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Fans of Bridgerton are loving the period drama and its costumes.

You might be wondering, what the heck is Bridgerton? Well, if you haven’t seen the new Netflix show yet and have no idea that it’s *the* TV show to watch this winter, I’m here to help. Bridgerton is a period drama set in Regency England in the 1800s (about 200 years ago). It follows Daphne Bridgerton as she attempts (and succeeds) at climbing up the social ladder during her first season on the marriage market. And while it has all of the scandal, romance, and drama you’d expect from any other period piece (Downton Abbey anyone?), what really stands out are its costumes. Yup! The costumes!

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Just like any Jane Austen novel or classic film adaptation, costume design plays a huge role in telling a story. In this case, however—it’s actually quite literal. Costumes are used as a vehicle for storytelling by taking us through each character’s journey with them throughout their different seasons. From Daphne’s debut as an innocent young girl fresh on the marriage market to her transformation into an experienced woman who finally found love—her clothes tell us everything, we need to know about who she is and how she has changed.

These 10 dresses are inspired by Bridgerton’s signature Regency style.

There’s no doubt that Bridgerton is the latest pop-culture phenomenon to take over the world. The show, which is based on Julia Quinn’s romance novel series, follows the eight Bridgerton siblings as they navigate love and sex in the Regency era of London. With its Gossip Girl-Esque narration and Sex and the City-like female friendships, it’s no wonder why people are obsessed with this new Netflix show. And while there’s much to be said about how this period drama explores issues of identity and class, there is one thing in particular that fashionistas can’t get enough of the costumes.

Satin Sash Ruffle Empire Waist Dress Gown

Lantern Sleeve Tie Back Dress

Summer Half Sleeve Cotton Ruffled Vintage

Ruffle Long Sleeve Floral Print Mini Dress

V Neck Chiffon Ruffle Mini Dress

A-Line Backless Swing Midi Dress

Puffy Sleeve Split Prom Dress

1920s Sequin Flapper Dress

Scottish Highland Dress

1791’s lady Regency Dress Jane Austen Vintage Dress

From Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) to Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel), each character has their own unique style—or should we say signature look? If you fall into this category of being a major fan of the show, then you’ll want to check out these 10 dresses inspired by Bridgerton’s signature Regency style. Whether you’re looking for a flirty floral dress or an elegant long gown worthy of any ballroom scene, these pretty frocks will have you feeling just like Daphne in no time.

Whether you’re looking for a dress to wear out or something fancier, these picks have you covered.

  • If you don’t want to look like you’re dressed up to go out (but still want to look really good)
  • For the big-spenders in the crowd, these dresses are a real treat. You’ll be amazed how close they look to their Bridgerton origins.

Each piece is perfect for a Jane Austen-obsessed fan or someone who just wants to look like they’re in Bridgerton.

Bridgerton is the most rewatched Netflix show in the U.K., and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. The second season of Shonda Rhimes’ period drama is set to start filming in London this spring, so you might want to get your hands on a Bridgerton-inspired dress sooner rather than later. Luckily, there are plenty of options available that will make you feel like you’re part of Regé Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor’s world, along with some corsets, high-waisted knickers, and other pieces from the show.

Each piece is perfect for a Jane Austen-obsessed fan or someone who just wants to look like they’re in Bridgerton — as long as they have the funds for these pricey dresses.

Why is Bridgerton dresses so ugly?

Bridgerton’s dresses are ugly. Don’t buy them.

But if you really must, here are some places online to buy Bridgerton dresses.

If you want to buy a dress that looks like a Bridgerton dress but isn’t actually from the show, there are many dresses on Amazon that emulate the style. Etsy has some that aren’t like Bridgerton dresses at all, but they’re still cool. There’s no shortage of companies making knock-offs and wannabes in this world!

If you want the real thing though, I think you’re going to be disappointed. While it doesn’t look like Netflix is selling anything directly on their site or social media pages yet.

It’s not much, but hey — it’s something!

Where can I buy Bridgerton dresses?

If your bank account is in the hundreds, you know that when it comes to Bridgerton dresses, you don’t have many options. Sure, cheap dresses can be found on sites like Etsy and Amazon, but these are unlikely to be quality replicas of the real thing. The best option for finding a dress that looks like something worn by Daphne or Penelope is to visit the official Bridgerton website.

The official Bridgerton website has a variety of dresses that look like they were made with no regard for comfort or practicality. You can choose between several styles of long, short, and sleeved dresses—and if none of those suit your fancy you’re out of luck because there are no other options available. Happy shopping!

Are Bridgerton dresses accurate

If you mean accurate to the period, then yes, Bridgerton dresses are definitely accurate. Bridgerton dresses are made in England, and many of them are made by hand. Bridgerton dresses are made from silk or cotton. Even some of the most expensive dresses aren’t pricey because they’re made from linen.

Where to get Bridgerton dresses

You’re not alone in your quest to find a Regencycore look straight from the Netflix series Bridgerton. The show’s fashion, with its empire waists, cascading sleeves, and lush fabrics reminiscent of the early 19th century, has inspired a wave of modern-day influencers to similarly dress up their Instagram feeds and YouTube channels in “Bridgerton-inspired looks.” This list will point you in the right direction of where you can buy Bridgerton dresses because there’s no better time than right now to get started on your new look.

Your best bet is probably Amazon and Etsy—they have thousands of options that are available for fast shipping. Nordstrom and Modcloth also have great selections.

Bridgerton dresses plus size

Bridgerton is the latest sensation for people of all sizes in the United States. The Netflix show was welcomed by fans with open arms and a thirst to know more about the characters’ fashion. Here at Luvyle, we want to do our best to provide you with affordable options that are still fashionable and will help you achieve your Bridgerton style. The dresses featured in this article are all under $25, so they won’t break your bank while shopping during quarantine.

What are Bridgerton dresses called?

That’s quite the question. The costumes in Bridgerton are the work of BAFTA-winning Costume Designer Ellen Mirojnick, who also worked on The Greatest Showman and Catch Me If You Can.

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The Regency-era fashion of this series is a very specific kind of wardrobe, so creating looks inspired by Bridgerton might call for more than your standard shopping trips. Luckily, you don’t have to be Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) to figure out where to buy Bridgerton dresses. From Amazon to ASOS, you can find plenty of affordable options with ease if you know what you’re looking for. Inspired by the romantic styles worn by Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), Eloise (Claudia Jessie), and all the other leading ladies and gents of the show, here’s an edit of some gorgeous pieces that will help you bring Bridgerton style into your own closet.

Bridgerton dresses style

The Bridgerton dress style is inspired by Regency-era fashion, which means that the dresses are high-waisted and fit the natural curves of women. The most common type of dress worn in the Regency era was the empire waistline gown, which has a high neckline, a low waistline, and a very fitted bodice. To create this look for yourself, you’ll need to find an empire gown with a low-cut back that shows off your shoulders. You can also add sleeves or a sash to your dress if you’d like to cover up more.

You might be thinking: “What about those skirts? Aren’t they supposed to be short?” Well, no! Long skirts were actually quite popular during the Regency era because they created an illusion of height while still showing off women’s curves. In fact, many modern brides choose to wear long gowns instead of short ones so that they don’t have trouble moving around on their wedding day (or even walking down the aisle!). If you’re not sure how long exactly should your skirt be, just ask someone who knows about these things – there are plenty of experts online who will gladly help out!

Where to buy Bridgerton style dresses

`It can’t be said as often enough that Bridgerton’s style of dresses is an absolute must-have. It’s signature look and personality make it a fresh alternative to the narrow selection of boring, conventional styles available in today’s fashion scene. The fact that the only thing you need to put together this one is a hanger allows for a variety of unique possibilities for home accessories and decorating your living space. There are endless ways to bring this bold, colorful style into your life, whether you want to work in it or not!

Bridgerton best dresses

If you’re obsessed with the outfits on Bridgerton, but don’t have a royal budget to get dressed in the same gowns as Daphne, here are options for seven of her most iconic looks.

  1. Daphne’s Red Dress From Episode 1
  2. Daphne’s Yellow Dress From Episode 1
  3. Daphne’s Blue Dress From Episode 2

What type of dress does Daphne wear in Bridgerton?

  • If you’re wondering what kind of dress Daphne wears in Bridgerton, it’s a Regency-style empire-waist dress.
  • The quality of the fabric is so beautiful that you could practically feel it through the screen.
  • For those who aren’t familiar with Regency fashion, an empire waistline is one that begins above the natural waist and skims down over the body to create a column-like silhouette. The fitted bodice contrasts nicely with the long, flowing skirt to make for a romantic aesthetic.

How many dresses did Daphne Bridgerton have?

Have you watched the show? If you have, then you’ve noticed that Daphne has a lot of pretty dresses, right? But do you know what all of them are called?

Each dress that Daphne wears is known as an empire-style dress. There is a reason for this—the empire style of the Regency era was all about beauty and romance. The dresses were created to emphasize the upper body, waistline, and hips.

What are the dresses in Bridgerton called?

If you’ve spent any time on social media since Bridgerton premiered on Christmas Day, you already know that the Netflix series has caused an absolute frenzy. People can’t stop talking about how great the Regency-era drama is and how stunning the costuming is. And if you’ve watched even a few episodes of Bridgerton, you’ll probably agree. From the elaborate ball gowns to Queen Charlotte’s crowns, there’s no doubt that fashion designer Ellen Mirojnick outdid herself when she created more than 2,000 costumes for the Shondaland show.

One particular costume from Bridgerton has gained attention from viewers: Daphne Bridgerton’s blue dress with puffed sleeves and bows that she wears during her dance lesson with Simon Basset in episode four. In reality, those are actually several dresses worn by actress Phoebe Dynevor at different points throughout filming—and each of them was custom-made by Mirojnick and her team.

What style of dress does Daphne from Bridgerton wear?

Even if the show may be fiction, there is some truth to be drawn from the fashion of Regency England. With so much time on our hands, why not take a minute and learn a little more about that era’s iconic dresses?

Read on for everything you need to know about Daphne Bridgerton’s style—and how you can get her to look for yourself in 2021.

If you’ve been watching and enjoying Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton, you probably have an opinion when it comes to which of the Bridgerton sisters has the best style. After all, they’re each a sartorial vision during every episode.

Bridgerton dress code

Attending a Bridgerton Ball is an amazing experience. The costumes are always beautiful, the people are wonderfully dressed, and it’s easy to forget you’re in the 21st century. But what should you wear?

The answer is simple: whatever makes you feel most yourself!

That said, we suggest the following guidelines for men: a suit or tuxedo; long sleeves (even if it’s warm out); and black shoes. For women: A dress (but not too short or tight); black shoes; and a shawl or wrap. Be sure to check the weather before heading out so that you can be appropriately dressed!

Bridgerton style clothing

I want to wear a Bridgeton dress. I want to look like Julia Quinn’s most famous character on the hit Netflix show. And I’m not alone—since the show dropped on December 25th, Bridgerton searches have been skyrocketing across the board. But where can you buy Bridgerton dresses? Not just any old Regency dress, but one that’s fit for a Queen? Or Queen Bee (that would be Lady Whistledown).

Since it was announced that Shonda Rhimes would adapt the Bridgerton books, fans have been waiting with bated breath to see how she and costume designer Ellen Mirojnick do justice to these historical romances. The resulting Bridgerton style is truly something else—and for many of us, has gotten us thinking about the clothing we put on our backs in a whole new way.

You can find a lot of beautiful dresses inspired by Bridgerton on Amazon.

If you’re looking to add a little bit of Bridgerton to your life, it’s no longer just the show you can turn to. Shonda Rhimes is most famous for her television work, but she’s also produced three novels and a collection of short stories.”Bridgerton,” “The Year of the Witching,” “The Vanishing Half” and the “His Dark Materials” trilogy are just some of the books that have been turned into shows for Amazon Prime Video. It costs US$8.99 a month after an initial free 30-day trial, or US$12.99 per month if you want to watch with an ad-free option. And yes, you can get even more Bridgerton in your life with the purchase of its original series soundtrack for US$11 on Amazon.”Bridgerton” Season 2 is expected to arrive in late 2021 or early 2022, based on production timelines.

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