Dorm Room Storage Ideas

We’ve all been there: move-in day. You’re excited to get to campus and meet your new roommate, but as you’re unpacking box after box of stuff, it starts to become clear that there’s not enough space for everything. Luckily, we’ve got a few handy tips that will provide the extra storage you need in no time!

Max out your dresser space.

modern wall shelving ideas
modern wall shelving ideas

The space inside your dresser is there for a reason—to store clothes! But, if you have a lot of clothes, it can be difficult to keep them all neat and organized.

There are several ways to make the most out of that small amount of space:

  • Use vertical storage options. Just because the drawers aren’t very deep doesn’t mean you can’t store taller items in them. You can use hanging rods or expandable shelf organizers to maximize your drawer space and make it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Use stackable storage boxes. These are great for storing shorter items like socks and underwear but also work well on top of dresser drawers if they’re not too heavy or bulky (think towels). If you do choose to put boxes on top of existing drawers, make sure they don’t take up more than half the depth so there’s still room for clothes underneath them!

Think up, not out.

  • Think up, not out.

When it comes to dorm storage solutions, one of the best approaches is to think vertically rather than horizontally. A lofted bed leaves you with plenty of floor space that can be put to good use for storage and organization. You’ll have flexibility in terms of what you decide to store under your bed, as well as how much space there is. In fact, some students find that they can fit an entire closet’s worth of clothes and other items in their bedroom by using a lofted bed as a dresser drawers and organizing their belongings accordingly. Using this method also allows them to keep their desks in the same location while leaving enough room underneath for other things they need kept close at hand (like laptops or study materials).

  • Add an extra desk underneath your regular one if needed—or just use it as additional space for yourself! Many students find that having an extra table height desk next door (or even just on top) works really well for studying at night when there isn’t much light coming through windows; this way both sides are being used equally without sacrificing any comfort level or privacy level either way!

Make the most of your door.

You can put a lot of items on the back of your door and make them easily accessible. In fact, you might not even need shelves with this many options!

  • Over-the-door shoe racks are great for storing anything from shoes to toiletries.
  • Velcro strips will allow you to hang a whiteboard or mirror on the door as well. This makes it easy to write down notes, reminders, or important tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the day; it also gives you another place in your dorm room where family members can leave messages for each other!
  • You should definitely use a bulletin board next to or above the door—it’s an ideal place for photos of friends and family members who play sports at their colleges (and they’re less likely to get lost!).

Hooks, hooks and more hooks.

It’s important to keep your dorm room organized so that you can find what you’re looking for when it comes time to study or sleep. We suggest getting hooks in every place possible, because they are the best way to store things on a budget.


  • Over the door hooks are great for hanging hats and bags, but if you don’t have an over the door hook, try installing some inside of your closet door. They’re easy to install and make storing items quick and painless.


  • If there’s any wall space left after installing hooks on all of the doors in your dorm room, consider installing a pegboard on one side of it or putting up some hooks for hanging bags or purses on another side (if the latter option sounds good to you).

Underbed storage boxes.

Underbed storage boxes are a great place to hide your stuff and free up floor space.

When you buy them, make sure they are made from sturdy materials that will hold up to the weight of whatever you put inside. You don’t want them falling apart with one too many trips under the bed!

If you have a lot of clothes or other items that don’t get used seasonally, keeping them in an underbed box is a great way to keep your room tidy without having to see everything all at once. No more piles on top of piles! Just slide out what you need when needed (and feel free not to take everything out at once!). This makes it easy for guests who come over—they can access what they need easily and quickly without having to dig through all of their stuff first. Plus if your friends want some extra bedding during a sleepover (or if it’s cold outside), there’s plenty available right away without having to make multiple trips throughout the house trying find something else clean enough 🙂

Over-the-door shoe hanger.

  • Over-the-door shoe hangers are often used to store shoes, but they can be used for much more. They’re great organizers and space savers—you can hang up to six pairs of shoes on one over-the-door hanger.
  • You can also use them to organize accessories like hats and scarves, as well as handbags, backpacks and other bags.
  • They’re perfect for organizing cleaning supplies like brooms and mops because you can hang all these items from an over-the-door hanger without having them take up any floor space in your dorm room or apartment!
  • Another great way that over-the-door shoe hangers come in handy is for storing snacks: Simply hang a snack bag from the hook at the top of an over-the-door shoe hanger using one of our wide assortment of colorful clips or cupcake liners (if you want something fancier).

You can fit a lot in a small college dorm room if you get creative with your storage solutions.

You can fit a lot in a small college dorm room if you get creative with your storage solutions.

Use vertical space: You can hang things on the walls, the ceiling, and over your bed. For example, if you have ceiling space that’s not being used for lighting or plumbing pipes, install hooks to hang things from. If there are shelves above your closet door, use them for hanging clothes or bags instead of keeping them in the closet itself.

You can use hangers to store books vertically rather than horizontally on a shelf—this will save space without sacrificing accessibility! The same goes for other items like toiletries and shoes—hang them up rather than stacking them on shelves or tucking them under beds (where they’ll get dirty).


You can create the perfect dorm room by giving yourself the space to breathe and making your room a place where you feel comfortable, even if it is small. Keep reading for more tips on how to keep your dorm room organized today!

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