50 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2022

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already made a decision about what to dress up as, I’ve got you covered. This…


Halloween is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already made a decision about what to dress up as, I’ve got you covered.

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This list will bring you some of my favorite costume ideas for this year’s spooky holiday!

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Boo! The best Halloween costume ideas

If you’re like us, you get a little giddy over the idea of dressing up and getting out to celebrate Halloween. In fact, it’s one of our favorite holidays—when else can we feel totally fine being silly and creative? But we understand that not everyone feels this way. Some people would prefer to stay home, curled up on the couch with Netflix and pizza instead of going out into public in an outlandish costume. And that’s okay! In fact, why not plan a night in with your friends? You can create an awesomely fun atmosphere by hosting a themed party at home that allows everyone to dress up as their favorite characters from popular culture or pop culture! Here are some great ideas for spooky Halloween costumes for adults and kids alike:

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a popular Halloween costume. As one of the most well-known characters from Batman, Harley Quinn’s costume can be worn by both girls and boys. In fact, if you want to dress up as your favorite villain without being too scary for trick-or-treating with friends, Harley might be the perfect choice for you!

Harley Quinn is a popular villain from the Batman franchise who first appeared in 1992 as Dr. Harleen Quinzel (played by Margot Robbie), an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who falls in love with her patient Joker (played by Jared Leto). She eventually becomes his sidekick and partner-in-crime after he breaks out of Arkham Asylum with the help of some fellow inmates.


Medusa is a greek mythology character. She was originally a beautiful maiden who had been raped by Poseidon and Athena, but later transformed into a monster with snakes for hair. In Harry Potter, the Chamber of Secrets is opened when Ginny Weasley opens the diary of Tom Riddle (Voldemort) and is turned into stone by his gaze.

In the Percy Jackson series, Medusa’s statue has been found at Camp Half-Blood and Percy must fight her in order to save his mother from being petrified forever!

Baywatch babe

If you’re looking for a costume that’s great for a group and allows you to show off your swimsuit body, this Baywatch babe costume is perfect. The best part? If you’re not comfortable in a revealing costume, don’t worry! This one-piece suit still leaves plenty of room to keep it classy while enjoying the party atmosphere.

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter was a real person. She was a factory worker during World War II, and she helped build several aircraft for the US military. Though Rosie is often depicted as a white woman in artwork, her inspiration actually came from a black woman named Naomi Parker Fraley who worked at Alameda Naval Air Station in California.

Rosie was originally drawn by artist J. Howard Miller for an ad campaign for Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company’s “We Can Do It!” poster series, which encouraged women to join their male counterparts in the workforce during WWII. The image quickly became iconic—so much so that it represents any hard-working woman who helps get things done today (like you!).

50s pinup girl

The 50s pinup girl is one of the most iconic Halloween costumes. This look is based on fashion from the 1950s, which means you’ll need to get your hands on some classic pieces if you want to achieve this look. The best part about this costume is that it’s easy and inexpensive to put together, so even if you’re not great at sewing or want something simple and sweet, this is a great option!

The 50s were a time of great change in American society. Society was becoming more accepting of different sexualities and gender identities, while also seeing the rise of feminism. This led to women taking on traditionally male roles that had previously been considered unsuitable for them. As technology advanced, women started working in offices and wearing pantsuits instead of dresses.

Mary Poppins

If you’re the kind of person who likes to be the life of the party, then Mary Poppins is the perfect costume for you. She’s a classic Disney character and she’s easily recognizable by even those who don’t know her as well as they think they do. If you want to go with a group or family costume this year, Mary Poppins might be your best bet. She’s easy enough that everyone can make it work and her style makes it easy for everyone to dress up in their own style while still looking like part of a cohesive whole. If you’re going with friends who aren’t quite ready to commit themselves to full-on costumes, Mary Poppins might also be an option—she has enough personality that each person could dress up in their own way while still looking like part of something fun!

This is a list of great costume ideas for Halloween.

A costume is like a large piece of art that you wear to the party. You can be anything you want, as long as it’s fun and appropriate for the occasion. If your idea of a good time is dressing up like a character from your favorite TV show, then go ahead and do that! Maybe your dream Halloween costume is dressing up as yourself—but with an added twist? Or maybe you’re looking for something creative, unique and fun? Whatever your style may be, there are plenty of options out there for all ages!

Whether you’re on the hunt for costume ideas for your kids, yourself or that special someone, there are plenty of options out there. From the classic witch to a more modern zombie look, we’ve got everything covered with our roundup of Halloween costumes.


Whether you’re looking for scary Halloween costumes or something a little more fun and wacky, there are plenty of options available. This list contains some of our favorite ideas for this year’s celebration including Medusa and Harley Quinn. Whether you choose to go with one of these costumes or not, we hope it inspires some creative fun for everyone!

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