What Do You Wear To A 70’s Theme?

If you’re looking for a unique look, there are plenty of ways to find the perfect 70s outfit. Here’s how:

  • Retro clothes: You can purchase or rent vintage pieces from thrift stores and other clothing suppliers.
  • Vintage clothes: Searching for old items in thrift stores is always an option if you’re looking for something more authentic. It’s also possible that someone in your community has some retro clothing lying around that they might be willing to part with!
  • Costume: If none of those options work out, consider buying a costume online or at a costume store near you (just make sure it’s not too expensive—you don’t want this theme party costing more than anticipated).

Look for bellbottoms.

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your 70s theme party, look no further than bellbottoms. Bellbottoms are a style of flared pants that were very popular in the 1970s. They can be found in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as different fabrics. These can be paired with any number of shirt options for a fun look!

Choose tacky or over-embellished clothing.

You can also look for tacky or over-embellished clothing. Look for bright colors and shiny fabrics, sequins, glitter and other embellishments. Try to find clothes made of polyester such as turtlenecks or shirts with bold patterns like flowers or stripes.

If you want to be a little more subtle, try fringe! Fringes are also very 70s-inspired. For example: bell sleeves are great if you want to show off some skin while still being conservative enough that people won’t think you’re going too crazy with your outfit (and they’ll definitely make sure everyone knows how awesome your arms are). Or lace—lots and lots of lace! Lace was all the rage in the 1970s so it’s totally appropriate to wear this kind of thing on a date night at home with your man (or woman).

Buy funky shoes like platforms or go-go boots.

If you’re going to a 70s themed party, the only thing that would make your outfit more complete is some funky shoes. Platforms and go-go boots were all the rage back then and men could even wear disco boots! Finding some retro footwear can be tough these days but there are still plenty of options for modern alternatives to go-go boots or platforms. You could try platform sneakers or flats; if you really want to embody the era, why not make your own 70s shoes with craft foam? If you have trouble finding suitable shoes in stores, consider making them yourself—it’s easy! If all else fails, there are so many different brands now offering their own versions of retro style that it might just be easier than trying to find something authentic at an old thrift store (which might also be hard).

Wear a jumpsuit.

  • Wearing a jumpsuit is the most obvious way to get in the spirit of the 70s, but it can also be one of the most fun. After all, this is a time when you actually wore a jumpsuit. If you don’t have any lying around your house from your own personal collection or from back when your parents were still young and hip, there are plenty available online these days—and they won’t cost an arm and a leg!
  • You might think that wearing something so bold would make you stick out like a sore thumb at work or school. But if we’ve learned anything from movies like The Big Lebowski and The Departed (and let’s not forget my personal favorite, The Wedding Singer), it’s that style over substance rules supreme in 1970s fashion.
  • So if you plan on going out in public after dressing up as Cher Horowitz or Walter Matthau (or just want to send some good vibes towards those who do), remember: there are no rules when it comes to what makes someone stylish—as long as they look good doing it!

Get a wig and fake mustache.

Whether you’re going as a disco dancer or a 70’s hippie, don’t forget to get a wig and fake mustache. You can find one that matches your hair color at most costume stores. If you’re having trouble finding one, try experimenting with different colors or styles until you find something that works for you. If all else fails, use makeup to draw on whiskers with liquid eyeliner!

Accessorize with vintage jewelry and accessories.

When you’re dressing up for a 70s theme, it’s important to accessorize with vintage jewelry and accessories. The style of the era was large, bold, and chunky. You’ll want to look for rhinestones, plastic beads and metals—think oversized rings, necklaces and bracelets. Shaggy boots were popular in this decade as well as platform shoes. If you’re feeling bold enough to go without shoes all together then try a vintage hat or headband instead!

You can find a perfect 70s outfit at a thrift store, online, or at a costume shop!

If you want to dress up as a 70s-era person, your options are limitless. You can find a perfect 70s outfit at a thrift store, online, or at a costume shop!

The great thing about thrift stores is that they’ll often have an entire section of their store dedicated solely to vintage items from the 1970s and earlier. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of these stores, it’s probably worth stopping by before settling on any other option because chances are good there will be something unique and perfect for your needs somewhere in those racks. Unfortunately for me (and many others), I don’t have easy access to any thrift stores nearby so I had to resort to eBay and Amazon instead—both places where there are plenty of sellers offering pre-loved goods at reasonable prices as well as new items specifically designed for this event if you want something more modern but still very much based on what people wore back then!

If none of these options appeal to you and/or if your budget prevents such lavish spending habits (I’m looking at YOU!), never fear! There’s another way: making your own outfit with pieces gathered from around the house or purchased cheaply online through places like Ali Express or eBay itself.”

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