9 Tips for What to Wear Under Sheer Dress

If there’s one common fashion dilemma that many women face, it’s finding the right item to wear under a sheer dress. Sheer dresses are both fun and flirty, but it’s easy to make the wrong choice when shopping for lingerie or for bottoms. As tempting as it is to pick up a lovely, floaty garment and take a leap of faith (with your outfit selection), we strongly suggest taking extra care when picking out something that could be on display throughout your entire afternoon or evening.

Let this guide be your resource for what to wear under sheers!

DO wear a nude slip under a sheer dress.

It’s a long-held fashion rule that you can’t wear a slip under a sheer dress. But of course, every rule has its exceptions. There’s also the unspoken truth that every woman needs at least one nude slip in her wardrobe, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about slips and show you why they’re the most versatile item in your closet.

In case you’re not sure what a slip is exactly or have vague memories of your great-grandmother wearing them with Sunday best dresses, we’ll explain that too.

DON’T wear a brightly colored slip under a sheer dress.

A lot of people think that a slip under a dress is an elegant, seductive and sophisticated look, but it’s really just a cheap trick to make the dress look more expensive.

And it’s one that you shouldn’t be using if you want to be taken seriously as the woman you’re dressing up for. The problem with trying to hide your underwear through sheer fabric is that even the most discreet panties are still visible through it—and when they’re not on display, they’ll also tend to show through any top or blouse you wear over them. Such is the case with our choice of dress: a slinky black number in which we felt comfortable enough to pour on some bronzer and apply some false lashes over our natural eye color (we’d had fake lashes before, but felt like branching out into colored ones). The only way we could keep this visual assault on our modesty under wraps was by wearing everything black—from the shiny shoes that we wore out of the house, to our underwear and jewelry (those earrings were so tight they dug into my ears!).

In short: try not to use sheer fabrics as an excuse for showing off your undies.

DO consider shapewear under your sheer dress.

A shapewear approach is the perfect solution for anyone with an ample bosom. The material’s light design keeps your bust in place, yet allows it to move freely under a tight-fitting garment. Shapewear also improves posture by ensuring that your shoulders are stacked correctly, which helps prevent back pain caused by wearing a dress that’s too low-cut. Since the material is stretchy and breathable, it will still allow you to move naturally while keeping the shape of your breasts intact.

DON’T be afraid of showing off a bit of skin.

The world is full of beautiful, sexy women—and another of those women is you. You have a figure that can take anything. Whether it’s a stunning dress or even nothing at all, there’s no reason to be hiding yourself behind layers and layers of clothing just because you’re not comfortable in your own skin. The most beautiful people in the world aren’t afraid to show off their bodies, and you should be too.

Pose with confidence as you walk down the street in your new sheer dress. Flaunt yourself by wearing it with a plunging neckline and showing off some cleavage. Show that gorgeous body off and let the world catch glimpses of it before they get distracted by whatever else they see on the way home from work or school. When you feel confident enough to do so, start showing some skin around your neckline, shoulders, chest—whatever bits of your body make you feel good about yourself!

DO pay attention to the neckline of your undergarments.

Undergarments are a staple of the wardrobe, and can be a major factor in how you feel about your clothing. For instance, if you’re wearing a piece that’s cut low in the front, it can be distracting when you have an undergarment that doesn’t follow suit. The worst is having an ill-fitting undergarment that makes what could’ve been an attractive outfit look completely unflattering.

Whether you’re looking to cover up or show off, there are plenty of undergarments out there that will do their job well and look great doing it. If the neckline of your dress is especially revealing, do not neglect to pay attention to the neckline of your undergarments—the difference between a sweetheart bra and a demi bra can make all the difference in how flattering your outfit looks!

DON’T be afraid to have fun with the look of your undergarment.

The sheer dress trend is one of the most beloved fashion trends these days. It’s simple, elegant, and sexy at the same time—and it can be absolutely stunning when done right! The trick with any outfit involving this type of garment is in what you wear underneath.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to go wrong here. Obviously, you can’t just throw on your regular undies and call it a day. What if they show through? What if they don’t provide enough coverage? What if they are just ugly and not at all delightful to look at? You need an undergarment that complements the rest of your outfit while also keeping you comfortable throughout the party, during which you’ll be standing upright and bounding around while holding drinks in both hands.

In order to make sure that everything is covered appropriately, we’ve gathered a few tips for choosing what underwear to wear with a sheer top:

  • Choose something that matches your skin tone as closely as possible—not only will this cover up any lines or bumps, but it’ll also make the entire outfit seem seamless. If your dress has lace or some other pattern on its underlayer, chose a matching pattern for your underwear so that there’s no risk of those patterns clashing together.*
  • Be careful about selecting an off-the-rack item from a department store rack: many times these garments are designed for models and may not fit exactly how you want them to.* Consider whether wearing a thong or G-string would be more appropriate–they might feel uncomfortable in certain situations (e.g., sitting down), but they offer coverage without showing any lines.* Don’t forget to coordinate what’s underneath with what’s overtop!

DO think about how you’ll feel in your outfit.

We’ve all seen that sexy dress—you know, the kind with a slit up to your hip or the one that doesn’t quit until it reaches mid-thigh. You know you want to get it, because who wouldn’t?

  • #1. Feel confident in what you wear- The trick to pulling off an outfit like this is confidence. The second you start feeling self-conscious about how much of your legs are showing, you look awkward and uncomfortable and your outfit becomes less attractive.
  • #2. Pick something comfortable
  • #3. Pick something that fits well
  • #4. Pick something you like

Your favorite outfit might be the one that makes has you positively glowing with excitement!

DON’T let modesty get in the way of style.

With more and more women taking on roles in fiercely competitive professions, often finding themselves way out of their comfort zones and into unfamiliar territory, it’s no surprise that we’ve been seeing a lot of sheer dress lately. This trend is amazing for all the fashion options it offers. When you can’t see skin through clothing, there aren’t any rules about what you should wear underneath—but if your outfit is see-through, you have so many choices!

So don’t let modesty get in the way of style. You can take this look from day to night and from casual to formal by making a few adjustments. Here’s how:

DO follow the rules if you want to break them later.

If you want to look great, you may have to follow these rules.

  • Know what’s “in” right now
  • Know what looks good on you and your body type
  • wear the right kind of fabrics in the right colors with similar styles (e.g., don’t wear a 100% cotton shirt with a 100% polyester skirt)

Wearing a sheer dress can be tricky, but with these tips, you will be sure to look great!

Here are some tips for what to wear under a sheer dress:

  • Wear a slip! Your skin will be visible from the back, so you’ll want to cover up.
  • Don’t be afraid of showing skin. A chic number like this one is an excuse to show skin. You don’t have to wear a see-through dress just because a girl did; it’s totally your choice whether or not you’re comfortable with it. If you’re worried about modesty, make sure your hair isn’t in your face and that you’re wearing something passable.
  • Don’t be afraid of having fun with fashion! As long as you’re confident and comfortable, look amazing! No one will gain anything by looking down on you for wearing what makes you feel pretty.
  • Be mindful of the neckline. It’s the main thing that usually gets people into trouble when they are wearing sheer dresses. Make sure that the neckline doesn’t show too much cleavage if it can—there should be a little more fabric than there needs to be if that’s what feels right to you on your own body type, but as always, follow your own instincts and make sure that there isn’t any extra material exposed from where it shouldn’t be (like around the bust). Otherwise, skimpy clothes should never really need shapewear or another layer underneath for support (but sometimes people do create sets where those things are needed anyway!).


In conclusion, here are nine tips for what to wear under a sheer dress:

  • Choose a foundation that makes you feel confident.
  • Wear a seamless bra and panties combination if you’re self-conscious about your waistline.
  • Check yourself in the mirror from all angles before leaving the house, and have fun!

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