kitchen organization tips

There’s nothing like a well-organized kitchen. You can find your favorite spices without much effort, and everything is within easy reach. But the kitchen can be a chaotic place, especially if you’re a busy cook. The countertops are filled with ingredients, cooking tools and appliances. You might even have an overflowing pantry.

But it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to get more organized! Here are some easy tips for getting and staying organized in your kitchen:

Get a pegboard

A pegboard is an excellent way to store and display your tools. You can buy pre-made pegboards, but they cost quite a bit and will take up a lot of space in your kitchen. It’s more economical to make one yourself out of plywood or corkboard, which are both soft and easy on the tools you hang there. If you want to get fancy, you can paint it to match your cabinets or decorate it with decals and stickers!

Use hanging baskets and jars.

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen organized is by using hanging baskets and jars. They’re perfect for storing things like pasta, rice, flour and other dry goods.

You can hang them from the ceiling or attach them to the wall using screws. This is especially helpful if you have limited storage space in your home because they take up very little room!

Create a pull-out pantry

A pull-out pantry is a cabinet with one or more sections that slide out from a wall, which makes it easy to access everything inside. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants more space in their kitchen, but doesn’t have room for an island or other major structural additions. If this sounds like you, then the first step towards creating your own pull-out pantry is to create measurements of where you want the unit to go on your wall.

Next comes getting some help building it! If you are handy enough and comfortable working with tools and building materials, there are plenty of tutorials online that show how to build this kind of project yourself—but if not (or if you don’t want to mess up your walls), hiring someone who specializes in custom cabinetry can save both time and money while giving you exactly what looks best in your home

Install a kitchen island.

  • When you think about it, kitchen islands are some of the most practical pieces of furniture in your home. They’re essentially a table with stools around it—but this means you can use them for eating, doing homework and crafts with kids, or even as an extra work surface. And when you don’t need them for these things? You can push them up against the wall until you do!
  • Kitchen islands are also great for storage: they provide an extra surface to organize pots and pans (or anything else) on top; underneath they have plenty of space to store things like baking supplies; and they have drawers that allow you to keep more items out of sight.
  • If you have enough room in your kitchen to accommodate one, installing an island is likely going to be among the best investments in organization that you make during your renovation project.

Repurpose your coffee station.

  • Repurpose your coffee station.
  • Keep it all in one place.
  • Easy access to all your ingredients and tools.
  • Create a workstation.

Store cookbooks on their sides, not upright

If you’re a cookbook collector and want to keep your collection in tip-top shape, store them on their sides. Store them upright, they can warp and get damaged. Cookbooks will also last longer if they are kept in a cool, dry place with low light exposure. If possible, avoid storing them near heat sources (like an oven) because this will likely damage the book’s spine. Instead of stacking all of your cookbooks up together on an unused shelf space or countertop, consider purchasing some sort of container to store them in that has multiple levels for easy access. For example: A cardboard box is great for storing large volumes of books as well as keeping dust off; whereas another option would be a specialised plastic container which can be purchased from any bookstore or online retailer – these types of containers have multiple compartments allowing one to organise their collection by category such as baking vs baking & sweets vs cooking skills etcetera….

Add hooks to your trash can.

Adding hooks to your trash can is a great way to make use of the space below it.

  • Hanging your trash can on the wall frees up valuable counter space, and it makes it easier for you to lift out bags when they get full.
  • Adding a shelf underneath the trash bin is another quick way to add more storage in your kitchen. You can store anything from tupperware containers to cereal boxes here.
  • If you want something that catches crumbs and other small items as you’re cooking (but doesn’t take up much space), consider adding a basket with handles that hangs from one side of the shelf directly above your trash can. This will help keep counters clear!

Build a lazy Susan in your corner cabinet.

If you’ve got a corner cabinet, you can make the most of it by installing a lazy Susan. It’s an easy project that will help keep your spices, baking ingredients and other small items organized.

  • Lazy Susan installation is simple: Just drill holes in the floor of the cabinet and screw down using wood screws or pilot holes for screws. If necessary, use brackets to support the bottom shelf from below. Secure casters in place with bolts and nuts (or by simply tightening them down).
  • Organizing is easy — just fill up each compartment!
  • You’ll save money over time because you won’t have to buy new cabinets or reorganize your kitchen every time something new comes into your life that requires storage space in your cupboards.

Make use of all your space with over the door storage.

Another great way to maximize your kitchen space is by installing over the door storage. You can use it to store pots and pans, spices, or other small items in your kitchen. It’s compact, easy to install and will free up some much needed counter space if you have a small kitchen like me!

This tip is perfect for anyone who needs more storage in their home but don’t have much room to work with.

Add tiered shelving to maximize space in small cabinets.

As a general rule, the more you can store on top of your cabinet shelves, the better. This maximizes the amount of space for items that are used more often and makes them easy to find. Tiered shelving is a great way to do this because it gives you several layers of storage space in small cabinets. Try using tiered shelves for spices, canned goods and other items that take up less vertical space than their container size would suggest. Tiered shelving can also be used for organizing other items in your kitchen such as utensils or dry food like rice or flour—just be sure not too crowd the shelf with stuff!

Here are some great ways to add organization to your kitchen.

  • Use a pegboard to organize pots and pans. Pegboards are an inexpensive way to create a place for all your cookware, from saucepans and skillets to lids and colanders. They’re easy to install, so you can hang them on the wall in minutes—and they’re also removable, so if you don’t love the look after a few months of use, you can just take it off without damaging your walls or having permanent holes in your kitchen!
  • Create pull-out storage shelving with baskets or jars. Shelves like this work best when they’re attached directly underneath cabinets—so that when you pull out the shelf, it doesn’t come crashing down against its supports. To make sure this doesn’t happen:
  • Attach shelves with screws into studs (not drywall) on two opposite sides of each side of the cabinet (or use metal brackets).
  • Make sure there’s enough space inside each cabinet before installing shelves—otherwise they may not fit correctly (or at all!). If there’s not enough room between shelves already installed above them (if applicable), consider adding another shelf between existing ones instead; then attach brackets below those new ones instead of above them so as not interfere with existing ones being removed when pulling out lower ones’ contents!
  • Use strong brackets made specifically for attaching heavy objects like these–regular old nails won’t do!


With these tips, you can make your kitchen more organized and efficient. You will be able to find everything you need and keep it nice and neat. If you want to get even more organized, there are also other options like installing a new island or adding hooks to your trash can that will help with keeping everything in order!

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