5 Tips for Dressing for a Summer Wedding – Be Stylish and Comfortable!

With the wedding season well under way, it’s likely that you or someone you know will have an upcoming summertime wedding to attend. Depending on the location, this could mean a lot of walking and standing in one day, so what you wear is important—you want to be comfortable, but still stylish. The following guide includes the pros and cons of several choices for women’s summer-wedding attire:

The LBD (little black dress):

The Little Black Dress is always in fashion and will never go out of style. A classic LBD is flattering on nearly everyone as it hugs all your curves while lengthening your figure, which makes it perfect for a daytime wedding where you’ll be doing plenty of dancing. Some might argue that there’s no point in bringing an LBD to a summer wedding because it’s going to just make you hot and uncomfortable; however, if paired with light accessories such as some beading around the neckline or a pretty brooch pinned at the shoulder blades—or even left bare—a LBD can be easily dressed up to suit any occasion. Because some people may fear that an LBD could look outdated at a casual event like a summertime wedding, some may prefer to wear something more casual like denim shorts or floral patterns instead – this can work perfectly if done tastefully (mostly avoiding crotches-and-cleavage shots). If you’re planning on wearing jeans to a summertime wedding , make sure they are dark indigo denim rather than light blue or white – keep them classy!

It can get really hot during weddings, but so many people don’t wear dresses anymore 🙁

Maxi Dresses: Can Be Versatile But Not Always Comfortable

Maxi dresses are gorgeous and flattering in their own right: they’re flowy, airy, light-weight and generally show lots of skin while also highlighting your natural beauty. Although they’re usually worn by bridesmaids at beach weddings.

Whether you’re the guest or the bride, summer weddings are great opportunities to look stylish without succumbing to a heatstroke. There are a lot of factors that go into being well-dressed for summer. Maybe you don’t want to wear something that will make you sweat all night, or maybe your black tie’s getting way too hot in the sun. Here’s how to dress for a summer wedding and still be comfortable:

  • Go with a lightweight fabric. Cotton, linen, and silk are good options. If you want something fancier like velvet or brocade, choose one that has an open weave so it’ll still let air through.
  • Wear layers! Picking clothes out can be hard sometimes (especially on your own), so layering is a simple way to mix and match different outfits without making mistakes.
  • Choose light colors over darker ones – white, pastels, and tans tend to keep cool better than blacks or navy blues.
  • Consider wearing shorts! Sometimes it’s easier than figuring out what separates go together best; if you’re worried about people judging you because it’s “too casual,” remember that they probably would’ve judged you more if they saw you sweating profusely in formalwear.[NOTE]: Remember that everything fits differently on every person; if something doesn’t seem right on someone else but looks great on them, don’t take this as gospel for yourself.

Wedding season is almost here! Whether it’s your friend who got married last weekend or your own nuptials next month, these tips should get you looking fantastic no matter where your day may take you—or what photos may end up online afterward.

Dress for the temperature.

Some of the most important lessons I learned from attending my husband’s wedding were about keeping up with the style of the room.

As a bride, you’re going to want to look your best for your special day. There’s no way around that! But before you start thinking about the gown you’ll wear or how much wedding makeup you’ll contour into your face, think about what kind of weather it will be in your area.

No matter how many bridesmaids I talk to who are planning on wearing white dresses with lots of lace and sparkle, I don’t recommend this combination if the temperatures are set to rise above 30° Celsius (86° F). White dresses tend to lose their shape and shine when they get wet; therefore, if it gets hot out during your special day and you find yourself drenched in sweat, never in a million years would I recommend wearing white once again because it could have permanent stains on it.

If you’re planning on having a summer wedding, consider dressing up more casually than the usual “bridal gown” attire. If the ceremony is outdoors or at least in an air-conditioned building, wear a light dress with flat sandals for comfort instead of high heels or even an open-toed shoe. Avoid black at all costs—the colour doesn’t reflect heat very well and could quickly become an uncomfortable tangle if things get too hot (and this includes delicate lace!). Choose pastel tones as much as possible—even though white is traditionally considered “bright”, warmer colours can make people feel cooler without being overbearing.

If there will be any outdoor photos taken during your wedding day, avoid wearing dark colours altogether because dark colours absorb heat rather than reflecting it back into the atmosphere like lighter ones do.

Dress for the time of day.

Dress for Your Day

For daytime weddings, a light, airy dress or skirt with some ruffles can look beautiful and modern. If you’re opting for something outside of the traditional white wedding dress, you’ll want to keep in mind what the rest of your party is wearing. You don’t want to be the one who stands out too much! You could also go with a nice summer jumpsuit—this will allow you to stay cool while looking polished.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you’ll probably be taking pictures outside at some point during the day; so make sure that whatever clothing option you choose isn’t going to leave you feeling overheated! If it’s hot and sunny, wait until later in the day when it cools down to about 70 degrees before getting dressed up.

If your dress has sleeves, wear a strapless bra so that there aren’t any unsightly straps showing when you’re dancing! The same goes for strapless tops—make sure if they are revealing that they are made from high-quality material so they won’t show any lines through the fabric. Straps can also be replaced with clear bra straps and your dressmaker can add extra material under your arms so no one will notice them.

Dress for the formality level.

Whether you’re a member of the wedding party or just an excited guest, it can be hard to know what to wear to a summer wedding. The most important thing is to dress appropriately for the formality level of the event. If you’re unsure, take a look at the invitation—after all, that’s why they exist! It will tell you everything you need to know about whether your sundress or suit jacket is appropriate.

  • If it’s black tie, then yes: wear a gown. But only the best gowns will do; this doesn’t mean that if it was expensive enough to be black tie then it’s appropriate for you unless it fits well and flatters your figure! -If it’s semi-formal, then yes: wear a cocktail dress. They have to meet different requirements from ballgowns: they aren’t floor length but are still elegant and beautiful (and even better—they usually don’t require dry cleaning!). -If it’s informal, then no: do not wear dresses that look like cocktail dresses! Save those for another event where people will understand their elegance and sophistication. Instead, throw on something comfortable and stylish that won’t make everyone else feel uncomfortable in their jeans and t-shirts.

Dress for your body type.

  • Dress for your body type. It is imperative that you wear a dress that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and elegant. A strapless dress with a low-cut neckline will make your bust look huge. If you are not comfortable in this style of dress, consider a more modest one instead!
  • Avoid wearing a halter top if you have large breasts. The cleavage shown off by the strapless dress tends to look enormous on petite women and flashy on plus-sized ones; avoid this trend by choosing an alternative style like an empire waist or a flowing maxi skirt instead.
  • Avoid wearing a full-length gown if you are petite. Being at least 5 feet tall is essential for most formal wedding dresses, so if you find it impossible to find one that fits your height then consider requesting the purchase of some high heels or adding 1 inch to the length of your gown.

Dress according to your gender.

As someone who has been to a lot of weddings, I have observed that many men dress inappropriately and end up looking sloppy.

Whether you’re the groom or an invited guest, there are simple things you can do to make sure you look good at your next wedding. Here are my tips for how to dress for a summer wedding as a man:

  • Wear a suit or blazer. Even if the wedding is more casual, wearing a suit will ensure that you don’t stand out for being underdressed. If it’s not a black-tie affair, stick with dark blue or grey instead of brown. A suit is always appropriate and looks better than anything else on most body types, so wear it with confidence!
  • Find an alternative to sandals. Your feet will be touching everything and everyone throughout the ceremony and reception (including any bugs!), so wear nice shoes that can be easily removed if necessary. Avoid flip flops—unless they’re intended as shower shoes—and shoes with slippery soles (like boat shoes). Choose instead nice leather loafers or lace-up dress sandals. They should match your belt in color, but can be more casual than dress shoes themselves since they won’t be seen on the bottom of your leg during photos!
  • Bring a sport coat even if it’s not mandatory. You never know what will happen when you least expect it (such as needing to get dressed quickly due to bad weather), so having an extra outfit handy is always smart! It’s much easier than wearing multiple layers underneath your jacket—plus it adds some flair!
  • Consider bringing something else festive besides your jacket in case there isn’t enough room in your car/suitcase/whatever else you decide to bring along for yourself and/or others (kids!). A colorful tie is always fun because they add personality while not taking up much space in your bag compared to something like a sweater or sweatshirt would have taken up sort of space anyway

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means: wedding season! But your comfortable jeans and flip flops may not be the most appropriate attire at a summer wedding. You’ll want to look stylish while keeping cool in warmer weather, so follow this handy guide to find out what everyone should wear—and what they shouldn’t.

  • Plan Ahead

If you’re attending a summertime wedding, your first step should be to check the invite for any dress code information. The majority of weddings will require something nicer than casual clothes, but some may specify if shorts are allowed or if denim is acceptable. If no dress code is specified, the next place to look would be the bride’s Instagram feed or Pinterest board; chances are she will have documented her ideal outfit choices for guests to get inspiration from (and help ensure that no one shows up in the same outfit).

#1 tip: Regardless of what’s specified by your invite or by the bride, plan ahead for different weather conditions. Even if clouds aren’t hanging overhead when you leave for your destination wedding, there’s always a chance it might rain later in the day—you don’t want to get caught without an umbrella!


The most important thing to remember while you’re dressing for a summer wedding is to make sure you are comfortable. You will be on your feet all day, and it’s great to look nice, but if you can’t be comfortable, then what is the point? Also, as a bonus, if you are like me and have small children at home who need you often throughout the day, being able to take breaks away from them with peace and quiet is also key.

What I ended up doing for my own wedding was wearing clothes that were easy to get in and out of quickly. Since babies kept me from being able to stay in one spot very long (as well as some other nuisances), I would go into the bathroom stall with a friend or family member’s child when they needed something. It was my safe place where they wouldn’t find me unless they really looked hard (and even then, it would take them at least three minutes or so).

This meant that I could get out of my dress quickly and easily without having to worry about one of my kids trying to climb up onto my lap as soon as I sat down again. It also meant that I didn’t have to worry about stains on anything from spilled drinks or food because I wouldn’t be wearing it for long!

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