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The health benefits of standing desks are numerous, and they start with the fact that they make you healthier. This post may contain affiliate links…


The health benefits of standing desks are numerous, and they start with the fact that they make you healthier.

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Standing desks are great, but they’re not the most portable option. If you need to move around the office or take your desk with you (perhaps because of a remote role), it can be difficult to find one that fits into a bag. With mobile standing desks, however, you can get all of the health benefits of standing while also having an easily transportable option available when necessary.

sit and get supported by mobile standing desks

To reduce lower back pain

Standing desks are great for reducing lower back pain. Standing while you work helps you maintain good posture and a natural alignment of your spine, hips and knees. This can reduce stress on these areas by distributing the weight of your body over a larger surface area, which allows for better circulation as well.

If you have any concerns about using a standing desk, consult with your doctor before making changes to how you sit or stand at work.

To improve posture

You can use a standing desk to improve your posture. It’s widely known that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your back and can lead to other health issues.

Standing desks are designed to promote good posture, which means they allow you to feel more energized throughout the day, get more done, and even improve your focus while working.

To burn more calories

Standing burns more calories than sitting.

In fact, research shows that standing burns twice as many calories per hour than sitting or lounging at home. If you have an adjustable standing desk and use it regularly, you can burn an extra 100 to 200 calories each day. This can translate into a loss of about 5 pounds per year for most people—without even doing anything else differently!

To reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

So, how can standing desks help you burn more calories? Well, even though most people think that sitting is a better way to burn calories than standing, this isn’t true. When you’re sitting down and not moving, your body has to work harder so that it can continue supplying the vital nutrients to your body’s cells; this means burning more energy. While any amount of movement burns more calories than no movement at all—even just shifting in your seat or tapping your foot will help—the best way to get the most out of a workout is by choosing an activity that requires sudden bursts of effort.

For example: jogging requires a lot of effort in short bursts while walking only requires low levels of effort over time. If you want to get the same benefits from both types of exercise then try alternating between running for five minutes at full speed followed by walking briskly for another five minutes before repeating again!

Standing desks help you focus

Your company’s product is in the final stages of development, and the marketing team is putting everything together for launch. You’re working on some last-minute edits to a blog post when your boss asks you to take on an unexpected project: write some social media copy for the company’s Facebook page. You start with an outline and get right to work, but after two hours at your standing desk, you still haven’t made any headway. With every distraction—a text message from your friend reminding you about happy hour later that evening; an email from another coworker asking if they can borrow some pens—you find yourself getting more and more frustrated. By 4 p.m., when everyone else leaves their cubicles for their usual midafternoon coffee break, all of those little interruptions have added up into one big distraction that keeps you from getting any work done at all!

Standing desks make us more productive by helping us focus better than sitting does because our bodies tend toward being relaxed when we sit down (think about how comfortable it feels when you first sit down). This means that when we stand up again after sitting for a while, our brains are extra alert because they had just gotten used to being relaxed! Similarly, if we’re in a really intense conversation with someone or trying hard not to fall asleep during boring meetings (two things which happen often!), our minds will be much clearer than normal because there’s less blood flow going through them while we’re standing upright than there would be if we were sitting down all day long!

Standing desks make you more productive

Standing desks are a great way to get more productive and creative.

It is common knowledge that sitting too much is unhealthy, which is why many people have begun using standing desks in their offices. However, it’s not just about improving physical health; research shows that standing desks can also improve your mental health by making you more productive and creative.

For example, studies show that the average worker loses 2 hours of productivity each day due to distractions related to posture or discomfort from sitting for long periods of time:

  1. In addition, it has been shown that blood flow returns faster when sitting than when standing up due to gravity pulling down on the legs.
  2. So if you spend 8 hours per day at work and then another 3 or 4 hours sitting at home on top of that—you could be losing 10+ hours every week!

The good news is: with a quality standing desk like Tripodsy.

Let me introduce a cool new product that we have developed together with the team of corporate and digital nomads who like to keep their stand-up workflow while traveling and working online.

TRIPODSY Laptop Standing Desk is lightweight, ultimately stable, doesn’t wobble at all even when typing, has a dedicated keyboard tray, is a height-adjustable, computer workstation that was designed for stand-up work lifestyle from home or on the go. You can now expand your standing workflow anywhere you’re!

This portable laptop desk has a very sleek minimalistic design, and a fast and easy assembly setup with no tools required. You can carry it on with ease in a travel bag included because it is portable and very compact. Sit or stand, and work from anywhere. Spice up your workflow with the infinitely portable and compact tripod laptop desk that is always with you. The health benefits of standing while working were confirmed in multiple types of research.

Stand up desks boost energy levels

  • When you stand, blood circulation improves.
  • Standing up boosts energy levels and can reduce fatigue.
  • It’s easier to focus on a task when standing than sitting down, since the position of your body affects your mental state (for example, fidgeting while sitting indicates low concentration).
  • Standing desks improve posture and help prevent back pain by strengthening core muscles.

Standing desks make you healthier, more productive and focused

Standing desks (also known as standing workstations, active workstations and height-adjustable desks) can help you focus more than sitting. Sitting for extended periods of time has been linked to increased fatigue, impaired concentration and decreased productivity. A recent study showed that switching from a chair to a standing desk was able to improve students’ typing speed by 15 percent after just two weeks!

In addition to improving your concentration, standing desks also burn calories. While most research has shown that prolonged sitting reduces caloric expenditure by 50 percent compared with being on your feet, the same study found that those who switch from sitting to standing at their office may burn an extra 190 calories per day when using an adjustable height desk in place of their regular desk setup! This means that if you sit 8 hours a day at work – which many Americans do – then switching to an adjustable height desk could result in burning off over 2 pounds of fat each month without even trying!

Studies have also shown that standing can help improve hip and lower back pain caused by sedentary working conditions due to posture changes related with walking around during breaks or lunchtime routines; this benefit can be further enhanced by adding some strength training exercises performed while working on our feet as well.

Standing desks also give you more energy since walking around helps keep blood flowing throughout your body instead of just pooling up in one place (like when you’re sitting). It even helps burn calories! With standing desks becoming so popular among workers who want to improve their health while still meeting deadlines, manufacturers have responded by creating high-tech versions with built-in tracking systems that measure how many steps taken per day as well as calories burned (or even heart rate).


In conclusion, standing desks are a great way to boost your health and productivity. They can help you focus, reduce back pain and improve your posture. Standing desks also make you more productive by burning extra calories and boosting energy levels. The best part about stand up desks is that they are affordable, easy to set up and will last a lifetime!

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