What To Wear For A Wedding At The Beach

It’s true that a beach wedding is one of the few events where you can truly express yourself, but it should still be kept casual. You don’t want to make a fashion statement just because you know you’ll have access to a dress that fits perfectly, so opt for something simple yet elegant instead. Sand-colored fabrics and muted colors are key. Stiletto heels definitely won’t be appropriate, so save them for back home in your city apartment where they’re useful for dancing on the kitchen counter or running out the door in case of an emergency. If there’s one dress you need to buy for that event, go with a simple maxi dress—it will look great whether worn at home or out on the town!

A simple tank top and shorts in soft, muted tones

  • A simple tank top and shorts in soft, muted tones. You want to keep things casual for a beach wedding, so avoid loud prints or heavy fabric.
  • A maxi dress with a low back. It’s hot on the beach, so you want something that will allow you to stay cool in the sun!
  • A flowy, spaghetti-strap midi dress. It’s still considered appropriate even if it hits below the knee! So don’t worry about it being too short!
  • A simple camisole and loose-fitting pants. Summer is all about showing off your midriff, so it might be nice to have something that will show off your figure!
  • A white shirt and denim cutoffs. Denim cutoffs are always a safe bet for summer weddings at the beach because they will look cute no matter what kind of body type you have!
  • A slip dress. This one might sound like an odd choice but if done correctly (and with enough sunscreen!), this outfit can be just as stylish as anything else out there

A maxi dress with a low back

A backless, white maxi dress is perfect for the laid-back vibe of a beach wedding. Your friends will appreciate not having to put on heels or sit through a long ceremony, and if you show up wearing a low-back dress like this one from Zara, you’ll also be showing them that you are ready to take things up a notch when it comes to style. Since this look is so simple and dainty, try pairing it with some statement earrings or an unexpected bag!

A flowy, spaghetti-strap midi dress

When it comes to weddings and the beach, there’s a delicate balance between selecting an outfit that’s stylish and elegant, but still appropriate for the occasion. The evening is often a special moment with family and friends celebrating with you, so in order to make an impression, you want to look as though you care about yourself as well as your surroundings.

To avoid anything that might take away from your overall appearance (like being too busy or too tight), stick to more classic styles of dresses. This doesn’t mean boring! Get creative by choosing something that’s simple and flowy for a dress that shows off your beautiful figure without overwhelming it (think spaghetti straps!). A flowy dress will also allow you to move comfortably without worrying about showing too much skin or too much leg.

A simple camisole and loose-fitting pants

  • For the camisole, pick a flowy style in a bright color or print—that way you can feel cool and chic without sacrificing too much of your personal style.
  • Go for a pair of loose-fitting pants with an elastic waist that will keep you comfortable no matter what. Opt for silk if you want to look polished and linen if you want to look relaxed.
  • Flat sandals are the perfect low-key shoe option for this casual look, so pick out a pair that is simple yet has some subtle detailing like embellishments or unique straps.
  • Toss your hair up into a messy bun before putting on your favorite straw hat to help keep unwanted rays away from your face all day long—you’ll be able to stay cool while keeping the sun out of your eyes.
  • A large, straw tote bag is not only fun, but it’s also practical: You can easily fit everything from sunscreen and bug spray, to snacks and sunglasses inside without worrying about losing anything along the way.

A white shirt and denim cutoffs

A white shirt and denim cutoffs are both beach formal and beach casual. You can wear them with a simple maxi skirt and make the look more formal, or you can put on some loafers to dress it up. White jeans will also work (just don’t forget to wear a belt), and they’re very good for wearing with a flowy top.

A slip dress

As we all know, weddings can be a really special time when loved ones gather to celebrate the love between two people. It’s a time of joy and happiness that should be cherished. However, things can get stressful when you’re preparing for your friend’s wedding. For example, what should you wear to the wedding? What shoes would go with it? And most importantly, is it appropriate for the venue?

A great option for a wedding at the beach is a slip dress. A slip dress is a light, loose and airy dress that comes in many different colors and patterns. These dresses are often made of satin or silk as they have an elegant sheen to them. They were popular in the ’90s as nightgowns but have recently been adopted by women looking to make an impression at cocktail parties or dinner outings. A good way to think of them is “formal pajamas.” Slip dresses are usually worn with another shorter piece underneath called a slip which can either match or contrast with your dress depending on how comfortable you are wearing such revealing garments in public!

A linen button-up and knee-length shorts

While it’s not a good idea to show up to any wedding wearing the same thing as the bride, at a beach wedding you should definitely avoid white entirely. Light colors and pastels are generally preferred, and linen or cotton fabrics in light weight weaves are best in terms of comfort. White is commonly associated with formal dress and evening wear, so it’s probably wise to leave that pristine suit at home too.

When considering footwear for your beach wedding attire, remember that sinkable sand is about as impractical for moving around as mud. Your best option here is closed-toed shoes made from light materials such as canvas or rubber, though if you must wear heels (or even worse, wedges), make sure they have thick soles that won’t sink in the sand.

Whatever you do when picking out what to wear for a beach wedding, don’t get too carried away with dressing up. After all, this is still a casual affair that takes place in the outdoors!

Beach weddings are meant to be breezy and lighthearted.

A beach wedding can be a great place to save money, especially if the bride and groom are paying for everything. Many brides and grooms choose to invite more people to their destination weddings than they would if they were having a traditional wedding in their home town. Even though you may be spending more per person on a destination wedding, the overall number of guests is often fewer than it would be for a traditional wedding.

The beach is also a great place to save money because there are so many different options for what you can wear! You don’t have to spend a fortune on your dress–you can wear something casual or even something that you already own. You can also opt for comfort over style when it comes to shoes (remember that you will be walking through sand).


  • Being a guest at a beach wedding is an amazing opportunity to show off your unique style and enjoy a gorgeous day catching up with friends and family. A few tips to keep in mind:
  • Try to go for light fabrics that won’t be heavy or uncomfortable in the heat.
  • Dress for the weather, but don’t wear high heels or strappy sandals in the sand.
  • Tropical prints are fine, but avoid Hawaiian shirts that look like you came from a barbecue.*

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