Complete DIY Guide on How To Get Rid of Asian Beetles in House

Are you experiencing an unusual number of Japanese ladybugs at home? The first instinct before was using a fly swatter. This post may contain affiliate…


Are you experiencing an unusual number of Japanese ladybugs at home? The first instinct before was using a fly swatter.

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Did you know there is a lot of ways you can rid of Asian beetles in your house? I will share with you my own ways I used and some learned dealing with Asian beetles.

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How to get rid of ladybugs home remedy

Before you call a bug expert or a bug extermination service, these simple home tips will save you nonetheless.


  • You can get an empty bottle with dish soap or honey inside and trap them from your ceilings or walls. Or an alternative is a pan with detergent and water under a lamp light.
  • Suck the Japanese ladybugs with a vacuum cleaner and dump them outside or on a garbage.
  • Use a bag a bug item to lure in the ladybugs to feed for chickens or dispose in the trash.

As much as possible do not kill ladybugs as they are an equally important part of a natural ecosystem as a natural pests predator.

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What do asian beetles eat

They eat fellow bugs but a different species of their kind. Asian lady beetle or ladybug is a predatory insect that people said is beneficial for cornfields or for simple garden pests.

They have been brought by the United States in the early 1900s in mind of the booming agricultural benefits they will get.

how to get rid of asian beetles in the house

Japanese ladybugs eat the following:

  1. Aphids Small Insects
  2. Spider Mites Sap Eaters (smaller than Aphids)
  3. White Mealybugs (cotton shaped)
  4. Mildew
  5. Pollen
  6. Full ripe Apples
  7. Nectar
  8. Fruits left open by animals like birds and other insects
  9. Other Smaller Insects
  10. Other Fruit Plants

Are asian lady beetles harmful

No, they can bite and the feeling will be unpleasant. Just think of a minor bite but they will not deliberately bite and eat you. A little pinch is what I felt when we had them on one of the houses we lived in before as we were beside huge trees and a big backyard.

The asian beetles are not posionous to humans and can be harmful to pets like dogs if they eat the ladybugs.

At first, they would be seem like a ladybug on a children’s storybook but they are different as the Japanese ladybug has a couple of spots in them and they have color variations like red, orange, and light orange.

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Ladybug smell in house

Getting a fly swatter and killing the Japanese beetles can leave a stain and can leave a big smell at the house. The smell is very stinky.

Why do I have so many Asian beetles in my house?

Commonly reasons asian beetles can be inside because First, house is old, Second, you have a big tree beside your house too and Third is the season as asian beetles react not very well during the winter time.

How to get rid of asian beetles diy

Japanese lady bugs of asian beetles are attracted to lights.

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  1. Catching them on the daytime is much more preferred than going to get them during the night which is pitch black and dark.
  2. Let them huddle up in a window or a wall where you can work.
  3. Asian beetles get attracted by the light so they will naturally go where is the brightest and what will help if you have your house’s lights turned off.
  4. Get your vacuum ready and attach a small nozzle and long body so you can have a precise location or patch where you will get the ladybugs in the first place.
  5. Turn on your vacuum cleaner and just clean like you would naturally.
  6. It will take some time but try to vacuum one area at a time.
  7. Make sure you get all of the bugs in the area before proceeding to the next one.
  8. After you are done open up your vacuum cleaner compartment and throw them outside if you wish.

What home remedy kills Asian beetles?

We want an instant fix when the time comes whether it be a rental that we want to turnover soon. Living in the woods which we downsized already where you live in an RV, there is always a quick fix for you.

Asian beetle trap dish soap

Did you know the very common and most fast way to deal with asian beetles in the house is trapping them with dish soap. The dawn dish soap is already highly available and present in each household and they come in handy with other more things that you can do at home like this little projects when we clean.

It will actually work because the dish soap is sticky just like the honey bottle trap and just closing the lid will be so much easier too.

How to get rid of asian beetles in your house

First of all assess the situation that asian beetles come to your house because they are very weak or not fond to winter season because it is cold. They will find a place where they can hibernate.

Last, if you see them inside of your house then get rid of them as soon as possible, some people might get allergic because they are bugs and their smell when you smash them will reek and will smell bad. Best to leave them as they would be.

How do you keep beetles away?

  1. Plant a peppermint plant
  2. Plant a spearmint plant
  3. Make sure to use topical insecticides on crevices on your houses, surrounding pipes, window crevice, cracks corners, Japanese ladybugs loves to hibernate in the house because of seasonality.
  4. Since they are attracted to light, grab a pan and put detergent with water inside under a lightbulb or a lamp on top.
  5. Pressure wash your house with Dawn dish soap for a low pressure and leave it on for a couple of time to let the dawn soap dries. (a wonderful product that can have multi uses at home)
  6. Spray on citronella scent or have a citronella candle burning at home, most bugs dislike the smell of Citronella as it comes as a bit too strong for them. Fun Fact about me I love citronella and lavender for home scents the most.
  7. Use a bag a bug item, when you had enough and the bugs starts to bug you then it is time to put them inside the bag. This bag a bug needs something or somewhere it can hang and the asian beetles are going to follow the bag and traps them inside in a short amount of time. The price is not that expensive and for my opinion it is already affordable.

It can cover up to 5,000sq ft. It can accommodate for the whole beetle season. A very good tip is to follow the instructions from behind the box to avoid wasting your money.

Most common different ladybug species

  • Asian lady beetle
  • Seven-spot ladybird
  • Two-spot ladybird
  • Spotted lady beetle
  • Fourteen lady spotted beetle
  • Psyllobora Vigintiduopunctata
  • Orange beetles

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Listen guys, if you happen to do this trick or this advice let us know on the comments below of how it went, I would definitely love to hear from your own experience just like how I shared mine.

I know you might feel worried or troublesome but hey almost all of us are living with the wonderful nature and it quite explains that asian beetles can be present or can be inside of our homes to seek shelter as they would be in the wild like woods or stones as their protective habitat.

This post was all about getting rid of asian beetles in your house in many ways

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October 8, 2021

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