7 Outfit Ideas You Can Wear With Camo Pants

With a feminine blouse

Camo pants have made an unexpected comeback in recent years, and now that they’re everywhere, you might be wondering how to incorporate them into your wardrobe without looking like you’re about to go on a duck hunt. Camo pants are a staple piece for many women’s wardrobes, especially since they are so versatile; there are plenty of creative outfit ideas that can make them work for any occasion or style. The key is to layer the camo pants with other pieces that complement their shape and tone, creating a new look all together.

I’m going to give some examples here by sharing seven different outfit combos that I’ve seen around town. I think these are great looks and will inspire you to create your own unique combinations with this versatile pant!

With a black or dark gray crewneck sweatshirt and sneakers.

This fall, camo pants are all the rage. In fact, they’ve been so popular that they’re popping up in high fashion collections from big-name designers and fast-fashion retailers alike. But if you’re looking to rock these trend-forward trousers, you may be having a tough time figuring out how to style them. The secret is in pairing the camo pattern with a black or dark gray crewneck sweatshirt and sneakers, as demonstrated here by model Abraham Solano. With this outfit, you can achieve two separate looks—one casual, one dressy—and best of all, it’s easily wearable in the city on your way to work or during your commute home.

With a white tee and a denim jacket.

If you’re looking for outfit ideas that’ll look great with camo pants, simply choose a plain white shirt and pair it with your pants. To be clear, this does not mean a t-shirt—choose something more sophisticated, like a collared button up shirt. A solid color is essential here, because having any kind of pattern will clash badly with the disruptive print of the pants. Choose some jeans or chinos to pair with the shirt, and wear some nice shoes to finish things off.

The best part about this look is that the clothing can be almost anything you want it to be: wear flip flops or cowboy boots in the summer; throw on some snow boots or rain boots in the winter. The pieces are interchangeable—all you really need to do is find an all-white shirt and a pair of camo pants. Some people choose to go without camo pants altogether and just wear a white undershirt instead, while others may mix different colored clothing into their look as well. Have fun experimenting!

Wear camo with neon.

Camouflage is a timeless trend that will never go out of style. You can wear it with jeans and a plain shirt for a casual look, or you can don it with heels and a neon top for something chic and eye-popping. The possibilities are endless! Just avoid wearing bright colors directly next to your camo print because the contrast will be jarring. Here are some of our favorite ways to style these versatile pants:

With a button-down shirt.

It’s more than just a military-inspired trend. Camo pants can be worn in a variety of ways, and with a variety of tops—the opportunities are nearly limitless! In this guide, we’ll go over the basic idea behind pairing camo pants with your favorite tops, as well as a few suggestions for how to make the most out of your outfit.

One thing that’s easy to forget when styling your clothes: context matters. If you’re headed to work or school and don’t want anybody asking too many questions about what you’re wearing, it’s best to stick with black or white button-downs or turtlenecks. However, if you’re going for something bolder and more fun, like heading out for drinks after work or hitting up an outdoor concert this summer, camo is one of those great items that can make even the most boring top look stylish. When combined with unique patterns such as paisley or abstract prints instead of solid colors like black or white, camo will add an interesting texture while still enabling you to get away with wearing things that might be too loud in other contexts.[2] Finally, if you want some extra tips on how to style your camo pants and shirt outside of the office (or classroom), check out our infographic at the end!

With graphic hoodies.

Head over to your closet and take note of all the items you own that are a little too big, a little too small, or just don’t quite fit the bill. Ask yourself this: What are my options here? Now’s the time to do some honest soul searching and think about what you really want and what would look good on you. If you’re not sure where to begin, I suggest checking out Cameron Crowe’s movie Almost Famous for all kinds of ideas about style and confidence.

Wear them with denim on denim.

Wearing camo pants is a bold fashion move, but with the right accompaniments, you can pull it off like a total pro. The key to nailing this look is picking items that are similarly edgy. If your pants are going to be the loudest part of your outfit, then everything else should be toned down. We’re talking hoodies and sneakers instead of varsity jackets and heels.

If you’re looking for some clothing inspiration for how to rock a pair of camo pants in real life, check out these seven outfits that’ll help you get started:

  • Black & White Denim on Denim
  • Washed Jeans + Distressed Boots
  • Classic Gray Tee + Plaid Scarf
  • Camouflage Choker + Statement Necklace
  • Boyfriend-Fit Top + Hoodie + Skinny Jean
  • Clingy Button Down Blouse + High Waist Jeans + Booties
  • Oversized Cardigan + Heels

With colored jackets, like pink, yellow or cobalt blue.

As a longtime wearer of camo pants, I’m often asked about what other pieces can be worn with them. I admit that after seeing these photos, I was skeptical about some of them myself. However, wearing a few of these combinations has convinced me to give others a try. In the interest of helping other camo pants wearers like you find creative ways to wear their clothing without looking too much like they’re wearing camo gear even when they aren’t going hunting or jogging in the wilderness, here are my suggestions:

  • A denim jacket
  • A cardigan
  • A bomber jacket
  • A sweatshirt
  • A t-shirt (with caution)
  • A button-up shirt
  • A blouse (gah! Why?)

what to pair with camo pants

Hey there, fashion person! We’ve all been in that situation where you’ve purchased an item of clothing but don’t have an outfit in mind for it. You just bought some camo pants and now you need to think of something to wear with them.

What will you do?

Are you going to stare at the pants for hours, hoping inspiration strikes? Will a team of designers magically come into your home and make suggestions based on their knowledge and expertise? Will you pick out each separate piece one by one, trying to imagine what they’d look like together? Would it help if I told you that they can be worn with basically anything?

This isn’t a joke or an exaggeration: leggings, t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts–these are just a few items that will look great with camo pants. The design is versatile enough to match so many different styles, so this article is really about teaching you how to mix and match depending on the mood on the day or what’s in your closet. You might not even need any new clothes; chances are good that there’s a piece or two currently sitting in a corner somewhere that would look great with your new pants (or maybe it’s time for a little spring cleaning).

Camo pants can be worn in many ways for different styles

Camo has been trending ever since it first came onto the scene. Worn in all its iterations from dresses to jackets, camo is sure to be a trend that will never die. While there are plenty of ways to wear it, here’s some inspiration for some different combinations you can rock with camo pants:

  • Heels or sandals
  • Boots or flat shoes
  • Black, gray, or white crewneck sweatshirt
  • Button down shirt
  • Neon tee and jeans or skirt
  • Graphic hoodie

With these seven outfit ideas in mind, go forth and show off your style with confidence. Camo isn’t just for the masculine warriors of yore—it’s also made for you!

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