Welcome it is nice to have you here! I am Alyssa. I’m a writer and declutterer consultant.

My decluttering story, I used to shop till I drop, a big mall person especially when sales pop out, you can always count on me to be there. I used to have my closet full of unused clothes. Yes, 8 huge cabinets full of boxes from old clothes and shoes, bags, etc.

Living with my parents we had moved from different homes from bigger to smaller houses. My parents are now seniors and I am always wanting a change at home whether it be designing or cleaning or organizing and decluttering. In addition, my parents will not be able to lift heavier boxes or do some tough stuff etc. It is up to me to make our house better and clutter free.

I decluttered tons and tons of our family’s items from previous bigger homes which was a 3 floors huge house with a huge attic filled with stuff so much going to the ceiling and it was tough. It directly affected my mood and mental state which I believe improves after when I declutter.

Ever since I was young my mom and dad had always raised us to live simple. “Making room for what matters to you” is a quote I live by everyday and make it my goal.

Everything starts at home, I believe a house should be a home less cluttered and have things that have purposeful meaning in your life.

Now I am here to do the same thing and hopefully help someone or inspire anyone out there. I know decluttering can be lonely to do alone, I know I experienced it. Let me help you on your decluttering journey.

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When I am not writing, I do decluttering, and doing stuff on my computer. I enjoy lots of books especially about entrepreneurship and cooking for my family. Playing with my dogs Dumbo and Maggie As I am a proud dog momma. Spending quality moments with my long time boyfriend Saul. As a business degree graduate, I always pursue and study my business development as well to improve more.

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