What To Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the United States each year on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving Day is a time for families and friends to gather together to express gratitude and enjoy each other’s company.

Before you can decide what to wear, you need to know what a typical Thanksgiving dinner is like. Traditionally, dinner consists of roast turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy, sweet potatoes or yams with marshmallows, green bean casserole (green beans in cream of mushroom soup topped with fried onions), mashed potatoes, corn on the cob (or creamed corn), biscuits or rolls, salad and assorted pies for dessert.

Choose a festive sweater

For your sweater, it’s important to be warm (because the house will likely be cold) and to choose a festive option. You don’t want something that is too flashy, however—if you’re not careful, you could end up looking like a Christmas tree. Instead of going overboard with the green and red, opt for something with a bit of color. That will make it clear that you acknowledge it’s Thanksgiving but also look good in your photos.

Sweaters are best when they’re comfortable and cute—so if there’s something about your outfit that makes your day more enjoyable, feel free to go for it!

Wear jeans and boots to a casual Thanksgiving

If you’re attending a casual Thanksgiving gathering, jeans and boots is a great look that’s both comfortable and stylish. While we wouldn’t recommend wearing ripped jeans, distressed jeans can be appropriate for a more casual event. Pair your preferred denim with a nice top in a sophisticated color like burgundy or emerald green, then throw on some sneakers or boots to complete the look. Make sure all your layers are clean and free of any stains, and consider adding another layer in the form of a jacket or sweater (especially if it’s cold outside!). Don’t forget to accessorize—a belt can go a long way toward pulling the whole outfit together.

Wear pants and a top to a semi-formal Thanksgiving.

When you’re attending a semi-formal Thanksgiving dinner, it’s tempting to stick to the basics: pants, shirt, shoes. Don’t make that mistake. Even if you’re not planning on showing up in a sequined floor-length gown, remember that Thanksgiving is your chance to step outside of your comfort zone and have fun with your festive fashion.

First, consider what kind of pants you’re wearing. You don’t have to go full ballgown (but if you want to, it’s definitely an option), but there are some great pant alternatives out there for women who prefer not wearing dresses. A maxi skirt or culottes can be dressed up or down depending on the top and shoes you choose. If you’re between sizes or worried about spillage at the table (come on, we’ve all been there), try going a size up from what you would normally wear—the looser fit will be more comfortable than being stuffed into tight clothing all night.

Next: tops! What style do you want? Short sleeves? Long sleeves? Collared? V-neck? Remember that whatever top you pick should look good with the pants and accessories that match it; whether they share a color or pattern doesn’t matter as much as how well they look together when worn by one person (you).

Accessories are another way for women to add individual flair to their outfits without relying on cutout details and plunging necklines (not that those aren’t acceptable options!). Statement necklaces are always in style because they draw attention upwards towards your face; just be careful when choosing one so that it’s appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner—avoid anything too flashy or sparkly if your hostess prefers understated decorum

Dress up for a formal Thanksgiving.

For a formal Thanksgiving, a black tie is a must. This means wearing a tuxedo if you are a man or an elegant gown if you are a woman. If the occasion is semi-formal, wear dress pants and blazer for men, and either a dress or skirt for women. You should be looking to impress with these outfits!

Men can impress in dark colored suits with white shirts and red or blue ties, whereas women can wear their favorite cocktail dress or bright top with dark bottoms.

You don’t have to overthink what to wear for Thanksgiving. Just let the event guide your outfit choice.

Your Thanksgiving outfit should be tailored to the formality of your celebration. If you’re going to a casual family dinner, you can safely don your favorite leggings or jeans and a sweater. If you’re attending a more formal dinner with friends or lots of in-laws, on the other hand, it’s best to step it up a notch. Go for something that makes you feel comfortable but also reflects how much thought you put into your appearance.

As long as you follow these guidelines, don’t worry too much about what to wear for Thanksgiving—it’s far more important to focus on enjoying yourself and making memories with the people around you!


When it comes to the Thanksgiving dress code, steer clear of overly casual clothes. As much as we’d love to roll out of bed and wear our favorite pair of sweatpants, wearing a basic sweatshirt and jeans is a no-go. The best way to approach a holiday look is with a little effort but not too much—you don’t want to arrive at the table looking like you just came from an office party or that you’re trying too hard, so if you’re in doubt about your outfit choice, always opt for something on the simpler side.

Whether your Thanksgiving plans involve spending time with only those who know you best (your family) or will include new faces (a coworker’s family), there’s no need to overthink things. Just remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to have fun with your look and wear something cheerful or festive!

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