Can You Wear Black For Christmas?

While the holidays are typically associated with bright colors and festive prints, one of the best things about fashion is that you can wear whatever you want to express yourself—and if black happens to be your favorite color, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t wear it during the holidays.

In fact, holiday dates and events might actually be the perfect time to wear black as a way to make a statement. With so many people turning toward traditional reds and greens during this time of year, black stands out as a chic alternative that will have all eyes on you.

I mean, think about it: Black is always appropriate. It’s universally flattering and it practically goes with everything! You don’t even have to give up your love for sparkle or shine—a little bit of glittering jewelry or even some bold makeup can add instant glamour and make a total statement in an otherwise subtle outfit. Plus, when it comes to accessories, metallic accents are always welcome in our book (especially around special occasions like New Year’s Eve).

The only thing left for us to ask is: Are you ready for Christmas in style?

A little black dress would make any gal feel festive and elegant at a Christmas party.

A little black dress would make any gal feel festive and elegant at a Christmas party.

A little black dress certainly makes you look stunning and sophisticated. It’s the perfect choice for a Christmas party, especially with a pair of sparkling heels to match!

The little black dress is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this holiday season.

Your wardrobe can be easily updated when you add some seasonal accessories to your favorite LBD.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and obviously that means you should play around with your style a little bit by adding festive accessories to your favorite black dress. Who says Christmas has to be all reds and greens? Sometimes the best updates can come from swapping out your go-to summer shoes for a pair of velvet pumps or wrapping yourself in a cozy woolen scarf.

  • Jewelry: It can be fun to experiment with colors when it comes to jewelry, and there’s no rule that says you have to wear a strand of pearls (although pearls can look great when paired with black). Don’t worry about matching your bling exactly with your dress—you won’t look like you are attempting to hide an old Halloween costume if you throw on some emerald earrings, for example. A statement necklace is always welcome but don’t feel like you have to overdo it if you’re not an accessories person. A simple silver locket or pair of sapphire studs will also give festive flair.
  • Shoes: This time of year is perfect for showing off some luxury footwear, so ditch those scuffed flats from last season in favor of heels or boots that’ll catch everyone’s eye. Velvet pumps are classic but easy-to-clean patent leather boots will work well too—just make sure they’re waterproof because there’s nothing worse than getting caught in winter rain wearing suede shoes!
  • Handbags: Your handbag doesn’t need to match exactly with everything else in your outfit (or even each other), so feel free to accessorize however makes sense for whatever activity is on your agenda for the day. If you’re going shopping at the mall, consider carrying a crossbody bag that won’t weigh down your shoulder while trying on new clothes—you won’t regret it when it comes time to line up at the cash register after hours spent slogging through department stores and outlet shops!
  • Accessories: Hats and scarves are the best choices for any black outfit.

The holidays are the perfect time to pull out all the stops and go for glitz and glamour.

The holidays are the perfect time to pull out all the stops and go for glitz and glamour. It’s an opportunity to wear something more dramatic or even a bit daring than what you might normally wear. Do you have a favorite little black dress? Go for it! Does that red velvet jumpsuit make you feel like a million bucks? You bet! Black is a chic and classic color, but it can also be very fun and playful, as well as sexy or bold. As long as your outfit is in good taste and fits the occasion, then you can probably get away with wearing black during the holiday season.

Can You Wear Black For Christmas?

The traditionally accepted etiquette for wearing black around Christmas time is that you should avoid it if at all possible. However, there are some occasions where black clothing isn’t considered inappropriate during this festive time of year. In fact, some people actually prefer darker colors over bright ones when celebrating one of winter’s most beloved holidays: Christmas! That being said, there may still be some situations where wearing dark clothing would not work well—so here’s everything you need to know about whether or not it’s okay to don your best LBD (little black dress) on this special day! So keep reading below to find out more information about why choosing wear dark clothes during Christmas Day may not always be appropriate–and what better alternatives exist instead!”

If you like to shake things up a bit, then why not go for an all-black, sparkly outfit for a holiday celebration?

The holidays are a perfect time to pull out all the stops and go for glitz, glamour, and all that jazz. If you like to shake things up a bit—and want your outfit to look festive yet still sophisticated—then consider wearing an all-black, sparkly outfit for your holiday celebration.

Black is one of the most versatile colors in existence; you can wear it with every color, every season, and any occasion. If you want to add some color but don’t want to look OTT (over the top), then add a pop of color with accessories such as jewelry or shoes.

When it comes to black outfits, many women think they can only wear them during winter. But the truth is that black can be worn in any season because it’s such a versatile color. The key is knowing how much sparkle you need for each season: A little more glitter in wintertime might be appropriate than summertime; but remember not too much glitter so that it looks tacky!

Also make sure not to overdo accessories with your dress–a clutch purse should do just fine! And if you’re wearing heels–as long as they aren’t stilettos–you’ll look chic no matter what height!

A more somber occasion might call for an understated black dress. If you want to add some drama, jewelry is always an easy way to amp up a look.

Many people believe that black is a very versatile colour, and it can be used for formal occasions. It’s also elegant, sophisticated and timeless. If you’re feeling extra bold, you can wear casual black clothing at a funeral as well.

If anyone gives you grief about wearing black on this supposedly cheerful occasion, show them the door!

Heading over to a friend’s house for a cocktail party? A little black dress is the perfect thing to wear! Just add some beautiful bling and you’ll be ready for festivities in no time.

If you’re heading over to a friend’s house for a cocktail party, a little black dress is the perfect thing to wear! Just add some beautiful bling and you’ll be ready for festivities in no time.

Most people have at least one black item of clothing that would be appropriate for a Christmas party or celebration, so dig it out and have fun with it!

Believe it or not, you probably already have something black in your closet that would work for a Christmas party. If you’re going to an office party, a cocktail party, or a formal dinner and dance, all of those are usually dressy occasions where even the men are encouraged to dress up. So take out that little black dress (or one just like it) and wear it! Black is always appropriate for any formal occasion.

If you want to tie into the holidays, feel free to add some festive accessories: red shoes, red lipstick, Christmas-themed jewelry, or even some sort of holiday patterned accessory like a festive scarf or Christmas-themed belt. Use your imagination!

But before you add too many accessories, consider what occasion you’re dressing for. For instance if this is going to be an office function where people will be mingling around with hors d’oeuvres or cocktails and chatting about their families over eggnog then go ahead and get as festive as possible with your accessories since it’s likely no one at this type of event cares what others are wearing anyway—only how much fun they’re having (and perhaps whether they can snag another glass of champagne). However if there’s dancing involved then keep things more subdued by choosing only one piece such as red shoes maybe paired with some simple pearl earrings so that people won’t notice how much time you spent getting ready because chances are their attention will be elsewhere on his/her partner during such festivities 🙂


Some people love to wear black, but they feel restricted in doing so during the Christmas season. The rules that were once set in stone have now been loosened and there is a new way of thinking about what you can or cannot wear for Christmas. For example, if you traditionally wear black, but you have a Christmas party to attend where the dress code is informal, then it’s no surprise that you will want to dress your best.

In this guide we’ve shown you how wearing black for Christmas is completely acceptable, especially when it comes to dressing formally. You should always feel comfortable in what you are wearing and if this means not having to conform to traditional ideas of reds and greens at Christmas time then we say go for it!

If you still feel like sticking with tradition (and we don’t blame you), then there are plenty of different ways that you can add a splash of colour into your outfit – whether it’s through accessories or simply opting for a dark coloured suit that is on trend.


  • Can you wear black to a funeral?

Absolutely. Please do! If it’s warm out, opt for a lightweight fabric like cotton or linen. For a formal occasion, however, you can also go with something more luxurious, like silk. The softer the material and cut is to your body, the better. This is not the time to bust out an ill-fitting tuxedo (and please never wear an ill-fitting tuxedo). Black tie attire is only necessary if that’s specifically stated on the invitation or in other forms of correspondence about your friend’s funeral; otherwise, it’s perfectly acceptable to dress casually (no sweatpants) but modestly (no shorts).

  • Can you wear black to a wedding?

It depends on who’s getting married and why. It’s generally considered bad luck for some brides—especially based on various cultural superstitions—but anyone else can get away with it as long as there are no religious implications attached to such clothing choices at their friend’s wedding ceremony/reception venue.

  • Can you wear black at a christening?

Yes! Wear whatever color makes sense for your style personality while maintaining respectability—and don’t forget about accessories too because those can help enhance any outfit choice regardless of whether they match up exactly in hue or tone with one another (e.g., jewelry might look great against skin tones while shoes should match any formalwear well enough without being too bold).

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