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  1. Hi, I always though of matching socks as an elegant touch for dress shoes, do you think it can work? It’s generally loafers. I agree for the sneakers as like you said, they are not solid color and I noticed my favourite is matching the sole or strings which are often a coordinate white?

    1. Hi Anto! Yes, using matching socks for your loafers is a great idea. Having a touch of color can balance and be wearable for any outfit. Your favorite matching of your sole and strings are clever and it gives character. Keep doing what you do. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Hi, thanks for your kind response and glad that you also share a similar tast for color pairing
    , not wanting to say it’s like music as it’s just some clothes, but in a way it’s like when a color pairing and various combination, like a tune I may like, is shared and also resonates with other people, which is why I see fashion as both individual and social.
    If it may help other to share this idea, the matching color may or may not match the shoe closely, but simply also simply coordinate it.
    So I may sometimes match a brown loafer with a just darker socks, but sometimes with a more burgundy darker, brown or a more purple one, similarly to this .
    Like music, it may break or not some established norms, i.e. gender ones, elegance ones, but still do it with taste which keeps your individuality while also communicate it in a non fully shocking way.
    I.e. I was thinking about some slightly cropped and wider legged pants, though I know for the most formal it’s safer the matching loafers with trimm pants resting at the ankle (:.

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