Getting a mindset to manifest to achieve your goals can be overwhelming and I am here to tell you that you are not alone. You can do this.

You Are Your Own Magnificent Person...
You Are Your Own Magnificent Person #shorts


Welcome! It is so nice of you to be here!

I’m Alyssa Germaine

I am a mindset coach and I will help you get into a better mindset to manifest the better life that you want.

Manifesting is what I do every day and helps me to have a good mindset for the day. I grew up wanting to look confident and which drew my attention to fashion and beauty to express art and creativity. From having a decluttered lifestyle to conquering a simple and meaningful home living to inspire others.

Alyssa is a college graduate of Bachelor in Science International Travel and Tourism Management at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. Based in Metro Manila, Philippines, and working on the website since January 2021.

How I can help you?

✓ Learn to use your mindset as a tool to daily manifest and live your best life now
✓ Achieve your small to biggest goals confidently by nurturing a healthy and bright mindset consistently
✓ Learn to be consistent when it comes to self-care routines to lessen stress, overwhelmed, and feeling unmotivated.
✓ Learn how to Organize and Mindset planning and scheduling from your home to personal day-to-day life
✓ Find here self-care tips that we all love such as skincare, fashion, beauty, and home decor selections and reviews. Stay updated on new and trendy articles for women’s lifestyles.

It’s me again AG loves, Alyssa Germaine here

I will share with you my personal story all throughout the years I felt trapped, and uncaring of things around me due to inner childhood pains. Everywhere I turned to didn’t go my way and my kindness was abused by so many people from my past. Spiritually, Although I am far from perfect, I learn to never give up and always strive to do better each day. Today I am freeing myself, on the healing stage. I practice a mindset that loves and cares for myself and the people who are there for me such as Saul my partner and my family. It was not a simple and light journey. I believe that being consistent and having a constant support system is very much important and I am here for you now.

What Value you can get here?

✓ Finally lessen stress and daily loss of motivation on daily routines such as self-care
✓ Learn how to manage your time well by using a schedule planning that I simplified for you
✓ Learn to be consistent when it comes to your progress by manifesting the better life you want

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We help busy women organize their lives with ease: Busy women – whether full-time working, part-time working or stay-at-home moms and dads – are an important audience for us. Our website helps busy women make the most of their time by emphasizing elegance, simplicity, and efficiency in fashion, beauty, home decor, and self-improvement; by manifesting and using a mindset strategy.

Reaching thousands of readers monthly organically! US audience 52.8%, Canada 3.2% United Kingdom 3.1%, with other parts of Europe and around the world.

SFgate – SFGATE: San Francisco Bay Area – News, Bay Area news, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Classifieds – Article of How to Declutter to Have a Minimalist Bedroom

INQUIRER News – The Philippine Daily Inquirer is a daily newspaper giving Philippine News for Filipinos. Alyssa was featured both in physical newspaper copy and online articles.

Interview Article of What do Millennials look for in a job?

CHARIS Celeb South Korea is a trendy online shop based in Seoul, South Korea. They offer a wide array of Korean beauty products, skin care, and cosmetics. – Alyssa had to opportunity to work with professional Charis team members along co celeb member YouTuber BubzBeauty or Lindy Tsang, met in person selected as Model Celeb sent products, and reviewed South Korea’s top beauty brands and companies. Here are just one of many brands she collaborated with Dr. Flora

Meg Magazine – Prestigious Philippines leading magazine for teens and young adults of One Mega Group Inc.

Featured on Meg Magazine’s magazine Summer issue physical copy, Alyssa an incoming Junior at her High School was interviewed about college and careers after high school graduation on the reader’s section.

Also collaborated with Light Network TV to cover finance media event by Peng Joon and Robert Kiyosaki, Along with media event exposure and campaigns for SM Mall Cinema, Fitness First, Titus Pens, Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid Soap sold in major grocery stores nationwide, And so many other more websites, tv networks, radio media, and publications worldwide and even locally. You can request more information just send us a message on the contact page.

Let us know if you want us to contribute to your article! Feel free to get in touch with us!

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