The Smart Man’s Guide to What to Wear To a Wedding Rehearsal

Whether you’re attending a wedding rehearsal or one of your own children’s weddings, it’s a big deal.

Whether you’re attending a wedding rehearsal or one of your own children’s weddings, it’s a big deal. The rehearsal is where the processional order and other key details are hammered out. It’s also usually the largest gathering of both sides of the families before the wedding itself, so there may be some first-time meetings between relatives who’ll share multiple meals together in short order.

As such, it is important to dress appropriately for the rehearsal, but not as important as dressing appropriately for the actual wedding. That said, it’s still a good time to practice wearing something you wouldn’t normally wear for day-to-day activities. For example, if you don’t have an excuse to wear a suit every day of your life (and let’s face it: no one does), then this is a good opportunity to look sharp in proper formalwear.

For men, wedding rehearsals are the most important events of their lives.

For men, wedding rehearsals are the most important events of their lives.

They’re the pinnacle of a man’s existence. It’s on this day that you get to wear a tuxedo for the first time and see how it feels to be the center of attention. You get to rehearse your vows in front of a full house, recite words that will be forever memorized by generations upon generations from this point forward. Most importantly, you get to meet the preacher for the first time.

Grooms usually show up to the rehearsal late and have to wear some serious clothing.

You have a million things to do and you know that the rehearsal will run late. You’re going to be nervous, so it’s not the time to wear something new that is complicated or cutting-edge. Just make it easy on yourself—wear a suit.

What are you supposed to wear for a wedding rehearsal dinner?

You do not have free reign to wear whatever you want.

For most rehearsal dinners, a shirt and tie will suffice, but some venues require business casual dress (suit is optional). Many receptions are more formal affairs than the actual wedding day, so it’s always better to be over dressed than underdressed.

If your rehearsal dinner is taking place at a restaurant, then it’s fine to wear jeans (and if you could ever get away with wearing a t-shirt to a wedding, it would be during the rehearsal dinner). Everyone knows what you did yesterday wasn’t that important anyway.

It doesn’t usually matter what you wear to a wedding rehearsal, but men should dress as though they’ll be in all sorts of different places that evening.

On the evening of your wedding rehearsal, you will probably be in a wide range of different places. It can be hard to know what to wear that night.

To be safe, dress like you’re going out to dinner. You’ll likely go out for dinner afterward, or at least order some food. Dress like you’re going to work too, because there’s a decent chance that you had work earlier in the day (or will have it the next morning). If you worked out before or after work that day, make sure that your outfit also works as workout clothes too so that if anyone asks why you smell like sweat, you can just laugh and say “Funny story…” while thinking up an excuse on the fly.

If it’s a casual wedding or one with a specific theme (such as “The Great Gatsby” or “Summer Luau”), make sure your outfit fits with that theme. If it’s an ultra-formal event, dress up as much as possible without looking like a waiter; tuxedos are always acceptable attire for weddings (even after 5pm). Lastly, if someone asks you on a date during dinner and/or drinks afterward, dress accordingly!

While women often have to choose between several formal dresses for the rehearsal dinner, men can go for comfort and ease.

Choosing clothes for the rehearsal dinner should be easy and fun. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Layer up with a jacket, tie, and shoes that make you feel good.
  • Choose an outfit that’s comfortable but has a bit of pop, like this shirt.
  • Wear a suit that makes you look and feel good, but don’t feel like you need to wear the tie or dress shirt. Just wear your favorite polo! There’s no need to overcomplicate things.
  • If it’s summertime and warm out, then go with your favorite blazer, button-up shirt (untucked), chinos or dark jeans, and some nice suede loafers or oxfords. No tie? No problem!

Keep in mind that these dress codes can also vary depending on where the rehearsal dinner is being held—restaurants tend to be more formal than outdoor events at parks or beachfronts. And of course always check with the bride before the big day; she’ll know exactly what kind of look she wants for her guests!

Kid’s weddings are also a lot more casual than grown-up ones, so what do you wear there?

When in doubt, wear a suit. You can’t go wrong with a black suit for evening and charcoal for daytime, but don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just that. Patterned suits are totally fine (think houndstooth, checks and plaids), though avoid anything too loud or busy-looking—and definitely nothing too casual (no jeans). As mentioned above, black tie is not the same thing as black tie optional. Black tie means your tuxedo should be as formal as possible; if it’s not in black, that’s fine (navy blue is also acceptable), but some of the details below should still hold true. A white dinner jacket is appropriate only if you anticipate warm temperatures at the venue: It’s not just any suit coat. And while there are no hard-and-fast rules governing what to wear with a tuxedo anymore, we recommend wearing it with a bowtie (preferably self-tying), studs/links and cummerbund/vest/both. Your shoes should also be dressy; patent leather monk straps would be ideal here.

If you want to go for something more casual than that but still look dressed up enough for an event like this one, try a three-piece suit instead of your typical two-piece one: The vest will lend the whole look an elevated air without being over the top.

What to wear to a wedding rehearsal male

Weddings can be stressful, but what’s even more stressful is figuring out what to wear. You might be thinking something along the lines of “It’s just a rehearsal dinner! Can I wear jeans?”

Well, not quite.

Although a wedding rehearsal dinner might be seen as a casual event, it still has its own set of rules you should follow in order to know how to dress for it. Follow these expert tips and advice to know what to wear at this wedding event.

  • Don’t confuse the rehearsal dinner with the actual wedding reception. While both events are typically held during the weekend before a wedding, they’re still two very different events when it comes down to clothing choices for men and women. The rehearsal dinner is often much more casual than the wedding reception (more on that below!).
  • It’s never too early to start thinking about your outfit. As mentioned above, like with any other formal dress code or occasion, you want to make sure you have plenty of time before the date arrives so that if you need to make adjustments or replacements at all, there’s enough time left over before the big day comes around!

Can you wear jeans to a wedding rehearsal

You can wear jeans to a wedding rehearsal. You can wear jeans to the wedding rehearsals dinner. You can wear jeans to a wedding rehearsal party, even if it has a casual theme.

Why all this emphasis on jeans? Because they are one of the most versatile clothing items you have in your closet, and they go with just about every other item of clothing you own. While many men do not think twice about wearing them before heading out any door, some men still feel that these pants are for dressing down—and perhaps only for specific occasions like hanging out with friends at home or going on an afternoon picnic in the park. However, that is simply not true!

What to wear in a wedding as a guest

It is always better to be overdressed for a wedding than underdressed.

If you’re still at a loss, ask the bride or groom what they would prefer.

Don’t wear anything too showy or attention-grabbing, like sequins or animal prints.

The only time it’s appropriate to wear white to a wedding is if you are the bride yourself.

Though it might seem like you have free rein on the color palette, steer clear of bold colors (like bright red) and stick with neutral tones and muted hues like navy blue and soft green instead.

Remember that your accessories should complement your outfit—not distract from it.

If you want to make sure you look the best you can, consider what it means to attend a specific wedding event and ask your stylist for advice along with gathering ideas from other sources.

  • A lot of people ask, “What do I wear to a rehearsal dinner?” and the answer is: it depends. If you want to make sure you look the best you can, consider what it means to attend a specific wedding event and ask your stylist for advice along with gathering ideas from other sources. This will help you strike a balance between appearing too casual or too formal.

Of course, different events come with different expectations–and while we can share some dos and don’ts for how to dress for each wedding event, it’s important that you use your best judgment when deciding what to wear. Don’t forget that the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable throughout the occasion!

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