This post is all about why do I love decluttering wake that inner self up

Decluttering has been like my therapy or a wonderful afternoon task for me.

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I love the feeling of an uncluttered house or space that decluttering only does.

My decluttering success stories, As you all know my story with decluttering as we have been renting our whole lives and my parents with siblings.

I always dream one day I have my own place simple and humble.

I always know and I have done decluttering countless times and it makes me happy and feel a lot more organized.

Purging stuff feels good


Why is decluttering good for you

I love that it is a mild exercise and not that high impact of physical activity.

Effects of decluttering

No one is going to say good things when you leave this Earth for having nice things like an expensive carpet rug or a big cabinet you owned.

Why does Decluttering makes me Happy

It gives you more freedom when it comes to your life. When it truth is things do not define you nor you can keep them forever.

If you are older getting help from family members can be easy.

  • Decluttering cleans my house
  • I can have a general cleaning of my space and have satisfying vibes
  • I discover old stuff that I did not know I can still use
  • It is somehow a relaxing therapy as you can declutter with music or just in silence
  • Decluttering can be done in your own pace which not makes me feel rushed
  • I can finally see my house floors
  • You can reuse that storage space cabinet or shelves for things you actually need
  • It is a form of self love as wanting to live peacefully
  • I can be a minimalist or not
  • Many patience will be tested
  • I can grow my saving money muscle as I experienced that stuff gets accumulated
  • So many realizations that you see items that you actually need on an everyday basis
  • A really cool stuff can be a wonderful gift to a family member or friend, always ask their permission first.
  • I can sell my good condition or brand new items and turn them into good money
  • Lastly, Decluttering makes me humble and appreciate things more coming my way

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why decluttering is good for you

Why do I feel like decluttering

When I declutter sometimes I do it alone or with my mom if she is not busy.

Decluttering meaning

WHAT DOES DECLUTTERING MEAN [COMPLETE GUIDE] I think you need to know the main definition first.

I always end up finding photos when I was a kid and it stimulates my mental thinking reminiscing my childhood.

When I declutter sometimes could take quite some time like even the whole day so I make sure I am prepared emotionally and physically.

why is decluttering good for you

The most popular debate is that decluttering can be a negative action or a negative experience as people depart from memories. WHAT SHOULD YOU NOT DO WHEN DECLUTTERING [I WISH I KNEW]

Decluttering regrets

Why decluttering is important? More on this scrolling down.

Have confidence and trust yourself to be able to overcome anything.

Decluttering stuff or throwing them away does not mean you wasting lots of money.

You can always donate, sell or repurpose items like books that are still in good condition to shelters and kids that need good study book material.

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Why is decluttering addicting

Decluttering they say can get addicting? Do you agree?

Why do i always want to declutter

You can leave comments below.

Psychological benefits of decluttering

Decluttering keep people feeling satisfaction in a good way.

Clearing clutter in your mind is also to be considered.

Feeling remorse or feeling bad about our past choices leads the space to be cluttered.

Do not let stuff or items accumulate even further that could affect your health as certain items can attract specks of dust and can give off a certain bad plastic smell in a long time of storage in any circumstances.

Two things affect your mental state and body like lungs.

Out of sight, out of mind

Declutter once a week or 15 minutes of your day with this guide.

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Why does decluttering make you happy

Decluttering can be a form of exercise such as happy endorphins, According to The Benefits of Exercise for the Clinically Depressed – NCBI.

Having a simple activity can help you do cardio exercises and some stretching.

Inside the house even if your space is big or small it has more space and looks neat.

We should have a good air purifier home that battles with humidity to provide good airflow even we are just indoors all the time.

Have some plants as a reward for decluttering and Buy on Amazon all of these are nature’s air purifiers at home.

Air pollution is a very serious condition that we cannot ignore in today’s environment.

I love these plants as they already come in a set and you can repot them anywhere or just add on your windows or tables can really change the mood at home.

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This is the best Levoit non-loud air purifier to put on your bedroom which while you sleep can help purify the air.

The most talked about Germ Guardian air purifier can accommodate a much bigger space to purifier the air in less time too.


Why is decluttering important

If you will not declutter your home you will end up with a lot of things pile up to the ceiling and that is not good. Make space for what matters most like if your kids are starting home school it would be far more important to declutter a closet space or storage space to make way for their comfortable education at home.


You know things in your home, what you already have and consume or put to good use for every day. Making you overall happy, feeling organized and you can live life on your terms finally. One less problem with Decluttering.

This post was all about why do I love decluttering now to motivate me everytime

I hope you had a couple of insights if you are still thinking about whether or not you should declutter at home. It really gives off a lot more positive sides of course. Decluttering can be a major transformation in your life to make it more livable and comfortable. I do agree that people can be minimalist and some does not want or they want to be a maximalist. It is all good as long as not harming any people in the process.

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