What happened next when to stop decluttering

When to stop decluttering that you should probably be aware of…

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this post is about how to stop decluttering when you not aware of

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I always have the decluttering scare with my mother as she knows I had this phase with decluttering for me that I wanted to get rid of everything.

when to stop decluttering

Remembering that Decluttering should work hand in hand and work for your benefit and not against you. I would always feel that I need to declutter something to start something new that is good for my life. But always remember to start some little changes and improve your life this second, not tomorrow, or next week, or next year.

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Decluttering Feels More Invalidating Than Before

Do you think that decluttering controls you? Better think twice. Always protect your mental health and not overdo decluttering.

Makes You Nervous and Depressed

I know letting things go is a process. It is okay to go with the process and not letting it burden you for so much more. Always try to talk to someone you trust. Meditate by yourself and connect deeply, Having a talk with your therapist is one step closer to getting more help well.

Having Things To Let Go to Just Say You Did

Decluttering should not be boastful or think you are in a contest and have other people praise you for it. Decluttering should be for your growth in life and also it can be others around you. Love yourself.

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Decluttering Useful Items

Okay, this is where I cross the line with decluttering, as people tend to go at it on a whim and not clearly debating if you will need it again. Wasting money is not a good sign either. Earning money is never easy and deals with perseverance and good and honest skills.

Too Much Stuff You Buy After Decluttering

There is no point in decluttering if after that replacing 2x or 3x more items just because it is a “reward for me” kind of validation.


Thinking Decluttering is the holy answer to Home Problems

If you having problems at home and thinking that decluttering is the major answer to everything. It is not everything, as it can help but never think that it is the only way to improve your life.

Taking Too Much of Your Time

Is decluttering every day all that you do? Always have a time balance with family, life, work and you will be fine.

You always want to get rid of all your stuff and regrets after

This usually happens when you do not think well of items you will get rid of in a sense of practicality and sensitivity in life.

Not being more with less

Appreciate more what is around you. Like nature or yourself. Decluttering is a way to get rid of things that are not giving you peace and harmony anymore.

Compulsive Decluttering

Decluttering could be addictive? Yes, it can be. Whilst thinking that it is a great momentous event at home. Try to always think through and not get too excited as always balance your energy mind spirit and not rely on activities and think back of yourself and what makes your life worth living.

Not Thinking Well of Decluttering Sentimental Items

The hardest part is decluttering items with sentimental value. I would always take a photo and remember it by heart or repurpose it into a more item you can use every day.

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Decluttering Everything even Practical Items

Items that you need like toiletries or kitchen appliances that make your life easier should not be included. Have a sense of things that makes you happy and like Marie Kondo says that sparks joy into your life.

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Forgetting That Decluttering Should be on your side

Lastly, please do not forget that decluttering should work on a positive note for you and not against you as I said. Reveal your most request self and give love and connection for your life either by having items that help you daily.

this post Was about When to stop decluttering

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