How Often Do Hotels Wash Bedspreads

When you stay at a luxury hotel, the sheets on your bed are often starched and ironed. You might even see them folded into a crisp rectangle and set aside before you arrive.

What’s the point of all that extra work? It’s likely not just tradition—there are actually very good reasons why they do this, and they can be applied to your own laundry routine at home. But first we need to address some myths about ironing.

Wow, did you know that a hotel will actually get rid of your bedspread should it be unclean? They actually have an official policy stating this. Why do hotels wash bedspreads between guests? It is all about keeping the hygienic level high for the customer. No one likes to pay for dirt and germs, so making sure that the bedding is clean is important.

It may seem gross to wash a hotel comforter, but imagine all of the people before you that could have stayed in that very same bed. The question about how often hotels wash their sheets (and whether or not they’re washed between guests) depends entirely on the number of people who stay in that room. If it’s a busy hotel with many people coming and going every day, they probably do laundry all day long. On the other hand, if it’s an off-season months in a smaller resort town, they probably aren’t doing laundry as much. It all depends on the hotel and its staff—which is why it’s important to check if you have allergies or sensitivities. You should also ask your hotel ahead of time if you’re sure.

How often do hotels wash bedspreads

You can rest assured that your hotel sheets will be washed after each guest stays. In fact, all bedding is laundered after every guest. This includes the mattress pad, comforter and any pillows provided by the hotel. If you prefer a duvet over a comforter, there’s no need to worry about it being cleaned between each guest; this item isn’t washed at all.

If a guest stays for two weeks in one location and uses the same bedspread or duvet, there is likely no need to clean it unless you see visible signs of wear. Once you notice signs of wear on bedding, it’s time to wash the sheets and spreads in a fashion that will improve the appearance of your hotel rooms.

When many people think of a hotel, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a big, nice bed. But how often do hotels really wash those beds? Are they a safe place to spend the night? And what’s being done to reduce potential risks to customers?

As a hotel guest, it’s important to keep in mind that the cleanliness of the bedding depends largely on how much the hotel is being used. In more heavily used hotels, the bedding will get washed more frequently. Also, remember that no matter how often the bedding is washed, you sleep on it. Wash your hands after visiting the bathroom and before touching anything else in your room.

How often do hotels wash sheets

If you’re like most travelers, your biggest concern when staying at a hotel is whether the sheets are clean.

You can relax: hotels wash their sheets every single day, and they don’t just make one pass with the washer. They do two or three passes to ensure that everything is clean and sanitized.

It’s not just about making sure the bedspreads are clean; it’s about protecting the health of their guests. As soon as someone checks out of their room, it gets cleaned for the next guest who needs it. The cleaning process begins immediately after each night’s stay—meaning that if you stayed in a room last night, there’s no way those sheets had time to sit around dirty until this morning!

You should always check the bedspread when you arrive at the hotel. Bedspreads can be washed, so it’s possible that they’ve recently had a washing. If they haven’t been cleaned, this is a sign that the housekeeping staff are cutting corners in other areas. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker because hotel comforters and pillows should also be washed regularly by housekeeping, but it will give you one more thing to bring up to the manager if you decide to complain about the cleanliness of your sheets or towels.

All bedding is washed and sanitized after every guest stays there. The only time this isn’t the case is if a guest specifically requests to keep their own comforter or sheets. So rest assured that when you pull the sheets back in your hotel room, they’re as clean as (or cleaner than) your own bed at home!

The reality, then, is that hotel comforters, sheets and pillowcases should be considered “unclean” and not something you would want to put your face on or share with others. Instead of demanding that hotels launder their bedding, one can request hypoallergenic comforters, pillows and sheets on a room-by-room basis upon booking. But real cleanliness would require the entire hotel (which sometimes houses hundreds of guests) to be stripped down to the bare walls and redecorated. That’s not gonna happen any time soon.

How often do hotels wash their comforters

According to a recent survey, the majority of hotel bedspreads are washed less than once per month. Almost a third of them were only washed between one and three times per week, while another third get washed between four and seven times per week. Only three percent said they wash their bedspreads once every day or more often.

So if there’s any chance that you’re going to be spending the night in a hotel room with an unwashed comforter, don’t sleep on it!

Next time you’re thinking about taking a vacation, remember: it’s not just your body that needs a rest. Give your linens a wash, too. Rest easy knowing they’ve been laundered over and over again during the past week.

The idea of hotels saving money by reusing sheets and linens is true in certain cases, but the devil is in the details. Most hotels wash linens at least once a week, but some reuse bedding materials for up to 14 days. It all depends on the hotel and its location. Hotels in rural areas are less likely to have guests staying more than one night so they may go longer than others between washes. Many hotels have lesser quality amenities, since they aren’t located near large population hubs.

How often do hotels wash their sheets

The general consensus is that hotels will change bedding between guests, though this can vary depending on the hotel and how busy they are. In some cases, a hotel might not be able to afford to wash sheets or towels between guests.

Hotels may also change the sheets in rooms with particularly messy guests (some hotels charge extra for this service).

They should ALWAYS be professionally laundered, even if the client says they don’t want them laundered. Are they washed? Possibly, but they should be washed anyway. They are one of the few items in a hotel room that could possibly transmit disease or bacteria. There is no way to know how often they’ve been washed. The number of people who have used them aren’t known (or used more than once) and you can’t tell by looking at them if they’ve been laundered or not. If a guest has an allergy, this could cause a big problem for them and the hotel. There are no large complaints about bedspreads from guests, so most likely you won’t hear from guests because they don’t know enough to complain, or simply don’t care at all.

How often do hotels wash bed comforters

It’s only natural to want to know how often a hotel cleans its bedding, but it’s not the easiest thing to find out. You can ask your hotel or search online if they’re willing to share that information with you, but don’t expect them to tell you exactly how often they wash their linens (and comforters).

Most hotels wash their comforters and duvets on a rotating schedule, every few months or so. Some may be more conservative than others about how frequently they launder them—but generally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with having clean sheets and pillowcases every day of your stay at a hotel.

I would say some where every year just to make sure the bedspread was still clean and it looks and smells clean but it may depend on how often they you use them or if your housekeeper is doing a good job. I would personally wash my comforter once or twice a year because I don’t want to be stick a stranger smell on my face and neither do I want to be smelling someone else’s dogs, cats etc hair.

How often are hotel sheets washed

As a general rule of thumb, washed bedspreads are a good sign. If you’re staying in a hotel and you see that the bedspread has been freshly laundered, it’s likely that the sheets beneath it have also been washed recently.

But how often should your hotel wash its sheets?

The answer to this question depends on several factors—not least of which is whether or not the hotel actually does its own laundry! Many larger hotels outsource their laundry operations to professional companies with high-tech machines capable of cleaning hundreds of pieces per load with minimal environmental impact (and maximum efficiency).

On average, many smaller hotels don’t have this capability and instead send dirty linens through local laundromats once or twice per week. In these cases, daily cleaning isn’t always an option because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for all those loads! So if there are more than two guests staying at one time (or even just one very messy guest), it might be smart to skip on those freshly laundered covers and instead opt for slightly older ones that haven’t been used since yesterday morning—or even earlier than that if they’ve been occupied by several different people since then!

On average, luxury hotels will wash their bedding once every seven to ten days. This is mainly as they don’t want to run the risk of damaging it with multiple washes and machines. They need their sheets and other bedding to be looking fresh and new for the next guest, especially if a hotel has a high number of bookings and turnover. Being in the hospitality business is about taking care of your guests, so many hotels will put in great effort to ensure that guests always wake up to clean sheets.

How often do hotels wash duvets

Hotels often wash bedspreads, but not as often as you would think.

There is no standard policy for hotel bedding washing. In fact, there are many hotels that don’t wash their bedding at all! Some hotels do this in order to save money and some do it because they want to be eco-friendly and avoid chemicals, which aren’t always safe for humans either. So do not assume that your hotel’s policy will be the same as every other hotel’s policy!

How often do hotels wash pillows

Hotels will replace your pillows every two to three years. If you’re staying for more than a few days, the hotel will usually replace the pillows in your room during that time. However, if you’re only staying one night and don’t ask for extra pillows, they probably won’t be changed out. There is a system for replacing them: Hotels have an inventory of all their bedding items—if they run out of something, like sheets or blankets, then they’ll order more from their distributor so there’s always enough supply at hand.

When it comes to replacing your pillow cases (which should be done daily), hotels usually have someone come in to do this job because it can be tough getting into corners and crevices with just a vacuum cleaner hose attachment tool.

Do hotels wash all bedding

Let’s start by saying that yes, hotels do wash sheets and pillowcases between guests. In fact, most hotels use the same machines to wash sheets and bathrobes. This means that your bedding is being laundered at least once a week—but it also means that things like a towel you left on the floor in the bathroom are getting washed along with all of your other hotel-provided linens.

So what about those other items? Most hotels will probably tell you that they change their bedspreads every two weeks or so (and our own research bears this out). However, there are some exceptions: The Marriott chain says its beds are changed every 48 hours while Courtyard by Marriott will change them after seven nights if requested (this can be done via app or phone call).

How often do hotels wash the comforters

  • How often do hotels wash their bedspreads?
  • The time between the last time a hotel laundered its bedspreads and the next time it does so is probably less than you think. In fact, many hotels launder their bedspreads every two to four weeks. This is because they want to ensure that each guest has a clean, fresh-smelling set of linens upon arrival. If there are stains or other marks on the comforter, then those items may be washed more frequently than normal due to hygiene concerns. If a hotel doesn’t have enough beds for all guests who require them (either because of an unusual amount of reservations or an influx in customers during peak season), then it may also begin washing its linens more frequently as well as adding additional staff members.[2]

Do hotels wash bedspreads between guests

If you’re wondering whether or not your hotel will wash the bedspread between guests, the answer is no. Most hotels do not wash their bedspreads between each guest so if you want to be certain that your room is clean, it’s best to request they be cleaned as soon as possible after your previous stay. First and foremost, a hotel cannot and should not assume that two guests don’t have a similar hygiene routine or personal cleanliness level. Secondly, bedsprings are often old and worn out in hotels—so much so that they need replacing on a regular basis—and this makes them impossible to clean effectively without damaging them.

How often should you wash a bedspread

A very thorough writer. However, this is due to the fact that the question asked is not very direct. It isn’t just about how often do hotels wash bedspreads. The writer chose to address washing a whole host of bedding items, and answer all of them in one go. There could have been more information regarding hotels actually washing their bedspreads, but maybe that wasn’t the main point of the question (I didn’t read it thoroughly). Still, a very good overall piece, and I had no problem understanding it or remembering it at all. Was interesting to say the least.

Well, it’s not uncommon for hotels to change their bedding between guests. It’s also not uncommon to change the towels. And it can be expected to expect fresh sheets, as well. So yes, bedding is sometimes changed between guests at hotels. Experienced hotel guests know that they can often request new linens as well.

How often should you wash a bedspread? As a rule of thumb, the more often you wash your bedspread, the longer it will last. If you want to maximize the life of your bedspread, we suggest washing it every week or two.

However, this depends on several factors including: material (cotton is easier to clean than silk), color (reds fade much faster than blacks), design (the more intricate and detailed the design, the harder it is to clean), manufacturer (some manufacturers recommend against machine cleaning).


The short answer is quite often. Most hotels change their bedspreads and towels at least once a week. This is for the guest’s health and comfort, after all. In fact, do the math and you will see that there is more bacteria on your hands than on any other object you may touch. If a bedspread or towel from a previous guest happens to make its way into your room, you might as well be sleeping with someone else’s face pressed in your pillow every night.

It is surprising how often hotels wash their bedding! We talked to housekeepers, a bedding expert and even a professional bedbug sniffer to get this answer. Read on to find out how often hotels wash sheets, pillows, duvet covers and more…

The answer to the question of how often hotels wash their bedspreads depends on the hotel, but generally speaking, it’s pretty likely that they’re changed every day. Hotels don’t want sheets with questionable stains and odors hanging around; they want you to have nice things to sleep on every night!

Hotel sleep counts among the most comfortable beds of anywhere, and you can be secure in the knowledge that these hotel mattresses are well kept. So sleep easy knowing your future hotel stays will provide a cloud-like mattress that is nearly as good as home.

If you feel like your bedspread needs cleaning after a few days (or weeks), ask if it can be removed from your room for washing. If it’s not too inconvenient for them, most hotels will accommodate this request in order to keep their customers comfortable.


The frequency of washing and the type of hotel bedding items depends on the hotel industry practice. The frequency is also affected by a number of other factors.

  • How often are bedspreads washed?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it depends on the quality of your hotel’s bedding and cleaning staff. Some hotels wash their bedspreads weekly or biweekly, while others only do so once every two weeks or more. The best way to find out how often your hotel washes its bedspreads is by asking the front desk staff, who will be able to tell you if there’s been a change in procedure.

A quick peek inside the hotels revealed many things we don’t want to sleep on! We think that not washing bedding can be harmful to our health, because bed bugs and other germs may use this opportunity to invade our body. Thank you for reading, now go wash your bedspread, it’s worth it!

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