What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress

You already know that a red dress makes you stand out in any crowd. No matter the dress’ style, texture or shade of red, this color comes off as elegant, sophisticated and sexy – making it one of the perfect go-to dresses for a formal event or a night out on the town.

When you wear a red dress, your shoes are just as important as your dress. You need to consider the style, texture and shade of your red dress before deciding on what pair of shoes to wear with it. Here we will show you how to match them properly so you look amazing from head to toe!

Red shoes for a red dress.

Red is perhaps the most popular color for shoes, so finding a pair to go with your dress might seem like an easy task. There are no hard-and-fast rules about what colors look best when worn with red dresses. The color of your shoes largely depends on the occasion and what you’re wearing.

  • If you want to wear a black leather jacket with your red dress, it will probably look best if you wear black boots rather than pointed toe heels. If the occasion calls for formal attire, opt for solid-colored shoes such as navy or chocolate browns. These colors won’t clash with your red dress but they do provide contrast and will pair nicely with any outfit!

Gold shoe for a red dress.

If you’re wondering how to wear gold shoes with a red dress, this is the section for you. We’ll fill you in on what to expect from gold shoes, give some tips for wearing them with a red dress, and provide some inspiration from people who have pulled off this look.

For one thing, shoes in a metallic color (like gold) tend to be less formal than other colors because they’re shiny and eye-catching. Gold is less formal than silver but more formal than bronze. The most formal shoe colors are black and oxblood. For the least formal look possible, choose white or beige shoes.

Silver shoes for a red dress.

Silver shoes are the obvious choice to pair with a red dress. They make you look like a movie star and catch the light so nicely! But there’s a fine line between looking like a celebrity and looking like an extra in a cheap sci-fi film.

If your dress is short, silver shoes can definitely be too much. Try gold instead. The shiny, metallic surface may seem weird at first, but it’ll blend into the background once you put everything together. If your dress is long and flowing, silver shoes can work for you, as long as you avoid wearing them with silver jewelry or accessories—otherwise you might end up looking like something out of Blade Runner.

Blue shoes for a red dress.

When choosing a shoe color to pair with a red dress, keep the tone of the blue in mind. If you find that blue shoes don’t line up well with your personal style, there are still options for you. Navy and royal blue are great choices because they’re so similar in tone to red.

Additionally, if you have any other items in your outfit that feature bold colors or patterns (for example, a patterned purse), consider your shoes as an opportunity to balance everything out.

Nude shoes for a red dress.

Nude shoes are a classic choice for a red dress. If you’re wearing a dramatic red dress, nude shoes can tone down the outfit, helping you to wear your dress for more occasions. If you have an accessory (like a beautiful necklace) that you want to draw attention to, nude shoes can help with that too.

Black shoes for a red dress.

The primary reason to pair black shoes with a red dress is because it highlights the women wearing this outfit. The contrast between the two colors brings attention to the wearer.

Black pairs well with red, especially if you wear tights. Tights are a great way to instantly improve your style and they come in all different colors and materials. White tights look exceptionally fresh with black shoes because they’ll blend right into your legs! For example, try wearing white tights under a short red dress or skirt paired with black pumps (see photo).

Another option? Pairing white tights and black shoes creates an effortlessly chic look. This will be perfect for those days when you want something simple but still stylish!

Grey shoes for a red dress.

Grey shoes would be a good choice if you’re going for a neutral look that doesn’t bring too much attention to itself. A comfortable pair of grey shoes will go well with the red dress, and is one of the safer options for pairing with red. Grey is also a versatile colour and should match most other accessories that you’ll wear with your outfit.

It’s important to consider how bright or vivid the red dress is before selecting your grey shoe. A more subdued shade of red is better paired with light shades of grey, whereas brighter colours work best with darker greys or black.

White heels for a red dress.

How does a girl put together the perfect outfit for that big day? Shoes, of course. A red dress demands white heels. It’s not that difficult to pair the right shoes with your dress if you already know what kind of event you want to wear it to.

You can go for the classic white pumps if you’re attending a formal affair, or throw on some white sneakers with a casual red frock and head out on an adventure in style.

A wedding is one of those events where everyone expects you to be dressed up in something fancy; so why not have fun with your look instead? In this article we will cover four different types of shoes (pumps/stilettos, sandals/wedges, boots/booties) plus flats and sneakers–all made specifically for wearing with dresses–that are perfect for any occasion!

Pink accessories to wear with a red dress.

While you may think that a pink handbag or shoes will clash with your red dress, in actuality, it’s an excellent way to add visual interest and break up the intense color of your dress. Here are some examples of how you can use these colors together:

  • Pink tulle flats with a red lace dress. The two pieces complement each other while not being identical.
  • A bright red silk shirtdress with pink suede kitten heels.
  • A baby pink cardigan sweater over a red satin slip dress layered over a white t-shirt. This outfit combines the colors of the feminine and sweet baby pink cardigan and the boldness and sexiness of the red slip dress for an original take on wearing pink with your favorite shade of fiery red.

When you’re wearing red, you can’t go wrong with black or nude

The two colors that are always the best choices for shoes with a red dress are black or nude.These colors look fabulous with all different shades of red, whether it’s a blue-based red such as scarlet, or an orange-based red like brick.

Nude is a safe bet for your feet if you’re wearing a bright red, but if you want to be less subdued and more dramatic, black is the way to go no matter what shade of red you’re wearing. Black shoes also work really well in contrast with pastel colors such as peach or yellow.

If choosing between nude or black shoes isn’t something you wish to do, know that both colors can be combined without looking ridiculous. This can be done by choosing one neutral colored shoe and one bold colored shoe (like black).


If you’ve been wondering how to choose shoes that are perfect for your dress, do a bit of research by checking out the event you’ll be attending. If it’s formal, keep in mind that black is the traditional footwear color for black tie events. But if it’s something more casual or daytime, there is a lot of room for creativity and personal style with shoe colors.

Wearing a red dress can make any woman feel sexy and confident; match your red dress with a great pair of shoes and nothing will stop you from feeling your best as you step out into your next fabulous occasion.

Wearing red heels with a red dress is an excellent way of creating a bold, fashion-forward look. It’s simple and chic, but also fun and energetic. The mix of colors brings a contemporary feel to your outfit.

In general, it’s best to wear black shoes with a red dress. Black shoes are neutral—they’ll go with just about any color you pair them with. They’re also sleek and subtle, so they won’t distract from the rest of your outfit.

If you want to make more of a statement with your footwear, try wearing silver or gold metallic shoes instead! I like adding silver heels because they match my jewelry or my purse — or both!

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