Do Skaters Wear Skinny Jeans?

You may have heard of them, but do you know why skaters wear skinny jeans? Many people don’t know where they got started, how they got there, or where they are going. If you’re curious about the history behind this trend, keep reading.

Long before skinny jeans were in style, skaters loved them.

You don’t need to be a skater to rock the skinny jean look, but there’s no denying that skaters were one of the first groups to adopt and popularize this style.

In fact, if you ask an OG skater, they might tell you that skinny jeans are all about their practicality. They’re slim enough not to get in the way of your board and legs when you’re skating, but not so slim that they’ll restrict your movement. They also make it easier to do kickflips and other tricks because they don’t bunch up around your feet or ankles like baggier pants tend to do.

You won’t see skaters wearing skinny jeans because they restrict movement.

Skaters don’t wear skinny jeans for a wide range of reasons. Skinny jeans are not just uncomfortable for skaters, they are dangerous. The first and most obvious problem with skinny jeans is that they restrict movement, which can easily lead to injuries from falls. Skaters go through a lot of clothes because skating usually ends up in tears if you keep going long enough. That’s why skaters will wear loose fitting but not baggy jeans, which also allows for the wearing of kneepads under the pants. Jeans are more durable than other denim so they last longer and give better protection against abrasions and rips. Jeans aren’t just trendy fashion items, they have functionality too that makes sense when you consider how hard skateboarders push their bodies in ways that most people would never even consider doing without protective gear on their knees and elbows.

Although many skaters fit into independent or alternative subcultures where folks tend to like to follow trends by wearing what everyone else is wearing, it’s not uncommon for skaters to eschew fashions dictated by fashion designers or mass media as necessary forms of expression as artists who don’t want to be limited by something as banal as what kind of pants they’re wearing while doing a kickflip over the pool at your local skatepark or off the top of a handrail in your neighborhood park before dropping down into an alleyway full of trashcans that were laying around conveniently for you to use them like an obstacle course before riding out onto the street again passing some graffitied walls that your friend painted last night when he was out late working on his craft.

Skateboarding isn’t just about fashion and looking cool.

Skateboarding is about more than fashion. It’s about the art and expression of a sport that has roots dating back to the late 1940s, when surfers in California sought an alternative to riding waves on days when the ocean was flat. Of course, people will ask you why you wear jeans so tight, but there’s a good reason behind it—they make it easier for you to perform your tricks. So even though skateboarding is a lifestyle and expression of individuality, there are practical reasons behind its dress code.

While street skaters tend to adopt the most relaxed styles, they’re still required to wear certain pieces of protective clothing if they want their boards to stay intact. Aside from helmets (which are necessary if you want your head intact), knee pads and elbow pads fit into this category. Skate shoes are another thing that falls under both fashion and safety categories; while they look cool with any pair of jeans, they help keep your feet dry and prevent them from sliding off your board.

Skaters wear skinny jeans, shorts and pants that aren’t too baggy.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Skaters are a bunch of gnarly dudes who probably don’t care what they wear at all.” Well, you’d be wrong. Skaters care very much about how they look. In fact, that’s a large part of their appeal and culture. Just think about it: everyone knows skaters are cool—how could they not be? They skateboard! A lot of that cool factor comes from their clothing style, which is often imitated by those who don’t skateboard.

So yes, skaters do wear skinny jeans because they want to look good and fit in with the crowd while also being able to perform more extreme tricks on their board without a wardrobe mishap. In other words, it isn’t just about looking good—it’s also about functionality. However, if skinny jeans aren’t your thing or you find them too restrictive for skating (I mean, I’m not an expert), there are other options out there for you: shorts that hit right above the knee have gained popularity among skaters because they still look cool while allowing them to move more freely than they would in tight jeans. And pants? Wear pants that aren’t too baggy; skaters want to look like themselves rather than like someone trying way too hard to fit in.

Skaters wear skinny jeans because it’s a style they like and not because it makes them look cool.

You may have noticed a lot of skaters wearing skinny jeans.

This might make you think that wearing skinny jeans is cool because it’s what skaters wear. But the reason why skaters started wearing skinny jeans has nothing to do with wanting to make themselves look cooler. It just happens that they like the style of skinny jeans, and they’re willing to be pioneers when it comes to introducing new styles in fashion.

The general public became aware of skateboarders’ passion for tight denim around the 90s and early 2000s, when streetwear labels such as Supreme and Stussy were putting out their own slim cut styles, which hip-hop artists such as Jay Z had already started rocking in the late 80s and early 90s. The rise of skinny jeans was part of a larger trend towards tighter clothing across many subcultures from skateboarders to urban youth, with all kinds of different people preferring more streamlined, formfitting clothes rather than loose baggy clothes that had been fashionable previously in these circles. Even though many non-skateboarding trends are still influenced by them today, the skater preference for skinny jeans has long since stopped being limited only to skaters or only associated with them at all – now millions of people who have never touched a skateboard wear them too every day without thinking any association at all between their choice and skating culture even exists!

Skaters do wear skinny jeans, but for other reasons besides looking cool!

  • You might think that skaters wear skinny jeans because they’re trying to look cool, but that’s not always the reason. Skinny jeans are a style that many skaters like, but it doesn’t have to be one specifically — there are lots of other styles that skaters like too. A lot of skaters actually prefer wearing pants or shorts that aren’t too baggy, because if your clothes get in the way when you skateboard, it can make skating harder.
  • Skateboarding is about more than just looking cool — it’s also about doing cool tricks! For example, a “kickflip” is when you jump off the ground and kick your board so that it does a flip in midair (it’s really impressive). If you were wearing loose pants or shorts and tried to do a kickflip, you could end up landing on your pants instead of on your board, which would probably hurt.


Finally, I came to the conclusion that skaters wear skinny jeans for one simple reason: it’s a style they like. As I was walking around my hometown and spying on skate kids, I realized that most of them are wearing clothes from their favorite brands. They’re not trying to look cool or conform to some perceived notion of what skateboarders “should” wear—they’re just being themselves and dressing in whatever they think is comfortable and cool.

Skaters are also notorious innovators. They’ve pioneered trends like cropped tees and baggy pants, so it makes sense that they would be partial to skinny jeans as well. Even now, when many people are moving away from the ultra-tight fit of skinny jeans towards looser styles, skaters can still be seen sporting the style if they feel like it’s right for them. And honestly? Who are we to judge?


You may be wondering “do skaters wear skinny jeans?” The answer is yes, and we will now tell you why. Skaters have always worn skinny jeans, but you may not have picked up on it because no one was paying much attention to them. This is a great opportunity for you to pick up your skateboarding skills and show everyone that you are the best at skating in your group of friends. You don’t have to go all out here though, just find some good trainers and wear them while skating. They will help you keep balance so that it doesn’t seem like you are wearing heels all the time!

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