Hot Halloween Costumes For Couples

Popeye and Olive Oyl – This is one of the greatest couples costumes of all time!

Popeye and Olive Oyl are one of the most classic cartoon couples in history. The simple costumes (a sailor hat, a red bandana, and a white dress) are easily accessible if you’re looking to save money. You can take your look further by adding streaks of green paint on your face or arms, which will make all the difference in making you look like your favorite characters!

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Even though Popeye and Olive Oyl are only known for their physical appearance (the sailor hat), their comedic elements also add to their enduring popularity. They play off each other with such ease that it’s hard not to laugh when watching them interact with each other on screen.

Popeye and Olive Oyl have been around since 1928—that’s over 90 years! That’s almost as long as humans have been living on Earth…

Jack and Jill – An old favorite. If you pair an athletic hero and a damsel in distress, you’re sure to win a costume contest!

Don’t ditch this classic Halloween costume just because you’ve seen it a million times. If you can find the right costumes, then Jack and Jill are still perfect for your Halloween party!

In fact, if you really want to stand out from the crowd of whiny brats who think they’re too cool for school, dress up as an old-fashioned couple and enter a contest. You’ll show everyone what real class looks like! Make sure that both of your costumes complement each other—and don’t forget to do some prep work on your hair and makeup if necessary!

The best part about being Jack or Jill is that not only does it offer plenty of room for creativity when it comes to deciding what kind of characters to play but there’s also no limit as long as both outfits fit into the same theme (e.g., “traditional”).

Harry Potter and Hermione – You’ll have plenty of time to create your own wands.

While you can always buy the costumes, you can also choose to make your own. You’ll have plenty of time to create your own wands, scarves, and glasses over the next few months. What’s more, there are a number of sites that sell ties that perfectly match Harry Potter’s black tie look.

Lady and the Tramp – Find some pasta, a leash, and a cute guy… What could go wrong?

This is one of the most classic Disney movies ever made, and it’s based on a 1955 animated film of the same name. If you and your partner love this film, why not dress up as some iconic characters from it?

A lady and her dog who share an intense love for each other are separated when they’re taken away by animal control officers. They must then find their way back together while evading other dogs along the way. This story has been told many times just like Cinderella or Beauty & The Beast but has a unique twist that makes it stand out among others: two dogs fall in love despite being different species!

If you’re a fan of this classic tale then why not re-tell this story with your significant other by dressing up as these characters!

Pokemon Go trainers – This will be a timeless couple’s costume for years to come.

The Pokemon Go trainer costume is the perfect couples’ costume for Halloween. There are so many reasons to love this choice, but mostly because it’s simple, easy to create and find in stores, not too revealing or offensive and timeless. A Pokemon Go trainer set will be a classic couple’s costume for years to come!

Pick out a pair of jeans or khakis at the mall (or online). Pair them with either a long-sleeved shirt or tank top that you can get from your local thrift store (or Amazon). You’ll also need tennis shoes and socks as well as a hat or headband that matches your outfit. The final piece of your look will be an oversized red T-shirt with yellow writing on it saying “POKEMON!” in all caps–this should also be something you can find at any store like Target or Walgreens.

Bonnie and Clyde – You better get your dapper suit or sexy flapper dress ready because Bonnie and Clyde will never go out of style.

Bonnie and Clyde are iconic. They’re a timeless couple’s costume that will never go out of style—and it’s not just because you can wear them year after year. In fact, this costume is so popular it has its own Instagram account!

If you want to dress up as Bonnie and Clyde, consider pairing a dapper suit with a sexy flapper dress. These costumes work well because they have some basic elements in common: both require you to wear clothing from an earlier time period and both call for accessories that offer an air of sophistication and elegance (think hats!).

Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson – Grease is still the word!

  • You’ll want to make sure you get the right car. You can find one from any of the many Grease fan sites, but it should be in good condition and have working lights. Also make sure that it doesn’t smell like french fries or anything else that might be gross or potentially harmful to you both.
  • Check out these hair and makeup tutorials for ideas on how to recreate your characters’ iconic looks!
  • Try your best with the accent! It’s not easy, I know—but if anyone can pull it off at home, it’s you two. The key is practice! Lots and lots of practice (and maybe some lessons).
  • Be prepared to sing–loudly–if asked by anyone who crosses your path while trick-or-treating this Halloween night! Everyone loves a song…it’s just part of being a teen in love with someone new 🙂

There are lots of fun costume ideas for couples this Halloween!

These are the best Halloween costumes for couples:

  • The ones that are the most fun to wear.
  • The ones that have a great story behind them.
  • The ones that use the most creativity and originality.

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