5 Chic Ways to Wear A Skirt

Wear a sweater over your skirt.

This fall, consider wearing a sweater as your outer layer. Considerably more stylish than the bulky cardigans that may come to mind when you hear the word “sweater,” this new iteration is more closely related to the layering trend. In fact, there are five different ways you can choose to wear this type of garment in order to best combine style and functionality for your day-to-day life:

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Tuck your shirt into your skirt.

You don’t need to be rich or famous to look stylish. Take actress and model Kate Bosworth, who is known for her love of skirts. By tucking in a shirt and wearing high-heeled boots, she has developed an iconic style that is both chic and sophisticated. But the beauty of wearing a skirt is that it doesn’t all have to be so fancy. You can look just as great by simply pairing your favorite t-shirt with your fave jeans—as long as you tuck in the shirt’s hem.

This simple adjustment instantly changes the vibe of your outfit, giving you a more professional or stylish appearance depending on your preference. Tucking in a fitted shirt also helps to slim down your waistline, making you look more attractive overall no matter what type of skirt you’re rocking.

Pair your skirt with boots.

When it comes to skirts, one of the best ways to make sure you’re staying warm and looking polished is to pair a skirt with a well-matched pair of boots. The right boots can complement your skirt’s color, or simply add an interesting texture that breaks up an otherwise homogenous outfit.

In this article, we’ll be exploring several ways to wear a skirt in the fall and winter time. You may already know some of these styles already, but maybe you’ll pick up some new tricks too!

Tie a flannel around your waist.

Wearing a skirt in the winter can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is layering, and a flannel shirt is an excellent piece to add to your arsenal of cold-weather skirts. Flannels are versatile and classic—it’s almost impossible to look bad in one. By tying your flannel shirt around your waist, you create a contrasting mix of feminine and masculine influences. You’ll keep cozy and warm without looking like some frumpy old lady from the 1950s who thinks she’s all that because she has on her hipster glasses (which are not even hipster). Having the flannel open will also show off any belts or stylish tops you might have underneath it—so wear something that makes you feel confident!

If you wear a skirt to work, tieing your flannel around your waist undoes the buttoned-up look of a formal skirt suit—you can still be professional while being warm and comfortable. If it’s more appropriate for you to wear closed-toe shoes with your office attire, put on tall socks right over top of them until they’re hidden inside your boots: no one will know if they’re there when they’re covered up! This technique works well because tall socks come in every color under the sun: whatever color shoes you choose, there will always be a sock that matches them.

#TIP: Throw on some tall socks underneath those thigh high stockings so no one guesses what kind of naughty stuff is going on under there–and please don’t tell anyone I told you this

Layer with a jean jacket or vest.

Layer your skirts with a jean jacket or vest for an edgy look that can be dressed up or down. If you wear a skirt on its own, then it’s hard to know what to put over it without making the outfit look disheveled. A jean jacket or vest is a good choice because they’re casual and comfortable enough to keep the outfit from looking too buttoned-up, and also dressy enough to make it appropriate for a formal setting.

If you want to keep the outfit casual, then go for a denim jacket. Denim jackets are rugged but also popular in fashion right now, so this gives you some wiggle room if you want to remain on-trend. The denim fabric helps keeps things cool on warmer days when you might otherwise feel uncomfortable wearing your skirt in a sweltering climate.

A vest is another good choice—and can give your outfit more versatility depending on how dressy you want be that day. Vests are considered business casual attire these days, so they’re great if you don’t want something as structured as a suit while still wanting something relatively formal. They tend to have more pockets and zippers than most jackets anyway, which give them character and utility beyond their practicality as an office staple.

Layering skirts with vests and jean jackets will help ensure your outfits don’t seem predictable or boring!

Skirts are not just for summer!

Skirts can be a little tough to wear in the winter, especially if you’re worried about being cold. But fear not, friends! There are several ways to top off that lovely A-line skirt with a coat or layer so that you can enjoy the wintry weather without shivering.

Typical cold-weather skirts tend to come in either of two varieties: tailored with a stretchy waistband or swingy and billowy with an elastic waistband. Either way, it’s easy to dress up your skirt with a jean jacket or leather jacket (make sure to include tights for extra warmth!). If your skirt is made out of wool, flannel will give it a cozy look and feel. And for those days when you want even more extra coverage, add a vest on top!

If you’re feeling a little extra bold and have been working out hard at the gym all winter, why not try wearing boots with your skirt? Since they typically trail just above the ankle, this is also an option if you’ve been wanting some boots but haven’t found any that are just right yet! If your area has been experiencing colder temperatures lately where this might be appropriate, wear your boots over some warm socks so that you don’t get too uncomfortable walking around outside.

For those days when you’d prefer not to bundle up too much but still don’t feel like freezing while running errands or going about your day after work (especially if you have places to stop by on the way home) consider adding some flats into the mix too! You’ll stay warmer overall by covering up as much as possible where it counts and letting one part of your outfit breathe just enough so that you don’t overheat.

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