How To Dress To The Beach

How to dress to the beach for ladies

If you are like me, you always feel that there’s a bit of a disconnect between the way you feel and the way you look.

Summer Outfits and Dresses for the ...
Summer Outfits and Dresses for the Beach

And while I am always trying to be stylish and up-to-date with fashion trends, there is one place where I always revert back to my comfort zone: the beach!

The truth is that sometimes it’s hard for us ladies to dress for this particular activity because of how casual it tends to be.

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But if you follow these ten simple rules, then dressing up will not only be easier but also more fun than ever before!

Be prepared.

No matter what the weather forecast says, you should always be prepared for anything. When it comes to beachwear, this means bringing a variety of layers so that you can easily adapt your outfit as the temperature changes in response to your surroundings.

Don’t forget about sand! You’ll want a pair of shoes and socks for when you’re not in the water or on the beach but still need to walk around on land. Sandals are good options if they have sturdy straps that won’t come off easily—and even then, bring along some bandaids just in case!

Sunscreen and sunglasses are must-have accessories too; sunburns and eye strain are not fun (or attractive). Bring more sunscreen than you think necessary—you won’t regret it if there’s an unexpected storm or if someone spills their drink on your shirt while dancing at sunset.

Dress appropriately.

Dressing appropriately is a must. The beach is a place to relax, not get dressed up. While it’s nice to look put together and fashionable, you don’t have to go out of your way to do so. Beach wear should be casual, comfortable and light—not formal or expensive. It should also not be trendy; you’ll want something that will stand the test of time even if fashion trends change.

Keep it casual.

You’re going to be spending your day on the sand, so make sure you are comfortable. That goes for both footwear and clothing. Sandals or flip flops are best as they allow your feet to breathe and do not rub up against your skin in an uncomfortable way.

As far as clothes go, keep it simple and avoid anything too revealing or tight fitting (so no lingerie!). Beachwear should be loose enough that you can move easily without feeling restricted.

You should also avoid anything too short, such as shorts that go above your knees. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts are best for protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Choose your colors wisely

When choosing your clothes for the beach, you have to be careful. We don’t want you to look like a fashion victim who is trying too hard. And we definitely don’t want you looking like you’re going to work in the office. So what are the best colors for beachwear?

Blue and white are always safe bets, but if you find that these cool tones make your skin look washed out or grey (especially if you have light skin), then choose bolder shades like reds and oranges instead!

If all else fails, try some patterned fabrics such as floral prints or stripes—they can help brighten up any outfit while still keeping true to their purpose: dressing down!

Accessorize but be careful.

Accessorizing is a great way to make your outfit more interesting, but you should be careful in your choices. The first rule of accessorizing is that it needs to be in good taste. If you’re going for a fun-but-professional look, don’t add giant sunglasses or a giant hat that would make everyone else think “This girl’s trying too hard.” Keep the accessories proportionate to the rest of your outfit; if you’re wearing something simple, don’t throw on five bracelets that are all clanging together. And lastly—and this will probably be most important for some—accessories have to be in good condition! You wouldn’t wear an old pair of jeans if they were falling apart at the seams; why would you wear an old necklace or bracelet?

Stick to the neutral tones.

  • Neutral tones are the key to dressing for a day at the beach.
  • Neutral tones are what you need in order to make sure that your outfit goes with everything.
  • Neutral tones do a good job of helping people look their best when they’re out having fun in the sun.
  • There aren’t many things that can go wrong if you stick with neutral shades of clothing, but there are some things that might get more attention than they should if you don’t use them correctly!

The best way to make sure your outfit is neutral is by using the following guidelines: * If you have a light skin tone, avoid wearing bright colors. Black is typically not flattering on fairer complexions.

You can dress to the beach without being a fashion victim

When you’re going to a beach, you don’t need to dress up like it’s a wedding. You can still look good without being overdressed or attracting attention to yourself. Just be yourself and wear what makes you look your best, whether it’s board shorts and a tee shirt or a cute sundress. You’ll have fun regardless of what others may think!

Just because we live in an age where everyone has an opinion about everything doesn’t mean that every opinion is worth listening to. Be confident in who you are and how much value there is in doing things with intentionality than just following the crowd blindly into something that could cause more harm than good!


We hope that you’ve found the tips in this article helpful, and that you can now go forth and dress to the beach! As with many things in life (especially fashion), there are no hard-and-fast rules. You just need to find what works for your body type, personal style, and comfort level. But if there’s one thing we’d encourage everyone to keep in mind when dressing for their next trip to the shore: don’t be afraid of color! After all, if there’s one place where bright colors make sense—it’s gotta be the beach!

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