jeans, white jeans or even red jeans. For evening affairs where black tie is encouraged, try dark-wash jeans paired with a stunning blouse and sleek heels.

If you’re looking to tone down the casual feel of skinny jeans, they can be easily paired with layers like a blazer or cardigan sweater. Heading to an outdoor wedding? Opt for skinny boyfriend shorts in rich shades like forest green or deep navy for an on-trend look.

A chunky knit sweater or poncho would work well over a floral jumpsuit or mini skirt at an outdoor wedding in September.

To address the fine line between getting away with a cozy look or feeling like you’re trying too hard, you’ll want to zero in on one focal point. A chunky knit sweater will be your dressy choice for an outdoor wedding, and its texture will prevent it from feeling too casual.

You can also go for a poncho. It’s right in the sweet spot of being relaxed enough to avoid looking stuffy, but also structured enough that you won’t look out of place at a wedding.

Go wild with your bottom-half choices: floral jumpsuits are everywhere right now and would be a fun choice if you’re going to an outdoor wedding. To bring back some structure into your outfit, wear either a mini skirt or culottes underneath your poncho to create that carefully considered balance we mentioned above.

Go for muted shades of cream, peach, blush and grey to blend seamlessly into the autumnal color palette.

You can’t show up to a September wedding wearing pastels, prints or winter whites. Instead, opt for muted shades of cream, peach, blush and grey to blend seamlessly into the autumnal color palette. These hues are ideal because they are not too loud or bright like summer styles would be and not quite dark enough to make them look out of season. Remember that you can mix and match these colors in order to create an outfit that is both stylish and appropriate for the season with minimal effort.

Here’s an example of some muted colors which would be suitable for a September wedding:

What color to wear to a September wedding

No matter when you’re attending a wedding, it’s important to know what colors to wear. September is arguably the most pleasant month of the year, its warm days and cool nights playing host to perfect outdoor weddings. With that in mind, your clothing should reflect the season. Brown, tan and burnt orange are all excellent choices for formal occasions during this time of year.

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to look your best, but there are several things you should avoid wearing, no matter what time of year you are going to one:

  • Black: There’s no color more depressing than black at a wedding. If it’s a lighthearted ceremony or reception and you insist on dressing formally, consider navy blue or dark brown instead (please don’t do both).
  • White: This may seem obvious—it’s the bride who gets married in white after all—but nowadays some brides wear other colors on their big day so guests might not be aware that they shouldn’t wear white too. If you have even the slightest doubt, it’s best not to take the risk!

What to wear to a September outdoor wedding

While the ceremony and reception are all about the bride and groom (and your role as a guest), that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good. However, when it comes to weddings in any month, there are some distinct guidelines that you should follow as a guest.

  • Consider the location. The weather will have a major influence on what you wear to an outdoor wedding—especially if it takes place later in September (when temperatures can start to dip). If the wedding is taking place at a beach resort or another locale where guests are likely to be wearing more casual attire, then the dress code is going to be more relaxed than if it’s taking place at an upscale hotel with elegant surroundings.
  • Think about comfort. If you’re going to be sitting outside for several hours, remember that your comfort is equally important as your style—so choose shoes and other accessories accordingly (and bring along a pair of flats in case you need them).
  • Have fun! Wearing comfortable clothing doesn’t mean dressing shabbily; instead, it means choosing clothes that make you feel confident and attractive while still allowing you to enjoy yourself fully at the event. For example, if there’s going to be dancing involved, then you might want to think twice about wearing those gorgeous Jimmy Choo heels or those too-tight leather pants—regardless of how great they may look on paper.

what to wear to a mid September weddingWwhat to wear to a mid September wedding

Choosing what to wear to a wedding in the fall can be tricky. It is important to look stylish and elegant but also keep warm and comfortable. Opt for knee-length or midi dresses, which are flattering on nearly all body types. If you’re not into dresses, try a lightweight sweater or jacket with dark colored jeans or pants. For example, an olive green blazer paired with dark denim jeans and black heels will create a smart sophisticated look.

The best colors for September weddings are jewel tones like emerald and burgundy, as well as muted shades of cream, peach, blush and grey. Jewel tones look beautiful on darker skin tones while neutral shades pair perfectly with light skin tones. Burgundy is the perfect transition color from summer to fall because it compliments almost any type of hair color or complexion. If you’re looking for something more daring than jewel tones then try adding bold accessories such as earrings or shoes that pop against your outfit!

What to wear to a September barn wedding

As the nights draw in and we all start to break out our darker clothes, you might be worried that your wedding wardrobe is going to be drab. But one of the best things about a seasonally timed wedding is that your outfits can reflect the change in weather. So if you’re looking at attending a September barn wedding, what should you wear?

You don’t need to go dark to achieve a fall feel though. Many floral prints are perfect for weddings this time of year, as long as they aren’t too bright or garish. You don’t want it to look like summer all over again when everything outside has started turning brown! Look for tasteful prints that match the surroundings and will give you a flattering silhouette. And remember: if the weather turns cooler, you can always layer up with a blazer or cardigan!

What to wear to a September afternoon wedding

  • Go for an ultra-feminine, floral dress. This is such a sweet option and perfect for a casual garden wedding. Add a cardigan or denim jacket to keep the look relaxed and cool—this will be especially useful if it gets chilly later in the day.
  • Pair a skirt and top together. Separates are always great because then you can easily rework them into your wardrobe after the wedding! Add statement jewelry or a hat to complete the look.
  • A jumpsuit is perfect for a daytime wedding in September as it’s not too formal but also very stylish. Pair with bold accessories, like these chandelier earrings, to make it more exciting!
  • A playsuit is another fun option that’s just as comfortable as wearing jeans without looking too casual. Complete this look with heels and a cute clutch bag!
  • If none of the above options appeal to you, opt for something simple yet classic like this floral dress that’ll keep you warm when night falls!

What to wear to an outdoor September wedding

Buying a new outfit is an easy way to get excited for the big day, but don’t let your enthusiasm interfere with your decision-making. When you’re shopping for a wedding, think about these variables:

  • What are the bride and groom wearing?
  • What is the weather like? (A September wedding can vary in temperature.)

Are you attending an indoor or outdoor reception? Does it take place at night or during the day? Will there be dancing involved? Bring an extra pair of shoes.

  • If the venue has a dress code, follow it.

What to wear to an early September wedding

If the bride and groom are getting married in early September, you can bet there’s a good chance temperatures will still be hot. But—here’s the catch—there may also be a cool breeze or chilly night. So what’s a fashion-savvy guest to do? If you’re looking for an outfit that works both day and night, I recommend wearing a dress made of breathable linen or chiffon with a light jacket or sweater. The same concept applies to separates—a pair of comfortable trousers in a soft fabric like silk paired with a lightweight top is smart. After all, you never know when the temperature will drop at night. Your best bet is to wear something light-colored that reflects heat, such as white or pastel hues like ivory, cream, blush and pale blue.

While most people opt for shorter hemlines because it’s summertime, this is your opportunity to take advantage of warmer weather and wear long dresses without sweating buckets in them (and trust me—no one wants that). You can also incorporate color into your ensemble by wearing one of this season’s trending hues (we love lavender).

What should a man wear to a September wedding

The first thing you need to do is make sure that every item you wear to a wedding is smart. So, we’re talking smart trousers, smart shirt, smart shoes and a smart jacket.

If it’s a slightly more formal occasion then you might also consider wearing a tie or even a sweater (just make sure it’s not over the top).

When wearing trousers be aware that some cuts are smarter than others. A chino style trouser will make for great casual wear but if it has pleats then it could look too formal for your wedding outfit (especially if the rest of your outfit is very informal).

Smart shirts usually have buttons and collars on them. It doesn’t matter too much whether they are long or short sleeved; just as long as they look like they were designed to go with suit trousers or chinos.

What should a woman wear to a September wedding

Wedding dress rules are a common topic of conversation, and not just among brides. From what I’ve gathered, everyone’s got an opinion about what you should wear to a wedding (and almost everyone has an opinion on whether or not you should wear white). You’re entitled to your preferences—but as the bride, you’ve got some responsibilities, too.

First of all, you need to consider what the dress code for your wedding is. There are so many different kinds of weddings in this world. Some weddings require a formal gown and tuxedo; others call for a casual cocktail attire with flowers; still others call for jeans and cowboy boots—even bikinis! For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that your wedding will be either:

  • A formal country-style wedding with country music played in the background and friends dancing up there on the dance floor
  • An informal fun wedding where people bring their own booze and sit around talking about old times
  • An informal cocktail party with people sitting around getting tipsy
  • A beach party at an exotic hotel during spring break which doubles as a wedding reception at the end of summer when it’s warm enough to go outside

Consider dressing according to what type of wedding you are going to and the time of year that it’s being held in .

The first thing to consider when choosing what to wear for a wedding is where and when the wedding is going to take place. This will help you determine how formal or casual the wedding will be and, therefore, how appropriate it is for you to dress up or down.

If it’s an early September summer wedding in the southern hemisphere, then chances are that the weather will still be pretty warm. To make the most of this opportunity, choose a lightweight linen suit that breathes well but still looks smart; a white cotton shirt with a herringbone tie would complement it perfectly. For shoes, keep your feet cool by choosing loafers over lace-ups wherever possible—brown leather tasseled loafers would look great with this ensemble.

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