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The garage is the newest addition to our home. It’s where we store all of our tools, equipment and other miscellaneous items that don’t quite fit into the rest of our house. The problem with a new addition, though—whether it’s a kitchen or a bedroom—is that it’s never really ready for use when you want to add it to an existing structure. In my case, this meant we had a bunch of junk lying around that needed some serious organization! So here are five tips for organizing your garage:

Get rid of (or recycle) junk

The first step to organizing your garage is getting rid of the things you don’t need. This can be difficult, but it’s a good way to make sure that you’re only storing items that are useful and necessary. If something isn’t working properly or has been broken for months or years, get rid of it! Keep in mind that even if something seems like a good idea—for example, keeping a suitcase full of clothes from when you were younger—you might not actually ever use them again.

The second step is making sure that everything else is organized so as not to take up space unnecessarily. For example:

  • Holders for tools should be clearly labeled so they’re easy to find later when needed;
  • Everything from couches and chairs through boxes should be stored in an orderly fashion so nothing gets lost or damaged; and
  • There should always be enough room available for people who want access their belongings at any time without having trouble accessing them themselves (if possible).

Store your tools

Now that you’ve cleared out some space, it’s time to store your tools. The point of having a well-organized garage is not only to have a space that’s easy to navigate, but also one where you can find what you need when it’s time to get a project done. Keep in mind the following tips when deciding how best to store your tools:

  • Store them in a toolbox or caddy. If each tool has its own place, then it will be much easier for you—and anyone else who uses the space—to put things away after use. A toolbox allows for easy access but still keeps everything organized and neat; if there isn’t enough room for all of your tools inside one box, look into getting a cart instead (like this one from Home Depot) or building yourself a portable storage system (like this one from Instructables).
  • Use pegboards with hooks underneath them as shelf brackets instead of buying expensive shelving units specifically designed for garages with limited floor space (which may be too big anyway). Pegboards can hold almost any object securely without damaging its surface while still allowing items such as screwdrivers and hammers their full range of movement without sticking out too far into the aisleways between shelves; they’re also relatively inexpensive compared with similar products made specifically for garages!

Add more storage

Another important part of garage organization is having enough storage for your stuff. You should be able to find a spot for everything that you need to store in your garage, so think about what each item does for you, like whether it’s used frequently or not. Add storage where there isn’t any and keep the items that are used often close-at-hand (like a hand broom), but also consider adding storage for things that aren’t used very often but still need a home (such as Halloween decorations).

If there’s one thing most people have too many of, it’s tools! If you’re someone who likes doing their own repairs around the house, then this might seem like an obvious tip—but even if you don’t have tons of tools lying around everywhere, chances are good that some of them can be repurposed into something else useful in the garage! For example: A socket wrench may look useless when all its bits are missing…but what about using it instead for hanging up clothes?

Install over-the-door racks and hooks

Another great way to keep your garage organized is by using over-the-door hooks and racks. There are a huge variety of different types of hooks and racks, so you can find something that will suit your needs. For example, if you like to hang up shirts and other clothes, then over-the-door hangers are perfect for this purpose. They’re easy to install and take down when not in use, which makes them perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend all their time organizing their garage!

Additionally, if you have shoes that need storing – whether they be trainers or boots – then hanging them on an over-the-door shoe holder will make them easier to find when needed! You could also use the same type of storage system for bags/handbags or even scarves and hats – whatever it is that you want hanging up in your garage! An alternative option would be using a clothes rail instead; these are ideal if there isn’t enough space available behind closed doors (many houses now have sliding doors as entranceways due to modern design trends).

Don’t forget about coats/jackets either! If there isn’t room inside any cupboards underneath stairs then installing one on each side wall would work too – although probably not as well unless there’s more than one coat rack installed at once*.

Use your walls to store long objects

Storing long objects like ladders, plants, and shovels can be the most challenging part of organizing a garage. You have to find a place where they can fit comfortably, yet be easy enough to access when needed. Here are some ideas on how you can store these items in your garage:

  • Tension rods: This is a great option if you have a small space and don’t have room for a shelf or pegboard. You’ll need two tension rods (one for each end) with hooks on each end that will hold your ladder in place.
  • Command hooks: If you don’t want to drill into the wall and use screws or nails, command hooks are perfect for hanging up your ladder on any flat surface like drywall or cement blocks. Just make sure there’s no moisture underneath them before hanging!
  • Ladders: If you only need it occasionally then try storing it vertically against an inside wall so it doesn’t take up too much room when not being used but still keeps out of sight from anyone else entering through one entrance/exit door at all times (ease-of-access).

Use your walls for storage

  • Use your walls for storage. It’s easier to store long items—like tools, brooms and mops—on the wall than in a drawer or cabinet. You can also put things on the wall that you can’t store anywhere else, like a small step ladder or a large bag of dog food.
  • Store items that are easy to access. When it comes to garage organization, there are some places where you want everything right at your fingertips so that working on projects is easy and convenient:
  • The top shelf of cabinets near the door is best reserved for hand tools like screwdrivers and wrenches so they’re within reach when you need them most (for example, when screwing together furniture).
  • Organizing drawers by type helps ensure that you’ll always find what you’re looking for quickly even if your workspace isn’t tidy every day (for example, storing all lighters together makes them easier to find when suddenly inspiration strikes!).
  • Keep things organized as much as possible! This one seems obvious but many people aren’t aware just how important organization really is until they start trying out these tips themselves!

Organization tips from garage to closet.

If you have a garage, it’s essential to have a system for storing your things. Otherwise, it will quickly become a cluttered space that is difficult to navigate and use.

It’s also important to organize your closet and dresser drawers on a regular basis so that they are easy to find clothes in and don’t take up too much space in the room itself.

Your bedroom should be set up so that items are easy to get at when needed but out of the way when not needed—this means putting them either in their place or back where they belong as soon as possible!


As you can see, there are many ways to organize your garage or storage space. Try these tips out and see which ones work best for you!

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