Puffer jacket styling

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Puffer jackets are the ultimate in cozy outerwear. They’re warm, water-resistant, and durable. This makes them ideal for all kinds of weather, from dry and sunny days to wet and windy ones.

Puffer jacket styling has evolved over the years. They used to be boxy and unflattering, but now they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: short or long, fitted or loose, with a hood or without one.

Puffer jackets are super versatile — they look great layered over t-shirts and skinny jeans or worn on their own with a pair of leggings. They’re an essential piece that every woman should have in her closet!

Puffer jacket styling is about the fit, fabric and details. The jacket should be oversized, with a longer length and looser fit than a parka or winter coat. It should have detailing on the front zipper or collar that gives it some personality and interest.

When selecting a puffer jacket, look for one that has a high-quality finish (not cheap), but don’t be afraid of more budget-friendly options if they’re well made. You can find great inexpensive ones at Uniqlo, H&M and Zara.

Puffer jackets are a staple of cold-weather style. They’re functional, they’re warm, and they look great.

But there’s an art to wearing one right — not the least of which is knowing how to style one.

Here are some tips and tricks for pulling off the puffer jacket look:

  1. Don’t wear it with jeans
  2. Wear it over a shirt (not under)
  3. Layer with other pieces

Puffer jackets are a winter staple, but they’re not just for the cold. You can wear your puffers all year round. Check out the best ways to style and wear your puffer jacket below:

  1. With jeans. Puffers are a great way to add some extra warmth to your denim wardrobe. Pair them with skinny jeans or bootcut jeans for an edgy look.
  2. Over dresses and skirts. A puffer jacket makes it easy to dress up any outfit without having to layer up — just throw it over your favorite party dress or casual skirt and you’re good to go!
  3. With leggings and sneakers or boots. Puffers pair well with leggings or tights in fall and winter months, especially when paired with boots or sneakers, but they also look great with summery sandals and ankle-strap heels when temperatures warm up during the spring and summer months of the year as well!
  4. As a layering piece under blazers or sweaters. If you have a thin blazer that needs some extra warmth, layer a puffer underneath it to keep yourself warm while still looking chic at work or school!

Puffer jackets are one of the most versatile pieces you can own. They’re perfect for layering over a tee or sweater when it’s cold, or thrown on by itself to keep you warm when the temps drop.

But they can be worn so many different ways, which is why we love them so much. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to style your puffer jacket this season, we’ve got 10 easy ways below:

Puffer Jacket Styling Ideas

  1. With a dress or skirt. Puffer jackets are great to wear over dresses or skirts because they add texture and definition to an outfit without making it look too bulky. It also keeps you warm during those in-between days when it’s not really cold enough for a thick coat but still chilly enough for something more substantial than just a tee alone.
  2. With leggings and boots for a casual look (bonus points if you wear them with socks!). This look works best with solid-colored leggings and tall boots that hit at your ankle bone (like these!). You can also try wearing them with sneakers if you want something more sporty looking but still comfortable enough for everyday wear!