Group Halloween Costumes For Girls


If you’re looking for a group costume idea that will make you look like the most popular group at the party, no one can beat Frozen. There are so many ways to do this! You can be Elsa and Anna, or Kristoff and Sven. Heck, throw Olaf in there while you’re at it. Or head over to Arendelle and dress up as a citizen of the kingdom—it’s totally up to you!

The best part about these costumes is that they don’t require much money at all; just look around your house for anything blue/green/purple that might work as ice magic or snowflakes. The only thing you’ll need is some fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics (or another craft store) if any pieces aren’t already made out of felt or cotton material.

The cast of “The Office”

Do you have a group of friends who would be willing to dress up together? If so, this is the perfect costume idea for you! You can dress up as your favorite characters from The Office. You’ll need:

  • A shirt and tie or two-piece suit for Jim Halpert
  • A pencil skirt, cardigan sweater, or blouse with pearls for Pam Beesley Halpert
  • A khaki suit and hat for Dwight Schrute (and maybe even some fake mustaches)
  • A business suit and tie for Michael Scott
  • Some khaki pants and a navy blue button-up shirt or polo shirt with collar pins on it if you want to be Ryan Howard or Kelly Kapoor

The cast of “Friends”

If you’re a fan of the ’90s TV show Friends, then this costume is perfect for you. All you need are six friends and a pair of ill-fitting pants!

The group can dress up as any combination of Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Chandler. You could even go as all six characters if you can find enough people to fill out the group. The only thing that matters is that all seven people end up wearing their own version of those awful pajama bottoms that everyone on Friends had to wear when they got their apartment together for the first time.

The cast of “Stranger Things”

Now you can be the cast of Stranger Things!

You have many options here. You could be Eleven and dress as a little girl, or go with her look in season 2. You can be Joyce Byers and wear a yellow cardigan and glasses (but don’t forget your pink lipstick). Or you could go with the classic Winona Ryder look, complete with shaggy hairstyle and red headband. But if you want to stand out from all the other Winonas at your Halloween party, I’d suggest going as Jim Hopper’s ex-wife Nancy Wheeler instead—you’ll need a nerdy T-shirt, brown pants (or jeans) and sneakers for this one!

“Ugly Betty” characters

“Ugly Betty” is a show about a young woman named Betty Suarez who works for a fashion magazine called Mode as an assistant to the editor-in-chief, Wilhelmina Slater. The show is based on Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty la Fea and was adapted by television writer Silvio Horta in collaboration with ABC and Touchstone Pictures.

The three main characters are:

  • America Ferrera as Betty Suarez
  • Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater
  • Eric Mabius as Daniel Meade

Snacks like Oreos, Crayons, and more

You can make these costumes by using items you already have at home. One idea is to use food as a costume! You can wear Oreos and pretend they’re part of your body or create a face out of them by painting faces on the cookies and adding eyes, noses and mouths with icing. Another option is to use crayons as parts of your costume. Try sticking them into a shirt or pants pocket so they look like buttons or zippers!

You can also create a sculpture out of goldfish crackers if you have enough time to really get creative. The only thing that limits how realistic your snacks look is how much time you spend on making them stand out from the real thing!

Berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

You and your friends can dress up as berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

You can wear different colored shirts and leggings.

You can make green stem hat to wear on your head.

Baked goods like cupcakes and cookies

If you and your friends have a strong baking/cooking history, then this can be a great costume idea. You can go with cupcakes or cookies, and even make it more interesting by putting on chef hats and aprons.

Alternatively, you could buy them online and use them for your costume. This is especially easy in some cities where there are plenty of bakeries that sell cute desserts like cupcakes and cookies. Either way, people will find it funny when they see how baked goods are part of your ensemble!

Fast food items like french fries, pizzas and more

Fast food costumes are a great option for group costumes. They’re easy to make with clothing you already own and can be made in just a few hours or less. You can use fabric, foam board, or even cardboard to create these costumes. The materials needed are minimal and can be purchased at your local craft store. Fast food is enjoyed by people of all ages and they’re sure to get a chuckle out of seeing their favorite fast food items come alive! These types of costumes can be used for costume parties, trick-or-treating or other Halloween events!

Your favorite board game pieces

Whimsical, fun and easy to make, group costumes based on board games are perfect for any group costume contest. You can wear your favorite pieces from a classic game such as Monopoly or Risk or dress like the pieces of Clue or Chutes & Ladders!

For example:

  • The Monopoly Man – Dress up in a top hat and suit, carry around a bag of money and wear pants with dollar signs printed all over them.
  • Risk Soldiers – Create army fatigues using safety pins (or ask an adult if you’re not old enough to use safety pins) and add accessories that look like the board game’s soldiers (glasses, moustaches etc). If you have access to weapons such as guns or swords then even better! If not then just find some other props that relate back to the game (i.e., if it is called “Risk” then maybe carry around some dice).
  • Clue Characters – Create different outfits for each character so they match their descriptions in the book (for example: Miss Scarlet = red dress; Colonel Mustard = military jacket etc.).

Different colored crayons

For a group costume idea, you could go as a box of crayons. You can choose any color or type of crayon you want and dress up as it! There are so many different combinations! Plus, this is an easy costume to put together. All you need is a box and some creative ideas for your makeup. If you don’t want to make your own costumes, there are also several pre-made ones online that could work well with this theme.

Skittles or M&Ms

Candy is an easy, inexpensive option. You can buy it in bulk and get a lot of mileage out of it, plus your kids will love eating their costumes after Halloween. If you’re looking for something more creative, there are also plenty of DIY options for making candy costumes at home. For example, you could use fabric paint and felt to create Skittles or M&Ms!

You’ll love these fun group Halloween costume ideas.

Having a group costume is a great way to have fun with your friends, get noticed, and bond. Here are some ideas for group costumes that you can use as inspiration:

  • The Grunge Sisters: You’ll look great in this grunge-inspired ensemble! To achieve the look, you’ll need to wear black jeans or leggings and a white tank top. Add an oversized flannel shirt overtop and some combat boots on your feet. Throw on some sunglasses and scrunchies in your hair (optional) to complete the look!
  • The ’90s Power Rangers: If you liked them then, you’re gonna love them now! You can totally bring Tanya back from the dead by dressing up as her character with this easy costume idea. Just put on a pair of red pajama pants or leggings with black stripes down either side of each leg—and voilà! You’ve got yourself an easy ’90s Power Rangers costume that looks just like Tanya’s original outfit did back in 1993 when first aired on TV screens across America.*

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