How To Hang Things On College Dorm Walls

Dorm walls are a boring, blank slate. But you don’t have to live with that! This quick guide will cover all the different ways you…


Dorm walls are a boring, blank slate. But you don’t have to live with that! This quick guide will cover all the different ways you can make your dorm room look nice and homey with some cool decorations.

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Make an art wall on dorm if allowed:

  • Hang up a bunch of interesting posters.
  • You can also use maps, postcards, or anything else you find that catches your eye.
  • Use your bed to display things: Hang pictures on the headboard and put some trinkets on the nightstand.
card posting on rope and blank wall

Command Strips

If you’re looking to hang something on a wall and don’t want to drill holes or screw into the wall, Command Strips offer an easy way to do so.

Command Strips are strips of adhesive that have hooks on one side and small plastic tabs on the other side. The small tabs hold up most of the weight of whatever is being hung by hooking onto the back of it (the hook). This allows them to be used for hanging things up without making holes in your walls or doors.

You can use these with either regular-sized hooks or large ones if necessary. There’s no limit as far as how much weight they can support—they’re strong!

Cork Boards

Cork boards are an extremely versatile and easy to use college dorm wall decor item. Cork boards can be used as a way to organize notes and papers, display photos, or even hang important reminders and schedules. Because they are lightweight, they’re easy to hang on your dorm walls. You can use them in your room or you can even take it with you when moving dorms so that it’s portable if necessary!


When you’re hanging posters, decorations and pictures on college dorm walls, tacks are your best friend. They’re easy to use and cheap (especially if you buy them in bulk). They also come off easily when you want to take something down.

Tacks are perfect for hanging things on college dorm walls because they’re cheap and easy to use. You can buy 100 tacks for just $2 at any craft store or dollar store in the area.

Push Pins

Push pins are the most common way to hang things on a wall. They’re easy to use and can hold small items, but they’re not good for hanging heavy things.

The good: They’re cheap, ubiquitous and easy to remove (just push them back into their holes). The bad: They don’t hold up well when used for heavier items over time.

Push pin tips are usually made from plastic or metal — both types have pros and cons: Plastic is lighter and less likely to leave marks on your wall than metal; but some people don’t like the way that it feels against their fingers when they push it into an object’s surface. Metal pins tend to be stronger than plastic ones, making them better suited for heavier objects; however they also tend to leave marks where they’ve been removed from your wall much more than plastic ones do.

Nails For Dorm Walls

You can use a hammer, nail, or nail gun to hang things on college dorm walls.

If you’re hanging something heavy and/or large, you should use a nail set as well.

To secure your nails and prevent them from pulling out over time, make sure that they’re all driven in straight (not at an angle) so that when the weight of whatever you’re hanging presses against it flatly without lifting off of the wall surface—as opposed to having one side pulling away from another—the pressure will be distributed evenly across all four sides of each individual piece instead of just being focused on two opposite corners where they meet up again after being bent around with no additional support in between.


I hope this article has helped you figure out how to hang things on dorm walls. There are a lot of different ways, and some are better than others. The best thing to do is try them all and see which ones work best for your situation!

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