The Top 10 Tips On What To Wear To Topgolf

1. Be comfortable in what you are wearing.

First things first: make sure your outfit is comfortable. You’ll be standing and walking for a long time, so don’t wear high heels or shoes that pinch or aren’t broken in yet. You want to be able to move around freely and not have anything constricting you.

  • Again, bring a jacket in case the weather changes
  • A light jacket is okay because of the air conditioning
  • Also take sunscreen if you’re going during the day
  • Wear tennis shoes that are good on slippery surfaces

2. Make sure you can lift your arms above your head.

Topgolf is a super fun, weirdly addictive game where you take your shot from a golf ball launcher and try to aim for targets on the range. It’s popular because it combines socializing with a sport in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re exercising (unless you’re particularly bad at it).

What do I need to know about my clothing when I go to play?

  • Figure out what kind of topgolfer you are
  • Will you be standing for most of the time? Or will you be sitting at tables? If it’s the latter, comfort rules! You’ll want something soft and flowing.
  • Do not wear a sweatshirt or anything else that covers your arms
  • If there was one thing we learned from playing Topgolf, it’s that how well your arms move while playing affects how much enjoyment you get out of each round. They need to be able to lift above your head, so stay away from puffy jackets and make sure whatever shirt or sweater (because turtlenecks are nonnegotiable) you wear isn’t restrictive when reaching up for balls. The rest of the outfit can get as breezy as possible if this is taken care of!
  • If you have long hair, have someone else deal with putting it in an elastic before driving over there
  • It seems like common sense…but if they ask why your hair is up in an elastic, tell them “I just always wear it like this” and don’t give them any more information than that—no matter how pushy they get

3. Wear closed toe shoes and make sure they are not loose fitting or slippery.

Luckily, Topgolf is a very forgiving place to play, no matter what you happen to be wearing. However, there are some key considerations and recommendations that can help lend your time on the range a little more comfort and style.

  • Comfort: This tip may seem like common sense, but it’s always worth noting how important it is to wear comfortable clothing. If a pair of shoes is too loose or too tight, it could throw off your balance during swings. Slippery shoes also aren’t ideal; one slip up and you could lose your footing entirely. Take these factors into consideration when shopping for footwear to wear during your next game of Topgolf.
  • Moisture-wicking socks: This isn’t just another fashion statement—your socks can either help or hinder the overall experience at Topgolf. When moisture from sweat builds up in your footwear, it has nowhere to go except outwards towards the ground beneath you. Even if you’re wearing closed toe shoes (as we recommend), this can make for some sour feelings as the perspiration begins to collect around your skin. For this reason, moisture-wicking socks are an essential part of any complete golf outfit at Topgolf® .
  • Open toes: Although this may seem like common sense advice by now (#4 in a series about what not to wear at Topgolf), we still see countless golfers with open toe shoes on our turf fields every day as they finish their games with us! Make sure that no part of your feet are exposed – especially using sandals or flip flops where toes are sometimes visible beneath straps – as they can damage turf in our greenspace areas and directly impact other players’ gameplay experiences while they play on our fields.*

4. Dress for the weather and make sure the clothes you choose to wear breathe well enough to dissipate heat, but are thick enough to keep you warm in cold climates.

Topgolf is a place where you can eat golf themed food, hit golf balls into a huge field of targets, and enjoy your food and drinks while hanging out with friends. It’s a fun way to get some exercise and enjoy yourself at the same time. However, there are certain things that you need to think about when it comes to dressing for Topgolf.

These tips are not necessarily required for everyone but in general Topgolf is usually open air and runs on artificial turf or astroturf so its suggested for most people to wear a pair of shoes that have soft rubber soles that won’t slip on the turf or need a lot of traction in order to avoid falling. There are some places within Topgolf where grass does grow but once again this is generally an outdoor facility that does not have proper growing conditions for grass.

5. Avoid wearing long pants if possible and look for shorts that have pockets to help hold tees and a golf ball.

The best way to ensure a day spent at Topgolf is enjoyable is to prepare ahead of time. Topgolf offers many activities, whether it’s golfing in one of their three bays, an arcade with high-tech games, or eating and drinking at the restaurant. But each activity requires different attire, so here are my tips on what to wear depending on what you’re doing.

Most importantly, comfortable shoes are a must! If you’re only going to be staying inside, tennis shoes will do the job—but if you plan on walking around outside or participating in any physical activity (like golfing), make sure your shoes have plenty of traction. If there’s any chance of rain, waterproof shoes are a great idea too!

For men especially: shorts that cover your knees when bending down are a necessity for avoiding injury and making sure everyone has proper coverage; the same goes for women wearing skirts. Also avoid wearing long pants if possible because they tend to catch on the rails when sliding back into position after hitting the ball. Wearing loose clothing is key for freedom of movement as well—no one wants a tight shirt or belt restricting their swing! Also avoid wearing button-up shirts that could get caught in the mechanism as well as anything with metal fasteners or studs as they could damage equipment. Finally—and this may go without saying—wear clean clothes that don’t have holes or stains. You’ll look better and more professional while being more comfortable throughout the day!

6. Wear socks of appropriate size and length so there is no discomfort when bending or squatting down on the hitting bay throughout your time at Topgolf

Topgolf has been hailed as the best place to get in some low-key golf, but you need to be dressed appropriately for a round of Topgolf or else you’re going to spend most of your time worrying about how dumb you look rather than focusing on the fun.

We’ve collected a few tips and tricks on what to wear so that you can enjoy yourself in comfort while there. This is meant as an informational piece and not at all a critique—we want everyone to have fun at Topgolf and are confident that this info will help everyone dress for success!

7. If your shirt has a pocket

A pocket-less shirt is the ultimate in laid-back comfort, but that’s not the case if you want to enjoy a fun day of golfing with friends and family at Topgolf. Worry not! There are plenty of ways to get through your day without any pockets.

If you’re going with a group, then it’s easier to split off and find your own way after playing a few games. You’ll be essentially on your own, with no pockets necessary. Just make sure you bring a pen or marker if you want someone’s autograph or if they want yours—and don’t forget about that camera! If you plan on bringing your phone for pictures, don’t put it in your pocket; otherwise, it might become damaged when you inevitably fall into one of the many water features around Topgolf.

Topgolf offers tons of things to do outside of just playing golf—there’s food, drinks, music and more! So if you’re planning on coming alone (or even if you’re going with a friend) but aren’t wearing something that has pockets for holding all this stuff, think about bringing an extra bag or purse so anything important will stay safe and dry all day long.

8. You may want to wear a hat too since it will help protect from sun exposure and keep hair out of your face while playing golf at Topgolf

It’s hard to enjoy the game if you’re worried about your hair getting in the way of your shots or if you’re fighting a sunburn. To ensure that everything flows smoothly, make sure you bring a hat!

What kind of hat should you wear? That’s up to you! Maybe you have an official Topgolf branded hat, or maybe it’s just something funky and colorful from your favorite local boutique. Either way, it’ll help contribute to your game and make sure your face is shaded as well. Create an outfit around the rest of what you choose to wear and be ready for when that perfect shot lands in front of you!

9. Topgolf participation is not required, but encouraged because everyone else is doing it – so just join in on the fun!

Topgolf is a unique and exciting experience, but what are the tricks to making sure you have an enjoyable time while also feeling like you blend in with the crowd? Here are some of our best tips for ensuring that your next trip to Topgolf is a success:

  • The bar at Topgolf offers everything from wine and beer to frozen margaritas. If you’re drinking alcohol, make sure to alternate between alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. This will prevent you from becoming too drunk, which could lead you to make mistakes that could potentially hurt others or yourself.
  • Topgolf is not a high-stakes tournament, so don’t be afraid of any rules or scoring systems. Just have fun! That’s why everybody else is there as well! There’s no need for intimidation or shame if something goes wrong—just laugh it off and try again later.
  • Don’t worry about getting into golfing shape before going to Topgolf – people come in all shapes in sizes, and pretty much everyone is fine with how other people look (unless they’re wearing pajamas or nothing at all). As long as your clothes are clean (or at least not visibly dirty), anyone can participate at Topgolf! Just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

10. Don’t forget about accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, bracelets, rings etcetera which can add some flair to any outfit at Topgolf!

If you’ve ever been to a Topgolf, then you know that there are many different ways to play our golf games! It’s important to stay comfortable and have fun while playing at Topgolf. This usually means wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and a shirt with enough room in it so that you can swing your club! Here are some other tips on what to wear at Topgolf:

  • Accessories – The best accessories for an outfit at Topgolf are going to be sunglasses, earrings (go for something small and delicate), bracelets (keep them simple but avoid cheap ones looking like they could break), rings (try getting one that is more ornate when you’re with your friends), etcetera.
  • What To Wear – Most of the time people wear jeans or casual khaki shorts paired with a nice shirt and their favorite pair of tennis shoes! When it comes to shirts make sure they’re not too baggy because as we said before you are going to be swinging a heavy stick around, so having some room in the shirt is ideal! If it’s really cold outside then throw on a sweatshirt or maybe even grab one of our hoodies!
  • Shoes – Tennis shoes. That is all.


With the summer heat bearing down on us, it’s time to think about how you’ll stay cool and comfortable while playing golf. And what better way to keep your cool than go through the list of tips above?

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