Best Pole Dancing Clothes to Show Off Those Moves

Do you have a pole dancing class coming up soon? The perfect outfit is essential to fully enjoy your experience. While most of your fellow students will be wearing the standard yoga gear, the best pole dancing clothes are ones that offer the most movement and grip. You don’t want to feel restricted or clumsy, but you also want to look and feel hot. For example:

“I’m going to do it! I’m finally going to take that pole dancing class that’s been on my bucketlist for years!”

If this sounds like you, congrats! Pole dancing has gained popularity with celebrities taking classes and posting about it on social media. What was once a taboo activity is now an exercise trend among those trying to get a more firm butt (don’t worry guys; there are classes available for men too). If you’ve already purchased your ticket, then there’s no better time than now to pick out your pole dance outfit.

But what should you wear? It turns out that not just any clothing will do the trick when practicing this sport. You need something functional, sexy, and flattering. Whether it’s ballet leggings or shorts, make sure they’re made for moving—and gripping!

When it comes to the wardrobe of a pole dancer, the basics are always essential. Yet we often don’t realize the importance of choosing pieces that are easy to move around in and comfortable.

Here’s an extensive list of our best pole dancing clothes for beginners, whether you’re just starting out or transitioning into a new lifestyle.

  • A good pair of shoes that can be slipped on and off with ease. We recommend going with slip-ons or wedges that can be worn with skinny jeans, tucked into leggings, or even paired with a skirt over legging shorts.
  • A nice set of underpants . Despite what many think, your butt isn’t meant to be showing! Choose either boyshorts or underwear that covers your entire butt and is made of cotton (or at least not see-through). We recommend going for seamless underwear so you won’t have to worry about rips when moving around too much in them (which will happen before you know it!).
  • A plain top . Most dancers like to go without any prints or patterns on their tops so they don’t distract from their moves (and look better when you aren’t standing up onstage!). You can get away with wearing a simple tank top while practicing your moves in the privacy of your own home if you want something more elegant for performing onstage.
  • A cute skirt . Some girls say this is an essential piece, because it makes their butt look nice and round! While that would be nice, we’d rather not risk being kicked out by venue owners who might take issue with a skirt being too short…especially since there’s no need to go overboard here: just go for one that reaches past your knees so your legs don’t show too much. And please adjust it yourself before dancing if it gets too short: most venues prohibit skirts shorter than knee length anyway! Don’t forget—a good pair of well-fitting bottoms always looks nicer than an ill-fitting pair!

1. Bring out your inner seductress with a lacey body suit.

When your pole dancing clothes include a body suit, you can show off your curves and feminine side. This makes for a fun balance of seduction and strength. This article gives you the best body suit options for your new pole dancing routine!

“With all these amazing looks, how will I choose?” you might wonder. Never fear—we’ll walk you through our favorite styles and give advice on how to pick out the perfect outfit for your body type. And once you’ve found something that matches with your style, we’ll even tell you where to buy it!

2. Go for the sexy school girl look with this plaid skirt and scrunchie combo.

In this outfit, you will look like a sexy school girl who thinks she’s too good for dancing. You’ll be having fun the whole night with your friends, but nobody will know what you’re up to. And that’s why this is perfect for any dance party you’re planning on attending.

The best part? You don’t need to spend anything extra on this setup because it can be done entirely with things already lying around your house.

3. Show off those shoulders with this flirty and functional dress.

Love pole dancing? Want to show off your moves but stay modest? There’s a solution: wearing clothes that are flirty, functional, and fun. If you’ve got a pole in your bedroom (and why wouldn’t you?), check out this polka dot halter dress with an open back and high-low hemline. Made of lightweight polyester, it can be worn as a bathing suit coverup or just as is for the ultimate in dancewear.

4. If you’re feeling bold, show off your curves in this thong bikini bottom.

When it comes to achieving that perfect pole dancer body, you want to make sure your overall look is on point. Pole dancing requires a lot of flexibility and strength, so finding the right clothing that is comfortable and moves well with you is essential. Pole dancing clothing typically falls into four categories: panties, shorts, leggings, and skirts. Each category has its own pros and cons for pole dancing, so choose one that works best for what you’re trying to do.

A thong bikini bottom is the most common material used in the world of pole dancing. As its name implies, a thong bikini bottom covers only the front of your body while exposing your butt cheeks—which makes it particularly wonderful during upside-down poses when you need easy access and mobility to get back up! A thong bikini bottom will be especially helpful during basic pole dance poses such as climbs or even simple turns at the top of the pole. If you are doing more advanced moves or movements (such as wraps) where your legs will be tightly wrapped around each other from different angles or positions, then a string bikini bottom may be more suitable for your needs.

Herringbone Legging ($38) – These leggings are made of 100% cotton with a herringbone print on them which gives great traction when doing dips near the floor since they won’t slide off easily like some slippery fabrics can (e.g., nylon). 90s Iconic Style High Waist Jean Shorts ($30) – I love how these jean shorts hug my curves without being too tight! Plus they have pockets! Really great if you want something that’s slightly more modest yet still sexy (so it’s not just one layer covering everything). Show off curves in this thong swimsuit Bottom ($24) – Available in 8 colors/patterns, this swimsuits bottoms feature low cut sides and offer full coverage up top so there’s no worries about slipping out during those fast spins near the ceiling!

5. This crop top is simple but stylish, and will keep you cool as you spin around the pole.

A well-fitted crop top is a staple in a pole dancer’s wardrobe, whether you’re trying to feel confident on stage or looking for some cool clothes for your personal practice. Pole dancing requires grace and fluidity, and a crop top will let you move freely without restricting your movement. For these reasons, it’s important that your crop top be loose enough to not restrict your movement while still being form-fitting enough to show off the benefits of pole dance training.

Seriously, who doesn’t love an excuse to buy new clothes? Whether they’re strictly functional or just need to look good on stage, try one of these options the next time you have a pole dancing competition or performance coming up!

6. Pole dance in style in these polka dotted shorts.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at what kinds of shorts work best for pole dancing:

  • Yoga shorts
  • Polka dot shorts
  • Shorts with pockets and elastic bands to hold your pole or light weights
  • Skater-inspired shorts with knee foam inserts
  • Flounced overalls with bright prints

7. This booty short and bralette duo is perfect for that first class—or any class after that!

The first time you take a pole dancing class, there are going to be a lot of thoughts running through your head. Are these moves the most seductive? Is this outfit too sexy? Am I doing this right?

What I can assure you is that you’ll feel the most comfortable in an outfit that suits both your comfort level and your style (and your teacher won’t mind either!). So while it’s tempting to grab the shortest mini-skirt or tightest crop top from H&M, know that sometimes comfort is more desirable than sexiness when it comes to class.

Cup of Jo likes to encourage people to wear clothes that make them feel good about themselves, which could explain why this booty short and bralette set made their list of best clothing for pole dancing. The top provides a light lift, making your bare stomach look like abs and eliminating any worries about “tucking” under for an attractive appearance. It also provides just enough coverage for you to feel confident and sexy without any extra layers. As for those booty shorts, they’re sure to get everyone’s attention—especially if they hug even just a little bit closer than your usual jeans! A full range of motion isn’t necessary until advanced levels, so don’t worry about being restricted by anything else but your own body in this workout gear.

If you’re looking for something with a little more coverage yet still fun and cheeky enough to dance in, then try out these mesh shorts with built-in underwear! Not only do they have mesh details on the sides that keep things interesting during class—even if they get sweaty—but there are also side pockets where you can stash away some water or chocolate once class is over. I mean…it’s not exactly what Madonna did with her cape thingy in “Vogue”, but it’s pretty close!

8. Supportive yet sexy…these are the best kind of sports bras to wear for pole dancing!

Once your core muscles start to strengthen, it’s important to wear a supportive sports bra. A proper sports bra will be more than just a piece of clothing; it will help you maintain all your key muscles as you become more flexible and lean, giving you the best chance at maintaining graceful movements while in pole dance classes. If you’re using a traditional frame at home, it may not hurt to get one that’s slightly larger than usual. This can give your back support when bending over or hanging upside down, keeping your spine in good shape throughout the year.

Purchasing a supportive sports bra is simple; they’re easy to find on sites like Amazon (search “sports bra” + whatever store you prefer) or at any decent sporting goods store (our local big box store carries them). It’s also important to note that many bra styles are made from materials that are not only cheap but also affect the structure of your body negatively. Sports bras with padding are usually better for this reason: they disperse pressure evenly across different areas of your chest, creating an appearance of roundness and shaping instead of pinching or flattening everything out. These types of bras can be found most often in large brick-and-mortar retailers (like Target), but if you have trouble finding something close by, search online for “sports bra” + whatever store you prefer and see if there are options near where you live!

9. These sporty leggings are great for all types of workouts, including pole dancing!

Whether you’re a professional or just someone who likes to get fit at home, the right clothing can make all the difference in your workout. When pole dancing, clothes have to have the right balance of stretchiness, breathability and durability—and of course, they should look good too.

What’s more, not all clothes are made equally for pole dancing—or other sports like yoga and pilates. Some clothes will be too loose or baggy on certain parts of your body and restrict your movement; others will be sheer when you need coverage; still others might not stretch where you need them to during an advanced move like the split. The wrong outfit can even put you at risk for injury because of buckles, zippers or ties that might get caught on the barre or apparatus.

The key is to find casual clothing that fits well on top while still leaving enough room for movement below. There are plenty of styles available that work well both inside and outside the studio—giving you a perfect outfit for every day as well as any special event coming up!

You know what they say—”the sexier you feel, the sexier you’ll be!”

In the world of pole dancing, there’s a saying for how to feel sexy and know you look sexy: “if you feel sexy, you’ll look sexy.”

What does this mean? It means that confidence is key when it comes to feeling hot and being hot—and the more confident you are in your own body (or lack thereof), the easier it is to get over any insecurities and start owning your sexiness. The first step to looking great while pole dancing is recognizing what clothing will make you feel comfortable, because if you’re not comfortable, it’s hard to be confident. Finding the right thing will take some trial and error, but if something doesn’t fit or give that extra boost of confidence, then don’t force yourself into wearing it!

In general, it’s important for all women to figure out what makes them feel good about themselves. For example: If high heels make a girl feel sexy as hell but she can barely walk without tripping over her own feet, then she should wear them anyway! Take note: one of the best ways to gain confidence is by doing things that challenge yourself—whether that challenge is falling down repeatedly in public or strutting around with stilettos on at a party. By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things that make you uncomfortable, whether they’re physical or mental challenges like talking to strangers or anything else on your bucket list (like diving headfirst into an empty pool), eventually those things won’t be such an obstacle anymore because they’ll have become habits instead! Allowing yourself to flirt with discomfort is also important because there are many situations we might find ourselves in where we don’t have control over circumstances…but we can control our reaction.

If you’re ready to put your best feet forward, then take a look at this list of pole dancing clothes for tips on the best outfits to wear while showing off your skills.

  • Leggings: If you want to be able to move freely and show off your shape, leggings are a great option. The fabric is stretchy and tight, so it’s easy to pull off even the most daring moves. Just make sure that yours aren’t see-through or you’ll show more than your dance instructor wants you to!
  • Top: Some tops can have too much fabric, making it harder to grip the pole during spins and swings. A sports bra can give you just enough coverage without adding too much bulk under your shirt.
  • Shorts: When picking shorts for pole dancing class, remember that they should leave some room between the crotch area and any part of your body which comes in contact with the floor or other surfaces where germs could linger (think knees). This isn’t as important when using a vertical pole but is vital with horizontal ones since any contact could lead to serious infection if there is anything harmful on the surface of said surface. Make sure there isn’t too much extra fabric around this area either as this will only increase chances for slips and falls due to excess material along with increased risk that bacteria from other parts of the body (fingernails, mouth) will get onto this area by mistake during your routine making it an ideal place for infection-causing bacteria from other areas (particularly hands) which might come into contact in this way during routine – all things we want running through our bodies!!


Sexy moves don’t stop at your neck—they include the rest of your body, and even your clothes. As you learn the art of pole dancing, it’s important to wear clothes that are comfortable enough to allow you to execute a wide range of dynamic movements. A great place to start is with sports bras and compression shorts. These pieces will hold everything in while letting you feel free and uninhibited. The better you feel while practicing pole dancing, the less distracted you’ll be by any discomfort in your clothing.

We recommend focusing on what feels best instead of what looks good; as far as clothing selection goes, too much focus on the latter can lead to self-consciousness during a performance or class (and who wants that?).

I hope this guide has been helpful for those interested in getting started with pole dancing, whether at home or at a studio!

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