What To Wear Summer Wedding

Wear Light Colors.

  • Wear Light Colors. Light colors reflect light and heat, while dark colors absorb it. This means that a light-colored suit will be much cooler than a darker one, both visually and temperature-wise. Good options for summer wedding suits include light gray, white (but only if you’re not afraid of getting it dirty), or beige. If you’re going for something in the blue family, go for pastel shades like pale blue or pale lavender to avoid absorbing too much heat. And if pink is your color, choose a shade like pale yellow instead of the bright pink you might normally wear.

Another way to keep cool is by wearing fabrics that help wick away sweat from your skin. We recommend choosing natural fibers like cotton and linen over synthetic fabrics, which tend to trap sweat against your skin and make things more uncomfortable than they need to be!

Stay Cool with Linen.

The best option for a summer wedding? Linen. This breathable fabric is seasonally appropriate and comfortable, too! The key to pulling off linen for a summer wedding is keeping the tailoring and color palette simple. Look for a solid, neutral color; it will help you stay cool while still looking sharp. Understated colors work well with this fabric—and they’ll help you look polished in any setting, from an outdoor wedding on the beach to a classic ballroom reception.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen.

Between June and August, the sun is at its strongest and most damaging. Educate yourself on the proper way to wear sunscreen, including a thorough application of SPF 30 or greater and reapplication every two hours.

We also recommend bringing a hat (preferably one with a wide brim), a parasol, sunglasses, and skin-covering clothing. If you’re wearing dark clothing, make sure it’s made of light fabrics so as not to trap heat against your body—nothing we all love more than being sweaty at an outdoor party!

Wear Appropriate Shoes.

Wear Appropriate Shoes. If you are lucky enough to have been invited to an outdoor wedding, please make sure your shoes can handle the terrain. While stilettos may look killer with that dress, if you’re sinking into grass or tripping over cobblestones, it ain’t worth it. Also consider the hours of dancing ahead of you—if those shoes aren’t comfortable enough to wear all night, then save them for another occasion! And no matter how cute they are, don’t buy new shoes without first breaking them in—you don’t want a blister stopping you from hitting the dance floor! Finally, make sure your feet are camera-ready—don’t forget nail polish if you’re wearing sandals!

Accessorize Intelligently.

  • If you do decide to wear a suit, pair it with a pocket square that ties the entire look together.
  • For dresses, consider layering by combining a long summer dress over jeans for casual occasions or try a slip dress instead for evening.
  • If you choose to wear a jumpsuit to your next wedding, be sure and match it with some strappy shoes and other accessories (like jewelry) that will make you stand out – in all the right ways.
  • A romper can also be dressed up or down depending on where and when it is worn.

Wear a Breathable Fabric.

  • Wear a Breathable Fabric.

Wearing breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen, will allow you to stay cool during the summer months. Avoid wearing wool, polyester, and rayon fabrics that do not breathe well.

  • Wear Loose Clothing.

Wear loose, airy clothing that allows your skin to breathe and keep you cool in the summer heat. Avoid wearing tight clothing that can bind or cut off circulation if it is too hot outside.

Opt for Polished Fabrics.

Your clothing should complement the climate. To achieve a polished look without feeling uncomfortable, opt for lighter-weight fabrics, such as linen and cotton, during summer weddings. Avoid heavy materials like wool or corduroy, which are not only stiff but can lead to overheating.

Similarly, consider breathability when choosing your outfit. Linen is cool and breathable on its own, but you can also look for pieces with more technical fabrics that include special moisture-wicking properties.

Consider the Time of Day.

  • Consider the Time of Day.
  • Morning weddings: As per the season, choose a light-colored outfit and wear a pastel or floral print dress or skirt with heels.
  • Daytime weddings: If you are feeling bold, don’t be afraid to wear bright colors and prints. If a bright color is not your thing, stick to neutrals like blacks, whites and nudes.
  • Nighttime weddings: Evening weddings are more formal so save your most elegant dresses for this occasion. For evening weddings, cocktail dresses in rich fabrics like satin or silk are best. Choose darker colors like black, navy blue or burgundy for evening wear. The length of the dress is up to you but keep in mind that very short dresses may not be appropriate at an evening wedding if they make you look too sexy. It’s best to avoid white as many guests will be wearing white themselves and it might clash with the bride’s gown.
  • Late afternoon wedding: This can make for difficult dressing because it’s not quite lunchtime but it’s also not quite cocktail hour either! To keep your look daytime-appropriate without being too casual for the wedding itself, choose longer hemline styles appropriate for afternoon events such as tea-length dresses and full skirts with blouses or sweaters. Tea length styles can work well because they’re dressier than daytime hemlines (not as long as an evening hemline though) while still being appropriate for daywear when in lighter colors such as cream, blush pink or pale yellow paired with nude shoes and accessories like pearl earrings and necklaces (or faux pearls if real ones aren’t your style). Designed by us exclusively here at THE OUTNET this season is our Alice + Olivia “Darcy” Dress – you’ll love its beautiful floral print on delicate chiffon fabric perfect summery addition to any woman’s wardrobe this spring!

What Should Men Wear to a Summer Wedding?

  • Wear light colors in the summer. Light, airy fabrics are a must for summer groom attire, especially if the wedding is outdoors or in a warm area. Summer fabrics include cotton and linen. Darker suits will absorb heat and make you uncomfortable under the hot sun.
  • Wear a suit that fits your body type. You should be comfortable enough to move around freely during the ceremony and reception without having to worry about your clothes. A tailored suit will ensure that it fits well and is made from breathable fabric that won’t restrict you in any way.
  • Wear socks that go up to your knees. This allows for ventilation on those hot days when you’re dancing with all of your friends at the reception because they go well beyond just covering part of your leg – they also cover some skin underneath so there’s no chance of chafing or blisters forming during an active day outside!

What Should Women Wear to a Summer Wedding?

  • A dress.
  • Dress shoes.
  • Makeup. (Unless you’re Beyonce, in which case you don’t need any makeup.)
  • Jewelry. But not too much jewelry. Don’t be one of those people who goes crazy with the jewelry and ruins everyone’s time.
  • A purse! For your belongings!
  • Sunscreen to avoid sunburns and skin cancer. Not that I’m suggesting you need to worry about skin cancer, but applying sunscreen is a good habit, so maybe just do it anyway?
  • Sunglasses for cool style points or whatever (you don’t want to be squinting at the bride all day). Also for avoiding sun exposure that can cause eye cancer or whatever (you know what, I do worry about your health).
  • An umbrella because once again there’s that whole “avoiding sun exposure” thing and also this wedding is going to be outdoors because it’s summer and summer is beautiful so let’s enjoy it!.

Your summer wedding outfit should be classy and comfortable, but also weather-appropriate and leave room for movement.

Your summer wedding outfit should be classy and comfortable, but also weather-appropriate and leave room for movement.

  • Wear breathable, lightweight fabrics
  • Wear light, not dark, colors
  • Apply sunblock — even if it’s a cloudy day
  • Consider wearing sunglasses or a hat to protect your eyes and face from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • Consider switching out your shoes for a more comfortable pair during the reception.

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