Dorm Room Layout Ideas

If you’re reading this blog post, I’m going to go ahead and assume you know a thing or two about dorm rooms. But what if I were to tell you that there’s a whole host of other uses for organization bins and dividers that you never even considered? It’s true! So today, we’re going to talk about the many different ways that having a good dorm layout can help make your life easier. Take #1 on our list, for example:

Layout Idea 1

  • Use a poster to cover the window.
  • Use a bunk bed.
  • Use a desk with shelves.
  • Use a small table.

Layout Idea 2

  • A bed against the wall
4 Roommate-Approved Design Ideas
4 Roommate-Approved Design Ideas

The second dorm room layout idea involves putting your bed against the wall. This is a great option if you want to maximize space and want easy access to your bed from one side of the room only. In addition to being able to sit on your bed from one side, it’s possible to climb into it from either side as well!

There are many ways that this setup can be used in different arrangements depending on what you have available in terms of floor space, but here are some ideas:

  • Put storage units under and/or above your bed for extra storage. You may find that even though there isn’t enough space for a dresser or nightstands, there is still enough room for a small closet underneath where clothes can be hung up instead of using those awkward hangers where clothes fall off when touched!
  • Place chairs by windows so friends can sit together while studying or watching Netflix at night (perfect if one roommate doesn’t like TV).

Layout Idea 3

Layout Idea 3

This layout is similar to the first one, but with a few changes. You will have to sacrifice some of your space for this one, but it will make it easier for you to put everything away at night and keep your dorm room looking neat. The best part about this design is that all of your clothing will be hanging up in front of you when you get dressed in the morning, which makes getting ready much quicker!


  • Easy to get dressed in the mornings
  • Everything is easy to put away at night because it’s all out in front of you Cons:
  • Gets cluttered easily if not cleaned up every day Alternatives:
  • Try using bins or plastic crates instead of hanging clothes on hangers. This way, they have more storage space without taking up too much floor space

Layout Idea 4

If you have a twin XL mattress, you can use twin sheets to make it look like a couch. This will allow for extra space and flexibility in your room. You can also use the desk from an old computer as a bedside table or entertainment console so that when guests come over, they can sit on the couch instead of your bed.

A folding desk is also another option if you don’t want to buy one new or if you’re tight on space (which we’ve all been there). Just try not to fold it up before guests come over!

Another great idea is using wall mounted desks because they offer a lot of workspace without taking up much room at all! You’ll have plenty of room underneath for storage too! Or if budget isn’t an issue then consider buying some adjustable height beds so everyone has their own level surface while working on homework etcetera.”

Layout Idea 5

Dorm rooms are the perfect place to take advantage of the space under your bed. While you can use these areas for storage, it’s important to be creative and make sure that it’s not an eyesore.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Use storage boxes or risers to create more space in this area.
  • Use baskets or bins to separate items by category (e.g., clothing, shoes). This will help keep things organized when they’re not being used so they won’t get dirty or dusty while they’re waiting their turn at the washing machine.
  • A great way to store things like books is by stacking them vertically on shelves placed underneath your bed frame; this keeps them off the ground where dust tends collect easily on top surfaces such as tables and desks (not just in dorm rooms but everywhere else too!).

Layout Idea 6

Layout Idea 6 is a room that follows the same principle as the previous layouts, but with some small changes to make it work better for your needs. This layout uses the bed as the focal point of the room, with other furniture spread out around it so that there is plenty of space to walk through without bumping into anything.

The first thing you’ll want to do with this layout is get rid of any large pieces of furniture that are currently taking up space in your dorm room. You should also consider getting rid of any extra beds or desks if possible; they’re typically not necessary and will only take up more space in your dorm room. In their place, you can add two chairs or one couch (or even both). If you have enough floor space available, consider adding a rug or carpet for comfort between seating areas; this will also help cover up stains from spills and pet hair if anyone brings pets along with them!

Layout Idea 7

  • Layout Idea 7: Bed in the Middle.

This layout is great for people who like to have their bed in the center of their room. If you have a twin XL mattress, this should work well for your dorm room layout because it will allow plenty of space around and under the bed. You can typically fit two desk chairs or other seating here as well (since there’s so much free space!).

  • Layout Idea 8: Bed Under Window

The last layout idea I want to share with you is having your bed directly underneath a window, which allows for natural light and fresh air all day long. This option works best if your dorm has high ceilings (which most do), since it makes sense for windows at eye-level or below! We’ve found that students often prefer having their desk next to their beds instead – maybe this is something worth trying out?

Layout Idea 8

In this layout, you can maximize space and make the most of high ceilings by converting loft beds or bunk beds into two levels. You can also use under-bed storage to store extra bed sheets, blankets and pillows. Furnishings with multiple functions are great too – desks with drawers or mini refrigerators that double as a TV stand are excellent options in small spaces!

If your dorm room has vertical space, try hanging shelves above the existing desk to keep things like books off the floor and out of sight when they’re not being used. If there isn’t much wall space available but plenty of floor area (and if you have a desk), try placing bookcases around it on both sides so that all of your books are within reach without taking up any additional room in your actual bedroom area (you can even use them for decorative purposes).

Also remember that smaller appliances take up less space than larger ones so consider investing in those instead; for example: microwaves are better than refrigerators because they’re more compact – especially if only one person needs to use them at a time!

There are many different layouts that can help with space and organization.

There are many different layouts that can help with space and organization. The best layout for your dorm will depend on the size of your room, what type of bed you have, and how much stuff you want to keep in the room. Below are some options that can be used for boys or girls and a variety of different sized rooms:

  • A lofted bed is an excellent way to make use of the vertical space in a room, especially if there isn’t much floor space available.
  • Bunk beds are another great way to utilize vertical space while making sure there’s enough floor area left over for other things like desks or chairs.
  • A Murphy bed allows you to free up even more floor space by folding down into the wall when not being used as a bed at night time (though it does take up some closet space during the day).
  • You can also replace a desk chair with one that folds away during the day but provides comfortable seating at night time so that when guests come over they’ll have somewhere to sit other than your bed!


Dorm room layouts are a very important thing to consider when you are designing your dorm room interior. It is essential that you know what kind of layout you want before heading out and buying all the decorations for your new home away from home. I hope these ideas have inspired you and given a little extra motivation to start thinking about how to plan out your own unique space! Best of luck!

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