What To Wear Ice Skating

Everyone knows ice skating is a fun activity, and you can wear many different types of clothing while participating. When deciding what to wear while ice skating, people have different opinions on what look is the most stylish. The choice is entirely up to you! However, there are some tips that may help you choose your outfit for your next trip to the ice rink.

When you’re ice skating with your friends, what you wear can take a backseat to how much fun you’re having.

Snowy is the new sexy. But while you’re doing triple axels and double salchows out there on the ice, your clothes should be a distant second to how much fun you’re having. It’s tempting to look at figure skaters in their glittering costumes and feel like you have to dress up, but unless you’re competing in the Olympics or planning to be on reality TV, that simply isn’t necessary. After all, ice skating can be a workout! You’ll want clothes that are comfortable enough for movement.

When it comes to what to wear ice skating outdoors versus what to wear ice skating indoors, things get a bit more complicated. What’s important is that whatever you choose will keep your body warm and dry. Depending on whether your rink has rentals available or not, you may need more than one pair of pants and socks with good grip if you plan on taking off your skates for any reason (which is highly recommended).

Some people feel more confident if they’re wearing clothes that are more like what the more experienced skaters are wearing.

Some people feel more confident if they’re wearing clothes that are more like what the more experienced skaters are wearing. If you feel this way, you’ll likely be looking for a pair of tights or leggings, and a figure skating skirt that hits mid-thigh and is comfortable for falling on the ice. Tights and leggings offer warmth without bulk, which means your legs will be able to move more freely and comfortably.

The main thing is to have fun! It’s really not important what clothes you wear when you go ice skating, so long as you’re comfortable in them. When we say “comfortable,” we mean both physically (no constricting waistbands or scratchy fabrics) and mentally (you need to feel good about yourself). You want your mind to be focused on your next step on the ice—not on whether anyone’s staring at your outfit!

If you want to wear shorts while skating outdoors in the winter, wear pants underneath them and tuck your pants into your socks to keep out the draft.

[This sentence is written in 2nd person.] If you’d like to wear shorts, please keep in mind that it can get chilly out there. A good way to keep the cold at bay is to wear pants underneath your shorts, then tuck your pants into your socks so they don’t drag on the ground. A lightweight pair of leggings works well for this purpose if you don’t have any regular pants lying around.

[This sentence is written in 3rd person.] However, if this seems a bit too much like an elementary school boy trying to hide his secret crush on another boy, one option is wearing thermal underwear under your shorts. Thermal underwear will keep you warm without adding any bulkiness or visible layers.

Accessories can make all the difference on a date night at the ice rink.

Accessories can make all the difference when it comes to a date night at the ice rink. With this in mind, be sure to consider all of the options that are out there. A scarf is always a great choice, but don’t neglect other accessories like hats, gloves, glittery socks and even glittery stickers! Some people even go all-out with glittery makeup, nail polish and jewelry. Of course you don’t have to go quite so far!

When you think about what to wear ice skating for your date night, remember that it isn’t just about looking stylish—it’s also about being comfortable and warm too! That’s why many people choose to wear earmuffs or a snazzy jacket. Another option for staying warm is wearing fancy shoes so your toes don’t get cold!

Comfortable shorts and a t-shirt or tank top will allow you to move freely without getting overheated.

  • To move easily, wear a comfortable pair of shorts, like The North Face’s Men’s Fundamental Shorts.
  • Pair the shorts with a breathable tank top for even more freedom of movement. Try the lightweight Champion Vapor PowerTrain Tee.

The most important piece of equipment when it comes to safety is a good pair of skates.

If you want to make the most of your ice skating experience and steer clear of injury, a good set of skates is essential. In order for skates to support you properly, they need to be fitted correctly (see “Choosing Skates” below). They also need to be kept in top condition: blades need to be sharpened on a regular basis and should be cleaned after each use to avoid rusting. Let’s take a closer look at these aspects of your skates.

If your edges are rounded out and the blade starts making a squealy noise when it goes over the ice, it’s time for sharpening! Sharpening tools can be found at sporting goods stores or online. It’s not hard to learn how; many ice rinks have sharpeners who will show you how it’s done if you ask nicely.

Skating outdoors in the summer, even for an hour or two, can bring a big change in the temperature of your body.

The temperature drops the moment you lace up and glide out onto the ice, but don’t waste time lamenting your decision to wear a thin dress. Instead, take advantage of the elements by wearing layers that can be removed as they become too warm. A light sweater or long-sleeve shirt is perfect for regulating temperature during a long skate. When it’s time to cool off, just slip your sleeves off or tie your sweater around your waist!

Skating outdoors in the summer, even for an hour or two, can bring a big change in the temperature of your body. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated by drinking water often and packing a refillable bottle with you on the ice. Don’t pass up opportunities to take water breaks—press pause on that figure skating routine and rehydrate often. This will keep you feeling balanced while also keeping your legs strong enough for an eventual triple loop (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Skaters who take their blades outside also need to watch out for skin damage from both heat and sunlight exposure. You may not feel it when you’re frolicking about on the ice, but make sure to apply sunscreen every two hours if you plan on spending more than thirty minutes outside each day! Additionally, a hat can help protect against sunburns on those sensitive areas like ears and necks while sunglasses will shield your eyes from any glare bouncing off nearby bodies of water.

Even if you’ve never been on skates before, it’s easy to look cute at the skating rink!

If you don’t mind the outdoors, skating is an excellent way to burn calories and get some exercise. With its gentle glide that’s reminiscent of sitting on a smooth river of ice with no imperfections, the activity feels almost meditative. But because you’re skating on ice with hundreds of other people, the experience feels much more like a party than being in a cocoon.

In case you’ve never been on skates before, or have spent your time in them only as a passenger rather than an active skater, it’s easy to look cute at the rink—even if it just so happens that you’re still learning how to skate! Pull your hair back into a bun or braid, bring a cute hat for added style and protection against cold weather (or for when your hair starts to frizz), wear some cute earrings, bring a cute jacket or sweater for added warmth and protection from the elements (or just because looks cool), and wear some bright lipstick while you’re at it!

Your first time skating is exciting, but it’s hard to know how to prepare if it’s something new for you.

Your first time skating is exciting, but it’s hard to know how to prepare if it’s something new for you. Here are some pointers that can make your experience more pleasant:

  • Bring a friend who’s a good skater. If you’re going to fall down, at least do it in the arms of someone who cares about you and may be able to teach you how not to fall down again!
  • Wear lots of layers. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that you simply can’t have too many pairs of woolly socks. And gloves. Don’t forget gloves! When I’m on the ice, my digits are so warm and comfortable that I feel like I could stay out there forever—which is why I do stay out there forever…until someone pries me off the rink with a crowbar come springtime!
  • Wear a helmet. You don’t want to hit your head on the ice and have an ice cream headache for days—or worse yet, incur brain damage from which you never fully recover. While we all know helmets aren’t 100% effective at preventing injury, even the slightest reduction in risk is better than nothing at all, which is what most people choose by not wearing helmets when they skate (unless their head is already encased in ice).
  • Don’t try to run before you can walk (or skate). Take small steps and focus on keeping your balance while gliding forward without falling down or crashing into anyone else along the way. It’ll take some practice; be patient with yourself! But once you find your groove and learn how to stop without falling over, look out world—you’re ready for prime time!

Ice skating can be done as a group activity or as part of a romantic evening — either way, we’ve got some tips!

We know you want to look super cute on the ice, but it’s hard when you’re freezing your butt off. The key to staying warm is in your head and hands, so don’t forget a hat, gloves and a scarf. They’ll also add a fabulous pop of color to your outfit!

You should be wearing socks with your skates—who wants to get blisters? Pull them over your favorite pair of tights or stockings for some extra warmth and style points. Don’t forget an undershirt under your stylish sweater. If there happens to be a wardrobe malfunction, no one will see the “You Can Do It!” shirt you got years ago at camp (or was that just me?).

Most importantly, wear whatever makes you most comfortable. Wearing layers will give you the freedom to take them off as you get warmer—and one less thing in the way of those spins!


  • Wear layers.
  • Rent good skates with sharp blades.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Wear socks that will protect your ankles.
  • Wear a helmet!
  • If you are prone to injury, wear a neck brace.
  • Take care of your skates and keep them in good condition.

If you’re thinking of checking out the ice at your local rink, what you wear is just as important as what kind of skates you have. You want clothes that will keep you warm while allowing maximum freedom of movement. When it comes to the clothing, think layers and comfort, with style playing a close second.

Remember: Ice skating isn’t a fashion show or a competition. Don’t worry about how good someone else looks on the ice; just focus on staying comfortable and keeping yourself safe!

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