The Best Luggage Bag For International Travel

Which luggage bag is good for international travel?

It’s the time to say goodbye to your old luggage and welcome a new one. If you are planning an international travel, then you need to make sure that you buy a right bag for yourself. Choosing the best luggage can be difficult because there are so many brands available in the market today. But don’t worry! I am here to help you with this task by providing my personal picks of top 5 best luggage bags for international travel based on my research and experience.


Samsonite is a global brand that has been making luggage for more than 100 years. Samsonite is known for their quality products, which are lightweight, durable and affordable. Samsonite luggage also comes in many styles and colors so you can match your style while traveling.


TravelPro is a popular brand of luggage and known for its lightweight suitcases. It is a good brand for international travel, as the suitcases are designed to fit the airline’s requirements. TravelPro also makes other types of luggage including backpacks and rolling duffles that can be used on road trips, trains and more.

TravelPro has several different series of bags to choose from including:

  • Signature Series – these are top-of-the-line products made with extra durable materials; they include hardside cases and rolling duffles
  • Expedition Series – these bags feature high end components like leather trimming, water resistant material and wheels made out of aircraft grade aluminum; they come in soft sided models as well as rolling duffles


Delsey is a French luggage brand that’s known for its large and durable suitcases. The company is a subsidiary of Samsonite, which makes it one of the most popular luggage brands in the world. Delsey has a wide range of suitcases, travel accessories and other travel essentials for both men and women.

American Tourister

American Tourister is a good brand for luggage. It has a reputation for making good luggage, and its bags are often recommended by travel experts. Plus, their warranty is the best in the business.

Traveler’s Choice

The Traveler’s Choice luggage is another great option for international travel. There are several reasons why this brand is so popular with people who travel frequently:

  • It has a good reputation, and many people have had positive experiences with it.
  • The price range of these bags is quite reasonable, especially considering how durable they are.
  • There are multiple designs available, so you can find something that will suit your personal style and taste. This also means there’s no need to worry about being stuck with boring black suitcases when you’re traveling!


The Hartmann 2-Wheel Carry-On is a lightweight suitcase with a telescopic handle that makes it easy to pull or push. It also has a TSA lock and comes with a push button locking system, which means you can keep the contents of your bag secure while it’s in transit. The front pocket, side pocket, and zippered pocket provide ample space for storing items like chargers and headphones. Finally, there’s an additional side handle for carrying this luggage around when you need both hands free—like when navigating crowded airport terminals or trudging through customs lines.

Lipault Paris

Lipault Paris is a French brand and it’s known for being high end. They’re in the premium, luxury and high quality category of luggage. It has a good reputation and a great track record of making durable products that last!

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 5 Lightweight Expandable SuitcaseSet with Spinner Wheels, Black, 22-Inch

This luggage bag is lightweight and durable. It has a lifetime warranty and is expandable, so you can pack it to the brim without worrying about overloading yourself. It comes with four spinner wheels that are built to be tough and last a long time, plus they’re great at rolling smoothly over rough terrain. This set includes one large bag (22 inches), one small bag (18 inches), and one garment bag with shoulder straps for carrying folded clothes or other items.

You should buy your luggage from the above listed brands.

In order to get the best luggage for international travel, you should buy your luggage from the above listed brands.

  • Buy from a reputable brand. If it’s not a well-known brand, ask around and see what people say about it before you buy it.
  • Buy from a brand that has a good warranty. A good warranty is one year, but two years is even better; there’s no point in buying something with a lifetime warranty if it won’t actually last very long!
  • Buy from a brand that has good reviews and customer service. Look at both online reviews as well as professional reviews—if they’re all positive or negative, that could be telling of their quality control processes or customer service issues (or both).


Now that you’ve read our recommendations for the best luggage bags, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. We hope this article has helped you choose the perfect piece of luggage for your next trip!