What To Wear To A Rave

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What to wear to a rave party

You might be asking yourself, “What should I wear to a rave party?”

Well, in order to have the best time of your life, it’s important to dress appropriately. Sure, you can wear whatever you want and dance all night long—but if you take that approach to the next level, you’ll be setting yourself up for a bad time. Let me give you some tips on what to wear:

Wear comfortable shoes. You want to be able to move around comfortably at a rave and leave feeling refreshed. If your pair has a little bit of height and support, then that’s fine! But if your shoes are starting to look dingy or flattened from all the pounding, then invest in some comfy kicks.

Wear loose clothing. Ditto with your shoes. There shouldn’t be any awkward bunching or tightness where it shouldn’t be (i.e., no visible bra straps or panty lines). That would definitely put a damper on how much fun everyone is having! Ideally, we’d like everyone at the rave party to feel comfortable enough not even bother wearing clothes at all—but this isn’t always possible!

Wear Kandi (raver jewelry). This is very important! Make sure that any pieces of jewelry you bring are colorful and bright—otherwise, they could end up being mistaken for photos of fruit or other hallucinogens in an Outkast shirt pocket during an intense police search led by an overzealous cop with extreme antigang training from (insert random high-ranking officer here)! It can also help if there is at least one gemstone piece involved with said Kandi item; otherwise, it could get lost amongst the beads and string of glowsticks swaying behind crowds of people moving around while they’re out wiggling their hips on various dance floors at various locations throughout different parts of town (it’s nerve-wracking going through security when the start-up alarm goes off).

What should a girl wear to a rave?

So what exactly should you wear to a rave? First of all, the most important thing is to be comfortable. You will be on your feet all night. If you are not wearing comfy shoes, you are going to have a bad time. So do yourself a favor and break out your favorite pair of sneakers or slip into some sandals if it’s warm outside.

Loose-fitting clothing is also ideal because it allows for more movement and airflow than skin-tight clothes. If you have never been to a rave before, then chances are that you will do some sweating! But don’t worry about getting too hot at least until the sun goes down or unless you are indoors without AC.

You may want to consider dressing in layers so that if it gets chilly or too hot, then it’s easy enough to shed one layer at a time until you feel just right. It can get really cold during the early hours of the morning when most raves end, so remember that! Another great way to stay warm during those extra chilly nights is by buying fluffies (fur boots) or even throwing on your winter jacket over top of whatever else you decide on wearing as long as they go with your outfit!

How should I dress for a rave?

You should dress in a way that you feel comfortable! Since most raves are all-night dance parties, finding clothes and shoes that you can dance in is important. If you’re going to an outdoor rave, make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. If it’s cold outside, wear warm clothing or bring extra layers that you can take off if you get hot on the floor. If it’s really hot out, either wear shorts or bring a long-sleeved shirt or pants to cover up with if the sun starts burning your skin. It’s also important to know where the rave will be taking place and what kind of event it is before deciding on what to wear. Make sure that your clothes fit with the theme of the party and are not too revealing for a crowded venue. If there will be lots of people and limited room to dance freely, we recommend wearing comfortable activewear like leggings, tank tops, hoodies, and sneakers rather than heels or boots which may make it hard for you to move around easily. Also, keep in mind that some venues don’t allow certain types of clothing so always check their website before attending!

Comfortable shoes

Don’t wear high heels. Don’t wear shoes that hurt your feet. Don’t wear shoes that fall off your feet. You will be dancing all night and you don’t want to have to stop dancing to put back on a shoe that’s fallen off and rolled under a light tower toward the back of the venue, or worse, been kicked off into the crowd. Also, you might need to take them off and clean them if you step in something gross on the ground so make sure they’re easy to get in and out of but also not too loose-fitting because otherwise it’s just like asking for someone to steal them from you which has happened before so…yeah it’s best not to think about that.

what to wear to a rave party

Something loose

Wear something loose. Looser clothing feels better than tighter clothing, both physically and emotionally. Your body will be more comfortable in a loose-fitting piece as you dance, sweat, and dance some more. You also won’t feel restricted in movement as you twist and turn to the beat of the music. Lastly, looser pieces are inherently cooler than anything tight which can help to keep you from overheating inside a crowded rave venue (which can get a little stuffy from time to time).


You may be wondering, what is Kandi? Well, Kandi is an accessory that ravers wear at raves. Here are some fun facts about this symbol of rave culture:

  • Kandi means bracelets or necklaces made from beads in the rave community. You can find Kandi everywhere at EDM events—people wear it on their wrists and arms, and they also decorate their clothing with it.
  • Kandi is usually worn by people to signify a connection between two people. If you make a new friend at a rave and exchange Kandi with them, it means you’ve just made another good friend! It’s like exchanging pins at Disney World, but way cooler.
  • Kandi can be made out of many different types of beads in different shapes and sizes. Often times ravers will use pony beads because they are cheap and easily customizable with designs or words.

Light up clothes

  • Glow sticks
  • Glow in the dark clothes
  • Glow in the dark body paint
  • Glow in the dark makeup
  • Glow in the dark temporary tattoos
  • LED light-up glasses
  • LED light-up clothing

Hats, hoodies, and jackets

If you’ll be outside for a long time, it’s likely that it will get chilly. Hats, hoodies, and jackets are great ways to keep warm. If you like the sun beating down on your face as you see the sunrise at Ultra Miami or EDC Las Vegas, then a hat may not be necessary. But if you’re going to be out all day, consider wearing a baseball cap or beanie to shield your eyes from the sun and maximize your comfort level. If there is rain in the forecast or if it is just an unusually cold event (like EDC Orlando), wear something waterproof like a rain jacket or poncho to stay dry and retain body heat over time.


If your ravewear is looking kind of plain next to the glitter and neon, fluffies are a great way to add a little personality. Fluffies are basically leg warmers made of fake fur or feathers. Most people wear them on their arms and legs, but they can also be worn as collars and headbands.

The most basic type of fluffy is an arm or leg warmer with elastic sewn into one end so it can be pulled over your limbs like a sock. They’re easy to find online from major retailers, usually for under $10.

For something more eye-catching, some ravers opt for fluffies that come in the shape of animals’ paws or feet. Most often these are designed to cover just your hands and feet, but there are also some full-body costumes available from costume stores. These usually cost anywhere from $20 – $40 depending on how elaborate they are.

Accessories like collars, ears, tails, and headbands can be found both online and in costume shops for around $10 each (or less if you buy them as part of a set).

Pants and shorts

Jeans are not the way to go. If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to pick up a pair of yoga pants, raves are it. Wear them with anything, and your legs will move freely. You’ll have plenty of room for your legs to stretch out, jump around, and go wild without having to worry about ripping your new jeans or making them uncomfortable for you and others. The same goes for leggings—they’re loose so they won’t rip but tight enough so you can notice when a stranger’s feet touch yours at midnight on the dance floor. Sweatpants are also an acceptable choice—toss them on with chokers and heels to make some heads turn in your direction (though I can promise it wouldn’t be the first time they would that night). If you want something more flattering than sweatpants but still just as comfy, joggers are right up your alley! They’re tighter than sweatpants yet looser than leggings, which makes them a great combination of both worlds. It’s no wonder why people have become obsessed with these things—I love them too! There really is no wrong way to wear bottoms when going out—the options are limitless!

Tank tops

If you’re looking for rave wear that’s simple and stylish, look no further than the tank top. Tank tops are a great option for rave wear because they’re comfortable, inexpensive, and come in a huge variety of colors and styles. They allow your skin to breathe in a hot crowd or during an outdoor event.

Tank tops can also be customized with rhinestones, glitter, lace, or any other embellishment of your choice. Many websites offer tutorials on how to customize clothing yourself, making it easy to create unique designs at home. For those who are not crafty but still want to express their rave style, there is always the option of buying pre-made clothing from stores or online outlets!

What to wear to a rave in the winter

The best thing you can do is a layer. As you dance and sweat, it’s important to be able to take off layers. If you’re concerned about cold weather, wear a jacket so that when you are indoors, you can take it off but still have it nearby. You want your clothes to be light and breathable. We recommend wearing athletic clothing or gym clothes because they allow for breathing and sweating and they don’t restrict movement (which is highly likely at a rave). Comfort is key! Dance shoes are also good because they can increase mobility. However, we suggest only wearing them if you are used to dancing in them for several hours at a time! Otherwise, we recommend comfortable running shoes for men or lightweight sneakers for women (although some women prefer dancing in heels). Finally, men should not wear sandals as their feet will get stomped on during the night–just trust us on this one!

What to wear to a rave when it is cold

Raves are always a blast and you want to be prepared for any situation. This list of rave survival gear has everything you need to make the most out of your experience.

Having a warm coat is one of the most important things to remember when choosing what to wear to a rave, especially when it’s cold outside. You can leave your coat in your car or near the stage, so you don’t have to carry it around with you all night.

Winter raves are not the time for tiny tank tops and thong bikinis! You might think that those clothes will keep you cool in the heat, but they’ll do nothing but make you feel more miserable outdoors at night while waiting in line or taking breaks between sets. Luckily there are plenty of options like long sleeves, corsets, bodysuits/leotards (with tights), leggings under skirts/dresses (which also have pockets!), sweatshirts over dresses/skirts (if they’re fitted enough), vests – anything really goes here as long as it’s thick enough so that when paired together these layers cover up enough skin from being exposed directly against windchill factors.”

What to wear to a rave as a guy

For guys, the key to dressing for a rave is comfort. You want to wear something that you don’t mind sweating in and something that will keep you warm at night. The most popular choices are jeans or shorts paired with a t-shirt, tank top, hoodie, and sneakers or boots. Some ravers also wear hats, bandanas, or beanies and some choose to bring jackets or hoodies as well.

What to wear to a rave at a club

If you’re new to the dance scene or are just a casual dancer, then start off small with your outfit. Wear something that is comfortable and easy to move around in. Don’t worry about having tons of Kandi or flashy lights; this isn’t Burning Man. Instead, think about what is going to make you feel the most comfortable during your night of dancing.

You can wear whatever you want to a rave, but it’s important to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing! A lot of people like wearing tight clothes so they don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions while dancing, but if it makes you uncomfortable then don’t wear them you don’t want your anxiety over how much skin is showing getting in the way of having fun!

If there’s one piece of advice we can give, it’s this: don’t go overboard with your outfit. There are plenty of ways to show off without revealing too much skin! If anything else fails though, try dressing up as an animal or some other creature from mythology so that no one will notice! You’ll be surprised at how little people care about what someone else looks like when they’re busy trying not to trip over their own feet on the dancefloor (and trust us on this one).

What to wear at a rave concert

What you wear to a rave is what’s going to either make it or break it. You want to be comfortable, look cool, and have fun, right? Well then here are some tips on what clothes are best for raving. Remember that not all of these tips will apply to every situation so choose the ones that work best for you!

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. It is important that whatever outfit you choose to wear at a rave concert feels good on your body because if it doesn’t fit well then it could be uncomfortable after dancing all night long. And don’t forget about socks too – they can also get sweaty from being up there with everyone else who’s probably wearing their own pair as well! The last thing y’all need is blisters on those feet!
  • Wear something light and loose. Don’t let the heat get too intense when raving because this will cause you not only discomfort but also dehydration so make sure not just in your clothes but also in any other accessories like jewelry (especially metal jewelry) and even makeup items such as foundation or powder foundations/concealers which might melt off during those long hours spent inside of an always packed arena filled with people who are dancing just like yourself 🙂
  • Wear light-up clothes; wear hats, hoodies, and jackets; wear fluffies; wear pants, shorts, tank tops; and clubbing clothes.

What to wear to an indoor rave

Curating a look for an indoor rave is similar to picking out outfits for the club: You want to express yourself in something you feel comfortable and confident in, but you also have to keep in mind whether your ensemble will be suited to dancing all night. Stretchy, breathable material—like spandex or cotton—is always a good place to start; it’ll allow your body to move as freely as possible. Your footwear should also be as minimal and flexible as possible. My go-to crowd-surfing shoe is a cheap pair of Adidas sandals, which easily slip on and off when I need them to, but can also handle the pressure of being trampled underfoot by thousands of ravers at once.

Other tips? Bring plenty of bandanas or face masks; these are almost always necessary for dusty warehouses or crowded tents with poor ventilation. If you’re going somewhere particularly muddy or dirty, invest in some kind of waterproof boot, like Blundstones or rubber Wellies—otherwise, you might find yourself ankle-deep in mud later on!

What to wear to an underground rave

It all depends on the type of rave you’re going to, and what’s comfortable for you. Some raves are more high fashion than others so it’s good to check out their dress code. But if they don’t have one, here are a few rules of thumb:

  • Wear comfortable shoes! If it’s not a dirty warehouse rave, then sure wear some heels. But honestly, even if it is a dirty warehouse rave (aka underground), people still wear heels because they always get in regardless of what they’re wearing. If you have nice running shoes or sneakers (that aren’t all white because that get destroyed easily) bring those too! The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while dancing the night away.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes and big chains. While everyone wears big shirts and loose pants at raves, it depends on your style and what works best for you. You can certainly show off your body with shorts or tank tops if that feels right for you but keep in mind that the bigger your shirt or pants are, the easier it is to dance around in them without feeling constricted by them at any point during the night. It’s also important not to wear too many layers as well because coats aren’t allowed inside most clubs and there will be no place for them unless someone holds onto yours during their entire set – which could ruin their night just as much as yours! And yes: Kandi is your friend!! So make friends!!
  • Wear light-up clothes. This can be anything from LED glasses or LED masks all over your face/body but most importantly LED gloves! These lights make everything look better especially when they’re blinking away at such a fast pace that doesn’t leave any room left behind as everything changes colors before our eyes while getting lost within this one moment forever lost within time itself never ever again until we find ourselves home again…

What not to wear to a rave

  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry. That would be a smart thing to do at a recreational facility, not a rave.
  • Don’t wear baggy pants. This is a rave, not an ’80s party.
  • Don’t wear shorts. There’s no reason you should be wearing something that resembles basketball shorts to an event where hundreds of people are dancing close together with their clothes on and the air conditioning is turned up high.
  • Don’t wear sandals or flip-flops. Placing your bare feet on the floor of any public place—especially one where hundreds of people are having fun by dancing enthusiastically— is just asking for trouble.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing. With all the different body types present in one room, it makes sense that there will be wildly varying levels of personal hygiene in the room too! You’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable during your night out, so dress accordingly!
  • Don’t wear white clothing or clothes with large logos and/or graphic prints on them.” If you spill alcohol all over yourself and onto your shirt, you’ll look like such a mess! At least dark colors hide stains well!

What to wear to the countdown rave

You’ve been to the main stage and you’ve been to the dubstep tent. Now it’s time for the biggest rave of all at Countdown. This is a new year, and you want to start it off right—so wear something that makes you feel good about yourself.

It’s easy to get carried away with your outfits for certain raves, especially when you’re going for a specific vibe. But sometimes simpler is better. Choose an article of clothing that makes you feel confident, and then make sure everything else in your look matches it well enough to pull together as one cohesive rave outfit—but not so much that they fight each other for attention.

Make sure what you’re wearing fits properly and matches your size—and if it’s too tight or too loose, wear something else! The last thing you want at a rave is clothes that don’t fit right or aren’t comfortable enough to dance in.

What to wear to a rave festival

You’ve scored tickets to one of the hottest raves in town: The Rave Music Festival. Congratulations!

Unless you’re one of the lucky few with a guaranteed ticket, you had to compete with thousands of other fans for your spot at this event. Now that you have tickets, it’s time to get ready for the concert.

  • Don’t wear too much: You’re going to be dancing all day and night long at a rave festival, so dress comfortably. Throw on some jeans or leggings and a cute crop top (that shows off your glow sticks) and you’ll be good to go.
  • Do wear something cheap: When we say “cheap,” we don’t mean “low quality.” We mean “inexpensive.” If your outfit’s not expensive, you won’t stress out if someone spills their beer on it—or even if it gets lost or stolen in the crowd. It never hurts to dress down to avoid being called out as a poser by seasoned ravers!

If you want to be comfortable at a rave wear comfy shoes, loose clothing, Kandi (raver jewelry), hats, fluffies, pants or shorts, and tank tops.

If you want to be comfortable at a rave wear comfy shoes, loose clothing, Kandi (raver jewelry), hats, fluffies, pants or shorts, and tank tops. Comfortable shoes are the most important item to wear to a rave. You will probably be dancing for about five hours! Loose clothing is also important because you don’t want to be restricted by tight clothes on the dancefloor. Kandi (raver jewelry) is an accessory that you could add to your outfit that can make it look pretty cool. A hat is another accessory that you could add to compliment your outfit. Fluffies are basically furry boot covers that you can put over your shoes. Pants or shorts are good because they don’t restrict movement but keep you covered up if the venue gets cold inside. Finally, tank tops are great because they allow maximum movement of arms while still being cute and fashionable.

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