what shoes to wear with long black dress

I love wearing a long black dress. It’s elegant, mysterious, and sleek all at once. The only problem is that it can be hard to find the right shoes to wear with such a classic piece of clothing. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there! Here are some tips for choosing the best shoes for your long black dress:

Choose black pumps.

Black pumps are a great choice for many occasions. These shoes are versatile and can be worn with many different outfits, from casual to formal. They’re also classic, meaning you’ll never have to worry about looking outdated or overdressed at any event that calls for black pumps!

If you’re concerned about selecting the right heel height for your dress, black pumps come in various heights—depending on the material and style of the shoe—so there’s something for everyone.

Find a pair of nude or metallic high heels.

  • The best shoes to wear with this dress are nude or metallic high heels.
  • It’s important for the shoes to match the color of your dress, so make sure you pick a pair that has an understated shade of black.
  • If you’re buying new shoes, go for classic nude pumps like these because they can be worn with many different outfits and will never go out of style.
  • Metallic high heels look great if you’re going somewhere fancy, but if not then stick with neutral colors instead (you don’t want anyone thinking that they can tell what kind of underwear you wore).

Select silver shoes for a fancy occasion.

Select silver shoes for a fancy occasion.

If you want to look extra fancy, we recommend silver shoes. Silver is the color of sophistication and sophistication is what you need when attending formal events like weddings or proms. Of course, it’s not just about looking good; these are also the perfect shoes for your feet! The soles will be soft yet sturdy enough to ensure that you have no trouble standing up straight during your entire time at the event without experiencing any discomfort whatsoever.

Try jewel-toned shoes for a low-key look.

  • Try jewel-toned shoes for a low-key look.
  • You can also try to match the color of your dress with your shoes. This is often not necessary, but if you’re wearing a lot of color in your outfit, it can help keep things balanced. Try brown, grey or purple as other options besides black!

Get some silver wedges.

If you’re in the market for a pair of shoes to wear with your long black dress, silver can be an excellent choice. Silver shoes are great for formal occasions such as weddings or cocktail parties and also work well for more casual events such as brunches and summer barbeques.

Because silver is a neutral color, it can be worn with any color combination. If you’re thinking about wearing a silver heel to your next event, try pairing it with jeans or another neutral colored pant like black or khaki.

Consider purple, orange, or red shoes as an option for color.

If you’re going for a bold look with your outfit, consider purple, orange, or red shoes as an option for color. They can complement the black of your dress and add some spice to the outfit. These shoes will also make it easier to stand out in a crowd (especially if you are planning on attending a wedding).

Pick up some cool heels with a pattern or design on them to break things up.

When you’re working with a bold color and a long dress, it can be tempting to go for a very simple shoe. A pair of black pumps or strappy heels is the obvious choice, but if you’re looking for something a little more exciting than just plain old black, try throwing in some detail and pattern.

Patterned shoes can help break up any outfit by drawing your eye away from boring monochromatic outfits. They also provide contrast between what’s going on at the top and bottom of your ensemble—and when it comes to pairing shoes with dresses, this is key! Dresses in particular don’t offer much opportunity for breaking up their lines by using accessories like necklaces or socks that might not match the wearer’s skin tone perfectly (think about how many white girls wear gold necklaces). Patterns on shoes give us options instead of having all our attention drawn directly onto an outfit that may look like one cohesive whole rather than two separate pieces.

When trying to decide what shoes to wear with a long black dress, you want some high heels.

When trying to decide what shoes to wear with a long black dress, you want some high heels. High heels are the best choice because they are the most elegant option and the most formal option. They’re also the most stylish option and offer the most comfortable fit. Finally, they can be worn with any occasion and any outfit.


We hope our suggestions for what shoes to wear with a long black dress have helped you make an informed decision. Remember that there are many options out there and we encourage you to experiment with colors, patterns, textures, etc. There’s no right or wrong answer here—only what looks best on your feet!

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