Best Silly Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl

If you’re reading this, it’s because you have a love interest in your life who you want to get to know better. But how do…


If you’re reading this, it’s because you have a love interest in your life who you want to get to know better. But how do you get to know someone? Through conversation, of course. And the best way to have a great conversation is by asking questions.

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The right questions can help you learn more about the person you’re talking with and create an environment where they feel comfortable sharing their secrets with you. These questions are based from boys and girls alleged surveys to help you out.

Do you like when i’m flirting with other girls?

  • It shows that you care.
  • It shows that you are paying attention.
  • It shows that you are not threatened by other men who may be interested in her (or women).
  • It shows that you are confident, and not afraid to show your feelings for her or for the idea of being with her.
  • It also means that if she has a boyfriend then she will not have any problem flirting with another man because he won’t do anything about it; therefore, there’s no reason why this girl should stop flirting with others as well!

Why did you choose me out of everyone else?

There are a few different ways to answer this question. First, the answer should be something that is unique to the two of you—something that only you would know about her and how she feels about you. If it’s something cliché like “Because I can’t stop thinking about what a great kisser you are,” then it won’t be as effective as an answer that shows off your romantic side (and makes her feel good).

Second, make sure your answer isn’t just flattering for yourself but also for her. If you say something too self-centered, such as “I love how confident and beautiful you are,” then she will probably think it sounds nice but also somewhat fake—because who doesn’t like hearing they’re beautiful? Thirdly, keep in mind that humor is always appreciated when someone gives their heart away!

What makes you laugh more than anything?

Have you ever thought about how funny it would be if you could just make a girl laugh? I mean, the best feeling in the world is seeing that look of joy on someone’s face after they have laughed hard at something.

And what about those times when you find yourself laughing more than usual and your cheeks start to hurt from all the smiling and laughing? It feels great!

So if you want to know what makes her laugh more than anything else, then try these lines:

  • Tell me a joke (or ask her to tell one). If she doesn’t like joking around much, then skip this one. But otherwise, proceed with caution and get ready for some laughs! Just don’t tell any offensive jokes – no one wants to offend their date right off the bat! You can also use this as an opportunity for bonding over shared interests or experiences – which leads us into our next point…

What is something naughty that you have always wanted to try but haven’t yet?

If you have always wanted to try something naughty, then it is time to let that desire out! Here is a list of some naughty things that you can do:

  • Watch a movie with someone else’s underwear on. It’s fun and exciting, but not in an “I want this” kind of way. It’s more like an “I want to see how it feels” kind of way. There are also other things you can do with their underwear besides wearing them; for example, you could throw them away or sell them online!
  • Get drunk and wake up in someone else’s bed without remembering anything from the night before (or even the previous few hours). This takes a lot of courage because if things go wrong then they can go really wrong! However, there are ways around this—for example by making sure there aren’t any sharp objects nearby when they pass out so they don’t hurt themselves while sleeping! And remember: if anyone asks why they’re naked at work tomorrow morning just tell them that “it was one crazy night!”

Do you like cuddling up next to me?

Cuddling is a great way to get closer to someone, and it shows that you’re interested in them. It also shows how much you care about them and the relationship. Cuddling is the perfect way to show affection and express that you like someone.

If she says yes, then ask her why she enjoys cuddling with you so much! You may learn something new about yourself!

What are your favorite parts of my body?

The answer is up to you. You can say, “My favorite part of your body is…” and then finish the sentence with whatever you want. You can also ask her what her favorite part of your body is or simply ask her what she likes most or least about it. If she doesn’t give an answer, it could mean that she hasn’t thought about this before — which means that this is a great opportunity to figure out how much time and effort she puts into thinking about what makes people attractive!

Did you like the way we kissed last night?

Kissing is an incredibly intimate act. It shows that you’re comfortable enough with someone to be close to them, and it also acts as an expression of affection. When you kiss somebody, it’s a sign of your desire for them—you don’t just do it out of habit or boredom.

Kissing can be used in many different situations: on the cheek when greeting someone, on the lips at their birthday party, after a romantic dinner at home…the possibilities are endless! If you get into a relationship with this person and decide that they’re right for you (or vice versa), kissing will become a regular occurrence in your life together.

Did you ever watch porn or read sex stories because of me?

Now, this is a tricky question to ask. You don’t want to be too forward and make her uncomfortable, but if you do it right, she’ll react positively. If she has watched or read porn or sex stories because of you, then that means that she likes you! This is an opportunity for both of you to open up about your sexuality together in a non-threatening way.

The best thing about asking this question is the possibility of discovering something new about your partner’s sexual desires and interests—something that may lead to even more fun at home!

What do guys compliment you the most on?

  • What do guys compliment you the most on?
  • Do you prefer compliments about your hair, eyes, smile, body or clothes?
  • Is your personality a good icebreaker for conversation with strangers? If so how does it help break the ice?
  • What do people say about your sense of humor and intelligence (note: this question only applies if you are a girl).

If you’re asking these questions because you want to be the guy who is complimenting her, then these questions might be useful. But if not then she’s probably not going to answer them honestly anyway. Instead try asking her something like: “So what’s something that makes you happy?”

Were you thinking about me last night while going to bed alone in your bed, wearing that skimpy little outfit I love so much on you?

Funny flirty questions to ask a girl are great for breaking the ice and getting her to laugh. These funny flirting questions will also help you understand your crush’s sense of humor, which is a good thing if you want those kisses and hugs in the future!

Silly Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl:

  • Do you like being silly?
  • What do you look like when no one is around?
  • Are all of your exes still alive? Or did some of them die because they were so jealous of how attractive/cool/smart/funny/nice ____ (you fill in this blank) is?


I know I have some great answers for these questions, but trust me when I say that you should come up with some of your own so that you can put yourself in my shoes and see what it would be like if someone asked them. After all, isn’t that why we’re here? To learn more about ourselves and each other? Well then let’s get started!

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