how often do hotels wash comforters

With all the germs and bacteria that are on hotel beds, towels, and pillows, it’s not surprising that some hotels don’t wash their comforters as often as they should. However, there is no “standard” for how often hotel rooms are cleaned—and this includes washing their bedding. This can be a problem if you have allergies or sensitive skin. The best bet if you’re worried about allergies is to ask for a clean comforter when checking into a hotel room. If that’s not possible because there are no clean ones available at check-in time (which happens often), your only other option might be to remove the comforter from the bed and place it on a sofa or chair in your room where it can air out while you’re staying there before putting it back on when you leave so it doesn’t get dirty again with someone else’s germs!

Do hotels wash their comforters?

The answer is: it depends. Some hotels wash their comforters every day, but others don’t touch them for weeks at a time. For example, the Hilton Garden Inn in San Antonio has its comforters laundered once a week; at the Quality Inn in Las Vegas they’re cleaned every two weeks; and the Hyatt Place hotel on Long Island will only wash them if requested by the guest or if there’s a spill or stain that needs attention.

The good news is that most hotels are willing to accommodate this request, although you may find yourself having to pay for it (the charge can range anywhere from $10-$15). And with allergies being such an important consideration these days, it’s also worth asking whether your room carries any allergens (e.g., dust mites) before making any requests of housekeeping staff!

There is no “standard” for how often hotels wash their comforters.

There is no “standard” for how often hotels wash their comforters. A hotel may choose to wash its comforters every day, every few days or even never and it’s up to you to decide what that means to you as a guest. Some hotels use a service that cleans the comforters more frequently than others.

The best bet if you have allergies is to ask for a clean comforter.

If you have allergies, the best bet is to ask for a clean comforter. If you aren’t sure whether your hotel has washed their comforters after each guest stays there, then simply ask them if it’s possible to get a fresh one.

Some hotels may charge extra for this request, but it’s better than having to deal with sneezing uncontrollably all night and waking up in the morning feeling exhausted from lack of sleep.

If you don’t want to risk getting an “unwashed” comforter at any price, then there are some things that can be done:

  • Ask for bedding sets instead of individual sheets and blankets (this includes pillowcases). They’re cheaper than buying new ones every time and they usually come with pillows too!
  • Get an air mattress or mattress pad/topper so that if something happens during the night (like if someone spills water on their sleeping bag) then everything isn’t ruined forever.”

The comforter could be removed from the bed and placed on a sofa.

If the comforter is removed from the bed, it will not come into contact with your bedding. This way, you can avoid any allergic reactions caused by dust mites and other allergens. If your child has allergies, it’s best to only use a duvet cover that is washable and remove the comforter so that it doesn’t touch a small child’s skin or clothing.

Some hotels don’t wash their comforters as often as they should.

  • You should wash your comforter at least once a month.
  • Hotels don’t always wash their comforters as often as they should.

If you’re looking for more information about hotel comforters, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll tell you how often hotels wash their comforters, and whether or not they do it properly.

If you have allergies, ask for a new comforter.

If you have allergies, ask for a new comforter.

If you are sensitive to dust mites, it’s also a good idea to ask for a new one.


The best way to stay safe is to ask for a new comforter when you are staying at a hotel. If you want to avoid cleaning fees, check out the bed sheets and towels before using them or ask if they come with a cleaning service. If the answer is no, then ask if they can provide some clean linens while yours are being laundered at no extra charge.

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