How Do You Dress Like A Hippie?

Hippie fashion is back. You may have seen it on the runway at Paris Fashion Week, or on celebs like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. The 70’s were a time of cultural and political revolution, when freedom was a lifestyle choice for many people. This movement had its roots in 1960s San Francisco, where hippies espoused peace and love over materialism and war. Hippies were known for their long hair, tie-dye shirts, jeans or bell bottoms—and were often viewed as counterculture rebels by mainstream society.


Denim is a huge part of the hippie culture. When you’re looking to dress like a hippie, you should wear denim that is slightly faded and has a few holes in it. A lot of hippies also wear denim bell bottoms and denim jackets.

Hippies have a very laid-back style when it comes to their clothing choices, so they tend to wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing at the time. As long as you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing while still keeping with the general theme of being laid back then you should be fine!


To begin, you must make a fringe jacket. This is not as simple as it might seem, but the task is achievable with some basic sewing skills and a bit of imagination.

Once your fringe jacket is complete, put it on! You will notice the magical hippie aura emanating from your body. Feel free to close your eyes and enjoy this moment—you deserve it!

Now that you have mastered the art of wearing fringe jackets in public without being ridiculed by society at large, here are some outfit ideas for both men and women:

  • Men can wear these overcoats with jeans or khakis for an easygoing look that still stands out from traditional streetwear trends.* Women can add dainty accessories like necklaces or headbands then pair them with loose-fitting dresses or skirts.* If you want something less formal than jeans/trousers but not quite as casual as shorts/flip flops then try cargo pants instead.* Cargo pants are typically made out of denim material which makes them durable enough stand up against rainstorms (although they’re probably not waterproof).


Flares are one of the most popular types of hippie clothing. They can be found in pants, skirts and dresses.

Flares were very popular in the 70s and they still are today. They’re considered fashionable in hippie style because they give you a free spirit look that makes you feel comfortable, especially if you like to dance or jump around when you wear them!

A flare is any type of clothing that flares out at the bottom of your leg—but not too much so that it becomes a tutu or ballet skirt (unless that’s what you want)!


Boho is a style that combines the boho-chic look with hippie sensibilities. It’s a mix of bohemian and hippie styles, so you can wear your tie-dye T-shirt under a button down shirt or pair it with your favorite maxi skirt. There are no rules to this look, but we do recommend keeping things soft and flowing rather than structured and sharp. You’ll want clothes that are loose enough to allow movement but still have an element of structure in them (think: long sleeve shirts tied at the waist).


Hippie headbands are a must-have for the hippie style. Here are some of the best styles to consider when creating your hippie look:

  • Tie dye headbands
  • Bhakti headbands
  • Headbands from the 60s and 70s
  • Headbands with feathers (feathers of course!)
  • Headbands with flowers, or even mini flower crowns (flowers are a must)
  • Tassels or fringe on any part of your headband – even if it doesn’t match anything else you’re wearing!

Flowy Dresses

To dress like a hippie, your first stop should be the maxi dress. Maxi dresses are easy to find and can be worn with sandals or boots depending on the season. A simple black maxi dress is a great way to start if you’re not sure how to get started dressing like a hippie, but if you want something more colorful and eye-catching, try looking for an Indian print in bright colors such as blue or yellow. Floral prints are another good option if you want something less bohemian. If all else fails, consider layering different styles of caftan over one another until your outfit screams ‘hippie chic.’

Indian Patterns and Prints

You can also wear Indian patterns and prints. The hippies were inspired by the hippie-like culture of the Indians, so it makes sense that they would start to wear their clothing as well.

There are a lot of great options for hippie clothing that have Indian patterns and prints on them. One great example is an Indian shirt or skirt.


Hippies are known for their needlework. It’s an art form that has been practiced since the 15th century, and hippies have been using it on their clothing since the 1960s. The two main types of embroidery are counted and freehand, which involves drawing a pattern on fabric with thread or yarn and then stitching along the lines you’ve drawn. In many cases, you can see that hippie clothing incorporates both types of embroidery together: On one side of a dress there will be intricate designs stitched into place; on another side there might just be some free-form doodling.

Flower Power

Flower Power

The flower power movement is all about peace, love, and happiness. So why not bring some of these vibes into your wardrobe? Wear a headband or crown with flowers in your hair to show your commitment to this way of life. You can also make a statement by adding small plastic flowers onto other pieces of clothing like hats or shirts. If you want to go even further, try a dress made out of flower petals! This will definitely get people talking about how hippie-chic you are.

Dressing like a hippie can be done using some of these helpful tips.

The hippie look is one that’s been around for decades and has become an iconic style. To dress like a hippie, you’ll need to invest in some key pieces.

  • Denim and fringes are both essential pieces of the hippie look. Shop vintage stores or thrift shops for authentic vintage items made from denim or fringe-trimmed fabrics. You can add some new touches to these old clothes by customizing them yourself with paint, glue, or buttons!
  • Flares are another great way to add flair to any outfit—and they’re easy-peasy to make! If you want something more modern than bell bottoms (which were popular in the 60s), try making flares out of wide legged pants instead! The easiest way is simply by sewing two pieces of fabric together at their sides so that they overlap each other; then just hem them up when finished!
  • Headbands are another big part of the hippie aesthetic—and there are so many different ways you can wear them too! If you don’t have any headbands lying around at home already (or if yours got lost somewhere along the way…), try making one yourself using ribbon or fabric scraps tied together tightly into knots around two rubber bands or hair ties (as shown here).


In conclusion, the hippie clothing style is a colorful and fun way to dress. You can find a lot of cool hippie clothes online and in stores, or you can make them yourself from recycled materials. The hippie style has been around for a long time, but it’s still popular today because it’s unique and different from what most people wear.

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