Leprechaun Trap Ideas

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Leprechaun Traps are a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This is a great project for the kids, because they can help make it.

Here are some ideas for leprechaun traps:

Wrap a coin in foil and put it behind a magnet on your fridge. Hide the coin so you can find it later or leave it there for someone else to find.

Make a treasure box with a lid that opens when you move the handle on top. Place candy inside and use green duct tape to decorate the box, if you like.

Use an empty toilet paper roll and cut out two small holes at one end of the roll. Glue googly eyes onto them and put string through the holes so you can hang the roll from your ceiling or door frame with clothespins or tape. The leprechaun will have to stick his hand into one end of the tube and hope he gets lucky!

Make an envelope trap by cutting out an old envelope into a rectangle shape with rounded corners, then folding over one side of each corner so they meet in the middle (like an envelope). Fill it with crumpled up newspaper, close it up, then place it on top

You can make a leprechaun trap out of many things, but the most important thing is to make it look like something that would attract a leprechaun. Here are some ideas for making your own leprechaun trap:

  1. Take an empty cereal box, paint it green with gold trim, and make sure it has a picture of Lucky Charms on it. Put it on the ground outside where you think a leprechaun will see it.
  2. Drill holes in two pieces of wood and put them together to make an X shape. Put string through the holes so that you can tie them together to form a cross-shaped structure. Paint the cross green and cover it with glitter if you want to make it even more attractive to leprechauns!

There are many ways to catch a leprechaun. These traps can be used to catch any leprechaun, but they are especially effective on the more mischievous types.

  1. The three-legged stool trap: This is a very simple trap that requires no bait or special equipment at all. Simply place a stool with three legs in front of you and wait for a leprechaun to walk by it. When he does, quickly pull one of the legs out from under him and he will fall on his face. Once he is on the ground, simply grab hold of him and put him in your bag!
  2. The rainbow trap: Leprechauns love rainbows and all things magical, so this trap should be fairly easy for them to fall into. Simply put up rainbow colored streamers across an opening in your house where you know a leprechaun will pass through (like a doorway). Make sure that these streamers are attached tightly enough that they won’t come loose easily, otherwise they might just fly away before they hit their target!
  3. The pot o

Leprechaun Trap Ideas

If you’re planning to throw a leprechaun trap party, you’re going to need a few things. First of all, you’ll need some green food coloring and gold sprinkles to make the trap look authentic. You’ll also want to get some plastic gold coins for your guests, along with some fake money.

You’ll want to set up your traps in the backyard or another area where there’s plenty of room for people to gather comfortably. If you have an open space in the center of your yard, this is perfect for setting up a “pot of gold” at the end of a rainbow. If not, there are plenty of other ways to set up your leprechaun traps that will still be fun for everyone involved! Here are some ideas:

In front of your house: If you live in a neighborhood or subdivision where everyone knows each other well, it might be fun to leave out one or two leprechaun traps in front of your home or garage door so that neighbors can come by and see if they’ve caught anything while they’re out walking their dog or doing something else outside on St. Patrick’s Day morning. If this sounds like something

Leprechaun traps are a fun and easy way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Here are some ideas for making your own leprechaun trap.

  1. The Cake Trap

This is the classic leprechaun trap. It works best if you have a dog that will eat just about anything, but it could work with a cat or other pet too. Just set up a trail of M&Ms leading up to the cake and make sure your pet is hungry!

  1. The Cheese Trap

Cheese is another great bait for luring in leprechauns. Instead of using this trap for your pet, use it on yourself — put out some cheese before bed and see if you wake up with gold coins under your pillow!

  1. The Gold Coin Cookie Trap

I love this idea from Pinterest! Instead of leaving coins around the house, why not leave cookies? It’s probably easier than cleaning up after all those coins anyway…